2019 Asia Artist Awards Lines Up Top K-stars Yoona, Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hae In and More

The Asia Artist Awards started only three years ago in 2016 created by a few cable networks. This year it’s going to be held in Vietnam and announced as the MCs are singer Leeteuk and actress Lim Ji Yeon. The first female names to attend as presenters are out and include singer-actress Yoona currently with the summer blockbuster hit movie Exit, actress Park Min Young coming off back-to-back hit romantic dramas in two years, and veteran actress Lee Jung Eun who won hearts playing the mom character in critically acclaimed dramas Knowing Wife and The Light in Your Eyes. Dang, I love all three ladies, but the first male presenter list is out and includes Ji Chang Wook, Jung Hae In, Jang Dong Gun, Ong Seung Woo and the Asia Prince himself Kwang Soo. This has suddenly become a need to check out event.


2019 Asia Artist Awards Lines Up Top K-stars Yoona, Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hae In and More — 30 Comments

  1. This is a stupid awards show. I don’t know why celebrities accept their invitation.

    I watched it last year. It was boring as hell. Performers didn’t have the proper equipment. No proper lighting. The awards given have some ridiculous names (e.g.Best Emotive. Focus awards), just so they can have winners. An award will have multiple winners, and are all required to give speeches. It’s too damn lonnnggg. Yawn.

  2. It’s really weird how Ms.Koala exaggerate her bias Park Min Young. Fine, I know you love her and her recent dramas but TWO back to back hit dramas. Come on, Her Private Life only netted ratings around 2% – 3%, never even surpassed 4%. That’s far from being considered a HIT drama, even for a cable network.

      • Maybe not in Korea, but it was a hit overseas, a lot of people streaming to watch it, I have to sign to Viki to be able to watch it, now that I watch it, I will be delete my account in Viki..lol..

      • I mentioned that it’s an exaggeration to mention that Her Private Life is a HIT drama. Decent maybe, but definitely not a hit drama.

  3. Yoona Yoona…Where she is at the moment speaks for itself…her film has been released in major cinema chains around the world including English speaking countries like Australia and US..doesnt get better for her.?

  4. These are awards which people buy lol. Congrats to yoona in advance lol. She will not get blue dragon or grand bell. So atleast this one to satisfy her ego n her delusional tards

    • So everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a retard? That’s kind of a retarded statement though. Lib mentality can be truly amazing.

      • Maybe u read properly i said delusional tards. R u the one ? If u r not then dont lose ur brain or else u fits it.

    • She’s going to get major award nominations whether you like it or not. It’s not all about acting talent but star power, which she has. Stay pressed while she snatches your faves awards.

      • @kd she isnt. Her last dramas flopped and she never sold a movie on her name. Not even this. It was sold on male lead, good director and script. She can play flowerpots to male leads to get some hits. Her dramas were flopping and she wasnt making cf lists for years according to KOBACO. official korean advertising body! star power my foot!
        so stop being deluded and lol crediting yoona for movie’s success. She isnt getting grandbell and blue dragon. They dont give it to terrible actresses

  5. @Yonnasuzycantact
    So what does delusional tards mean to you? Tard is not a word, it is short for retarded, a derogatory word, so no matter who reads your post, it will mean delusional retarded people. I wont lose my brain, silly. But what do you mean “or else u fits it”?

    I feel like talking to a 2 year old who’s still having trouble speaking the words correctly. But then a 2 year old wont call people retard because their opinions differ. So I have to say something. Now do you know what tard means?

    • @mindy jeez chill out. Delusional tard is meant for delusional blind fans. Its not that serious.
      R u delusional blind fangirl? I dont think so.
      I dont have problem with different opinion but i have problem with idiotic opinions.
      I know what retard n tard means. Not everythjng has to be politically correct. Oh wait its era of sjws, who will turn everything into argument

      • Oh so you have your own language going there, I see, and you expect everyone to know what they mean? That’s… as wide as a and z, your expectation. Opinions are opinions. They may be idiotic to you, but those are others’ opinion they they believe in. The only political about it is that it is a progressive belief as it can get. And now you’re introducing an era simply be cause I am debating with you. I respond to your posts because other than the fact that you call people delusional retards when they dont share your opinion, which for me is
        Silly, hateful thought (which really I have to extract from you to get clarity), you don’t make sense.

        You still have not answered my question. What does “or else you fits it” mean? Is it a song, a poem, a violet or a blue, a monkey or a kangaroo? What is it in your world?

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