SBS Action Drama Vagabond Off to Promising Start in Reviews and Ratings

It’s premiere week with some big name dramas I’ve been waiting for but due to work business and travel I’ve only been able to watch the new SBS Fri-Sat night drama Vagabond. Episode 1 aired this Friday and the network split it into three parts with commercials in between to maximize the ad revenue so the ratings were 6.3%, 8.0%, and 10.4%. It would be a solid success in these ratings days if episode 2 kept up the highest point ratings and maintained double digits even in the teens.

I’m sure there are fans and detractors of both leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy who are hardwired to love or hate it on sight so the feedback for this drama will likely be polarizing. I straight up loved it, the entire hour passed so fast and I was riveted to the tight story telling and well directed action sequences. Lee Seung Gi is the heart and soul of the drama, his character’s grief over losing his nephew and I’m so committed to his quest for truth and vengeance already. Suzy is intentionally kept mysterious for now and so far she’s not a distraction so yes, this drama is off to a great start for me.


SBS Action Drama Vagabond Off to Promising Start in Reviews and Ratings — 56 Comments

  1. Great news with the ratings for our Suzy. Everyone is hoping for a solid start thats exactly what we got. This will be a big one for her and without a doubt the Drama highlight of her career. Kick ass girl.?

      • I don’t think she gave credit to Suzy who definitely didn’t have barely any screentime. She’s referring to the drama being a bright spot on her filmography in terms of ratings. Even if it’s not because of her but a drama she is the lead female for is doing well in ratings, popularity and buzz. There’s no need to discredit that. At the very least you can say she picked a good project this time.

      • Suzy always gets good projects, and good male leads. When does she ever have a bad project? She is always the weakest in acting and she rides on the hard work of her coworkers.

    • Lmao ur suzy couldnt bring double djgit rating on average. It was lee seung gi show who brought 8% ratings. Hr carries the whole thing. Though ratings r bad, it will pick up with good script and his hard work. Suzy has dont nthng for the show. Just a showpiece to stare at

      • Her acting was amazing in While you were sleeping…
        It was my first Korean drama and my first Korean actors and undoubtedly Suzy raised my expectations like I really liked her and now in vagabond she will shine

    • Wanna see her go all out someday — a cop with her hair all pulled back into a messy but practical ponytail — like Yoon Eun Hye in coffee prince. She would still look pretty, just like YEH.

  2. Honestly if they not split it into 3 parts, the rating wont reached 2 digit. So I think both actors dont have rating power. Btw great pilot, They deserved more rating. Waiting for next ep.
    Hope suzy wont ruining this drama, she just got little part in ep 1, so her acting not that distracting.

  3. This drama exceeded my expectation. The cinematography is great with good plot and good actors.

    The airplane scene made me cry. This drama is action packed and feels like watching movie.

  4. The drama peaked at 13.2% and honestly it had a way better pilot episode than Memories of Alhambra which was just as expensive but absolute rubbish.

    • VB costs more. But why do u compare it with MOA? MOA is Sci-Fi gaming, VB is pure action. They are of different genres. MOA is not rubbish but it has many flaws, the concept is new but execution is little weak. VB story is not novel, and it is still too early to predict the success of VB, it’s only at ep 2. Chill.

  5. I wasn’t planning on watching Vagabond but after reading the positive feedback I finally decided to watch it. It really is that good. LSG’s character doing all that running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop was awesomely believable since he was a stuntman. I hope the ratings go up even higher next week. The show deserves it.

  6. Will Watch later , after finishing the addictive ” Graceful family” , underated “Be melodramatic” and the end of “Welcome to life” , can someone tell me about Gong Hyo Jin’s drama first impression ?

  7. @koalas i hurt ur feeling bcoz i bashed ur suzy darling but fact remains she has no star power and she is just there to be showpiece. Drama with massive buget brought just 8.2% average in ratings on public channel which is bad! Sbs had to divide it in 3 parts bcoz of embarrassment lol! But average ratings r counted!
    Mr sunshine and encounter opened in cable channels and brought more rating and general rule of k drama is cable drama rating is equal to 2 times public drama rating.
    Suzy always bank on male leads like lee seung gi and it was his show all d way and brought the ratings. She added nothing. Her fans were boasting about her acting skills. Yes she is good being show piece and i hope she doesnt ruin the action drama. Lee seung gi is good enough.
    Deleting it wont change the fact sad suzy fans. Ur fave did nothing. Just there for glamour quotient. N u call her good actress lol!

    • Mr sunshine rating on paid channel tvn=8.9%
      Multiply by 2 as cable drama rule its 17.8%
      Now vagabond on free public channel like sbs
      Clearly disappointing ratings! Where is suzy’s so called star power which people were boasting about? Banking on men is her way. Lee seung gi run the whole thing!

