Yoon Eun Hye Attends the 15th Jecheon Music and Film Festival

A public Yoon Eun Hye sighting is no longer as frequent in recent years but she has resumed her K-ent acting career as of last year with two smaller dramas. She was out last week attending the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival promoting the music drama Gogo Song with her male lead Ji Il Joo. She sported a black double breasted tuxedo dress with elegant rhinestone sandals and her hair long and sleek with cropped bangs. It’s a great look on her and she looks healthy and happy, and for her fans she’s been regularly active on her SNS account so follow along for her life updates.


Yoon Eun Hye Attends the 15th Jecheon Music and Film Festival — 22 Comments

  1. Are there any news of a new drama/movie? I haven`t seen her last drama, well I started it, but except for pretty actors it didn`t catch my attention. I might check out this Gogo song.

  2. It’s very sad. After MBN’s cheap rom-coms, she’s relegated to a short drama on a freaking Christian cable channel? Why, South Korea, why? Can’t she at least headline a KBS2 weekend melodrama or even a KBS1 daily soap? YEH’s done nothing so wrong to kill her career like that.

    • I think competition for drama roles is now more intense as MBC, SBS and KBS have removed or temporarily stop their monday-tuesday slot. Daily dramas seem to have been stopped as well.

    • It’s no secret among her loyal fans that’s she’s into her religion now. So any decision regarding her acting project is based of that premise. “Go Go Song” is Christian project which is aired by a Christian channel.
      Having tasted fame and wealth before I think she shifted her priority now. Despite what some people say she still can afford to be choosy.

      Btw, I’m surprised you still post news about her here Mrs Koala ?

      • YEH was the 1st korean actress i liked, until now she’s still have a special place in my heart. For me, and it’s just my opinion , she took a certain distance from the k entertainment that she frequented . and from what i see she did good. Better to be in small projects and looking healthy and great than being in bigger projects and Under the scrutinity of toxic people. She seems to have enough money to do what she wants , so let her be , even if i would like to see her every year. Sad for me , but sad for the drama world because until now, even if i like a lot of new actresses , i haven’t seen one with her unique “aura”. Off of topic but Baby Vox’s KMY is getting married !

      • Hi cahill ?

        Yup, she sure has enough money to survive even without taking any acting project. People always forgot that beside being an actress she’s also a business woman. She’s the owner of some çafes and a management co. And I heard the artists under her agency (W24 etc.) are doing well so far.

        And yes KMY is getting married this November ?

      • Hi @Lal, thanks for telling me about her artits. I saw photos about an event for a cosmetic brand ( soompi forum) . Was it for Mageline or a new one ? Hope that she will be attending KMY’s weddind. new pictures are always welcome. Bises from France.

      • Cahill, I think that’s the new one, an eye cream product from Dr.Melaheal.

        I thing she will be attending KMY’s wedding reception regarding KMY is the closest member of her in BV. KMY’s parent even has considered her as their youngest daughter.
        And I have a good feeling that we’ll get tons of pics from there ?

      • @lal, thanks for all, and i hope we will have pictures from KMY’s wedding ! Still emember the ones of Kim EZ’s 2010 wedding .The 5 were so beautiful .

      • i dont see why not??? she is love and idolize by many,including me…we crave any news about her…fame and wealth ?probably but she also shared her wealth and hard work…she’s a great person inside and out,and she has a lot of fans internationaly…she’s much more newsworthy the newbies…

  3. I became a fan after all the riotous posts here on KP and it just took Coffee Prince and Princess Hours and I was hooked as a fan of YEH for life. Yep I’ll be happy for her as long as she is happy pottering away in life and doing what makes her day.

  4. I hope she visits Philippines. like wt-h*ck her drama are blockbuster hits here even if it has zero rating in Korea, lol. and she has megaloads of fans here. she can also open Cafes in Boracay, many Koreans & Chinese, even Japanese vacation there. hehe. Good luck Miss YEH, hope to see you in another drama. I have seen that Go Go Song & Fluttering Heart, you’re pretty as always. Pls work with oppa Yeon Woo Jin, it’ll make my life complete hehe lol.

      • @cahill, yes many wants her comeback drama be paired with big stars or Gong Yoo, but both big names already, I think it’s impossible and will just be toxic for her with lots of scrutiny & critics. I want YEH to star with Yeon Woo Jin, less toxic and peaceful, since Woo Jin is underrated Korean actor, but he reminds me little of Gong Yoo & Bae Yong Joon. I just watched romcom drama “Marriage Not Dating”, which was released 5 years ago, didnt knew it before my bad, and it brings back memories of Yoon Eun Hye’s drama, just funny, entertaining & happy, I was imagining what if it was her in the lead girl, but it was the time when YEH went lay low on Kdrama and eventually on hiatus. I just wish the pairing is still possible soon, before Yeon Woo Jin becomes a big name and talks might be impossible because of scheduling conflicts and etc. But lastly, they also will look good together, hahaha lol.

      • @Xtin, agree, YWJ is underrated. I’ve been watching him since Ojak brothers with Joo Won . Since then i’m a fan. But i like Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoo Yun Suk, … Sure, Gong Yoo, Joo ji Hoon are great but i like to see new pairings. It’s always exciting to discover something new !

      • @cahill, also watch “Marriage Not Dating”, well recommended romcom. yah Choi Jin-hyuk is handsome, but he reminds me more of Hollywood action superhero. while Yoo Yeon-seok, also handsome, but seem to be seeing him a lot in serious drama roles, have yet to see him in comedic roles, hehe. but all the Best & well-being for our beauty queen Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye.

  5. I really love YEY after I Saw her in Kdramas and her Madagascar road for hope Episode…For me she is Beautiful, very talented, she can dance, Sing and act very well and also a Lady with a Golden heart.

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