Kim Tae Hee and Rain Welcome Healthy Arrival of Second Daughter

It’s kinda adorable to think that original K-pop hunk Rain is the daddy to two daughters and by all accounts the kind of daddy who dotes on his little princess(es). Rain and Kim Tae Hee wed in early 2017 and had their first child a daughter later that year. They waited two more years and this week welcome the arrival of their second child also a daughter. It’s going to be a total estrogen show in the Jung household and Rain says he’s elated to have two little girls to raise. Congrats to this high profile couple who have managed to date, get married, and have children all in a low key way. Keep on rocking the happy married life.


Kim Tae Hee and Rain Welcome Healthy Arrival of Second Daughter — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the family ?But Lordy me to all those doubters that KTH was in the States to buy a house to look ve there so that her ‘son’ would be exempt from military service and hello it’s a baby girl!

  2. Congrats to holy member of goddess trio. She will make drama conmmeback next year. Even when she is inactive she gets cf deals all d time. Such a queen
    I hope both r healthy

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