      • Absolute rubbish you’re talking. The premier of VB had 1.8 million viewers which is even more than the premier of Asdal which was 1.73 and it basically means the combination of LSG-Suzy is more popular then SJK-JDY-KJW-KOB. Take your hate train elsewhere before more of your comments get deleted. Where did you the get stupid rule of doubling cable ratings to match public ratings? That rule died post 2015 when cable established itself at par with public TV and since 2018 it’s been clear that a 8% on cable is equivalent to around 12% on public but definitely not 16%. Stop over exaggerating everything it makes you look pathetic.

      • @dali is so contraductory. The premier rating difference is so low and lol u belive suzy is bigger than movie star like JDG or sjk is hilarious !!!!!! When suzy has jdg longevity and respect then talk
        And i recently read the rules. The rule stays same. Cable channel rating is multiplied by 2 compared to free channel like sbs.
        I know it hurts ur suzy has no stat power with VB opening. Its ok. Lee seung gi will save it. And save her like she always bank on men for hits!

    • Even if she’s there just for glamour she’ll still walk away with all the awards so just deal with it. Her popularity is never affected even when the dramas don’t pull in good ratings. VB has good ratings so even if you say it’s because of LSG Suzy will still benefit and her popularity will increase even more. Your spam troll posts reeking of jealousy will never dethrone Suzy.

      • @queen how sad it is that u stan her popularity but cant defrnd her acting skills bcoz she cant act. It is funny! Keep talking about her pppularity but how pathetic it is, that she is used for skin show only!
        Lol i m very happy that she is showpiece so i can enjoy show peace fully. She can walk away with all drama awards from channel ehich gives to anyone. I m.more into real awards where suzy will never be nominated at baeksang awards. Mot populsrity awards but best actress or grand prize. She will never win blue drgon or grand bell. Talking about best actress not online popularity award
        Her popularity didnt bring ratings so she is popular for cf only

      • @queen jealousy lmao! My faves r s tier actresses like jjh shk. Suzy is nthng infront of them. Lmao at her age jjh was rop movie actress and shk had many bb dramas. Suzy was never on their level. When she reaches their age she will be has been! Jjh was earning more than suzy at her age from cf salaries n movies. Movies cast real top actresses not just cf models like suzy! Jealousy my foot. My new gen fave is kim tae ri who actually can act and is giving blockbuster movies and mr sunshine was bigger hit than this drama besides on cable.
        Atleast i stan new gen actress who can act. U stan suzy. What a pathetic choice!

      • Suzy was cast opposite several real actors in movies and only recently was cast opposite Choi Wooshik in a new movie. All the top actors want to work with her and even the directors.

    • Dali that rule is still relevant lmao. Just bcoz ur suzy has no star power it doesnt changes the rule.
      Fact is ur suzy couldnt bring double digit rating on free public channel.
      Better compare mr sunshine and enxountee who brought massive ratings for paid cable channel.
      Rule is still same double the amount for cable ratingsm denying it wont change it. Suzy is zero. No star power

    • @Dali you realise Arthdal was airing on a PAID channel, right? ie not everyone in Korea has tvN!

      Meanwhile SBS is a free-to-air public channel with a larger pool of potential viewers, let’s not be comparing apples to oranges.

  8. This is me:

    Heard the hype of Vagabond.
    It popped up on my recommended list on Netflix. Decided to give it a try.
    The Caucasian with laughable english…bad enough that our ears have to suffer from listening to Korean speaking terrible English, but from a Caucasian dude? Really?
    Then Suzy steps out of a vehicle all dress up as if ready to go to a gala, except…we’re in the middle of a desert.
    In typical K-drama style, our hero is hesitant in taking her down.
    Why does this scene reek of staleness for me? I’m sad and disappointed in the lack of creativity of k-dramas of late.
    Turn off, watch Frasier instead. Laugh & pat myself on the back for an hour well spent.
    The end.

  9. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of that particular opening scene but I didn’t let that scene stop me from enjoying the rest of the first episode. I am not a fan of either leads but found myself fully immersed into the story once LSG’s character went after the bad guy upon landing in a foreign country. Vagabond is really well made and the very high budget used in the production is justified. I was only planning to watch Camellia among the new dramas but now I am completely hooked and can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  10. Solid premier for me too.. Don’t get the netizen complain about acting both star. (Well I admit, SUzy seems abit out of place in episode 1, as she has lack screen presense) because in episode 2, both star are fine. They might be won’t delivered subtle and complexity, which is not everyone has that kind of ability. Lee Seung Gi might be suit this kind of setting, high race and delivered intensity required from the character.

    • Lmao no cure to delusional. Ur suzy had no star power. Star power is determined by opening episode ratings. Now its all about content and story . Positive word of mouth will bring ratings. Suzy proved she cant bring ratings. Just 8% is big no for mega budget show. It is all about lee seung gi. Suzy is there for skin show and to look pretty with all plastic on her face!
      Thnx to suzy like lee seung gi dont exist. The man who is carrying it so far. Ur suzy has always used male leads shoulders ti stay afloat!

  11. I think it’s well written and well produced so far. As LSG has the most screen time thus far, he is he actor with the most impact, and I think he did a great job. (The others are fine, it’s just that they haven’t had much screen time yet.) I found myself sucked into the story and was able to simply enjoy it. I hope it keeps up the pace, it’s good so far.

  12. Second episode ratings decreased further. 5.8, 8.1, 10.3% for 3 parts with average rating of just 8.1% first episode average was 8.2% lol!
    Suzy star power which her fans boast is zero. Lee seung gi poor guy doing all work careying the show.
    Still ratings are bad for publkc channel show with massive budget. Mr sunsuhine or encounter did better on paid cable channels. Flop so far

  13. She is a real nutter and troll and has obvious issues. She changes idenity constantly. Her and candycane are obviously like minded trolls maybe even the same

    • @juliaanna u r blind delusional tard who stan someone like suzy who cant act to save her life. Lol candy and i argue all d time .
      And secondly u r one pathetic s**t biatch who is coming as one with issues getting so worked up by our comments. Its funny. Your suzy was a glorified showpiece so far. It hurts u i understand. No star power no acting skills

    • @Julianna- What are you talking about? I never change my username and I despise those do. DON’T mention me ever you idiot and DON’T put me in the same line with that troll. You are very stupid and I will not leave you alone if you bring my name into your comment again. You better remember this and learn from your mistake!! ??

  14. Everything i have seen so far has been complimetary of the show and metioned good acting by suzy..A few of the troll nutters suffering from idenity crisis on this site seem to be in the minority and fairly irrelevant in my opinion. Lol?

    • Exactly! You tell them, sis! That idol actress haters on this site can take a seat while Suzy proves them wrong. Drama of the year!

      • lol ratings r not even drama of the hyear rating. JUst 8.2 and 8.1 for mega budget show on public channel which is terrible. drama of the year in suzy’s fans dreams!

  15. There was nothing she has done to criticize. It was all lee seung fi and suzy star poer myth has broken with low ratings. It must suck to stan untalented plastic like her
    U surely have issues commemting on me all d time. Still ur suzy sucks !
    Actual truth is suzys role is minorty so far. Lee sejng gi ruling the show and she is just glorified wooden plank

  16. Those against casting Suzy should give it a rest and move on. If she wasn’t cast as female lead it could have been Yoona, IU or someone else. They wanted someone young and popular. So stop with this senseless bashing. The obvious dislike and criticism for her wooden acting is stated repeatedly that it’s already so annoying. We get it you hate her for getting all this good roles and opportunity. And you’re free to voice your sentiment but once you keep on going like a broken record then maybe you should also stop with this unhealthy obsession of hating Suzy.

    • It’s literally one deranged obsessive hater making multiple accounts and comments to hate on her. Almost everyone likes Suzy on this forum they just don’t think she’s a strong actress but they don’t have any agenda against her.

      • @m and bizarre b*tch atleast i m not someone who likes wooden piece or ex lmh bed warmer. I have standarfs when it comes to acting. Even pd casted her as showpiece bcoz no real actress will play flowerpot. They know suzy is gud for nthng. Deal with it her fans
        U like suzy? What is to like? She cant act. Suzy has fans is weird!

  17. I think VB started off well and I’m only referring to the First episode however it’s too soon to criticise Suzy because LSG dominated the story and her character hasn’t had much screen time but she’s doing her bit and I have no qualms. However I’m on board for now and it does have a whole lot of thrills and okay the set ups have been established and I’m optimistic that the scriptwriter isn’t going to overdo it with the romance angle so early because honestly that would be totally distracting and I’ll be disappointed. At least wait until mid way because there are 16 episodes to cover. Story is key to this drama imo and Hwang Bo Ra and Shin Sung Rok will most likely provide the comedic touches for this intense drama so I’m keen to see how this all pads out. To balance it out Shout out to Pegasus Market though for a lot of lol moments on TVN.

  18. Another hit drama for Suzy. She’s doing great. Hope the elitist pure actress stans on here chill out now. Even if Suzy hadn’t done this, they’d probably give the role to another idol actress. Better her than others.

    • The elitist pure actresses here are all fake. They stan pathetic actresses like park shin hye and kim tae hee but claim they like kim tae ri. They’re just trolling to bring down suzy because of her never ending popularity while their actresses have faded away. People have always been jealous of suzy and other top idol actresses like iu and yoona who have already proven their worth. The insecurity is making them go crazy so they resort to being key board warriors because their bias is jobless.

      • Blessi my faes jjh shk kth on break bcoz they r top tier who can afford it. Likes of suzy will be forgotten if she went for hiatus for long. That is difference. My faves r not jobless but r in position to take breakA

  19. Yoonasuzy contact: you sounded like someone out for a revenge, you’re either being rejected, betrayed, dumped or ignored, by who? LMH or LDW? After reading your comments, it’s not just about hating or dislike on Suzy for her acting skills or the way she looks, you’re one of those cyberbullies who won’t stop until your target is destroyed. I read about what happened to Sullie and I came across your comments. You’re a BULLY and I bet this’s not your first, how many people have you done this to? STOP!!!!

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