Yoo Seung Ho to Return to the Small Screen with tvN Mystery Drama Memorist

There feels like a lot of drama casting news into 2020 now with the remainder of the 2019 K-dramas either cast or filming already. K-actor Yoo Seung Ho will be making his drama comeback in early 2020 with tvN‘s drama adaptation of popular webtoon Memorist. He seems to have an affinity with playing characters that have good memory, let’s not forget Remember. That one was alright but his last drama My Strange Hero was neither strange nor all that heroic, and mostly just meh. Memorist is already off to a good production team start with the of PD of Secret Forest (Stranger) and a movie screenwriter pairing up along with a solid source material in the webtoon. The main character is a detective with supernatural abilities who loses his memory and gets embroiled in a serial killer case.


Yoo Seung Ho to Return to the Small Screen with tvN Mystery Drama Memorist — 97 Comments

    • He’s always been a mediocre actor. No comedic timing, no romantic chemistry, bad eye for projects and expressionless eyes. It’s not a surprise all his dramas have flopped.

      • Take several seats! Yoo Seung Ho is actually great! I’ve watched all his movies and dramas. He’s amazing! Go share that Haterade somewhere else smh

    • to all nitizen that there hobby is to bullying others come on..is that the way you live.. your life is defend on bullying others.. your turn yourself into trash your just showing how rotten you are..make it good..make your life meaningful..dont judge people in a harsh way if you dont want to done it to yoo..

      • I think this is common case with child actors, because they have been acting since very young public believed they’re good actors when actually most of them really mediocre. The really good ones I think Yeo Jingoo, Kim Sohyun and Kim Yoojung. Nam Jihyun and Yoo Seungho just passable, and let’s not even talk about Park Shinhye.

      • @ Daria – I beg to differ from your list – personally, I think think Yeo Jin Goo’s acting as an adult has been mediocre, and his drama choices not that great. Until he can generate genuine romantic chemistry with his lead actress, he’ll continue to be mediocre in my book. Even though this is an unpopular opinion, I would rate Nam Ji Hyun’s acting a lot higher than Kim So Hyun or Kim Yoo Jung because she was able to transition to adult roles with ease. I was honestly surprised when I saw how young she really was. She has excellent comedic timing and convincing acting and I’ve seen her in a variety of roles in at least five different dramas. My drawback with Kim So Hyun is that I still see her as a child playing dress up. As a viewer, her child actress image overshadows her adult image in my mind, plus she has yet to convince me that she can effectively generate romantic chemistry with her co star in her adult roles. I’m watching her latest drama, and her mannerisms are all the same, no surprises there at all. No chemistry with Jang Dong Yoon so I’m wondering what everyone is raving about. I liked Kim Yoo Jung immensely in Moonlight. Didn’t watch her last drama with a guy old enough to be her uncle, for that very reason. Still I think she has a lot of potential. I don’t even want to discuss PSH, and Yoo Seung Ho’s adult roles so far have been mediocre.

      • @Adal – I think KSH so far has good chemistry with JDY, don’t focus on the last scene of ep 5 because her character is very confused about her feelings thinking JDY already has a wife. It’s still quite early in the drama to decide on a verdict. I just don’t like the second male lead, otherwise everything is fine for me to continue watching. I agree NJH is very good but because of her more mature face, she cannot act cutesy unlike KSH & KYJ, hence easier transitioning to adult roles.

      • @adal same with you, I cant feel the chemistry between KSH and JDY. Their visual not match. JDY is too pretty, even prettier than KSH and his face is so small. I think he looks better with the second male lead ? and yes YJG still struggles in his adult role. Even with good script. I have no problem seeing KSH in her adult role, but maybe its because she always acted as a school girl, thats why. About YSH, I think he shines more as second lead.

      • I beg different. YJG is good in CC, so so good Good chemistry with LSY, far from being mediocre.

      • As per usual people feel the need to drag KSH into every article when she’s already proved her amazing acting prowess. She is the one who has transitioned smoothly despite never stopping acting even once. Her worldwide fame is proof of how brilliant she is. People are raving about her chemistry and calling her the chemistry Queen because she always excels. Stop dragging her name into other people’s articles to gain popularity for your bias.

      • really..maybe your idol is the one who are not very good in acting..since you cant accept it..you blame others before you say anything i suggest search on how yoo seung ho become best actor..coz your diffinetly blind…

      • i love all these former chold actors, Yoo Seung Ho, Nam ji hyun, Kim So Hyun and Kim yoo jung. they are all good actors.

      • @adal
        agreed. NJH is a good actress. i loved her in 100days my prince and SKL. i hope and pray that she would be able to portray her role well as a popular webtoon writer in 365 a year of defying fate.
        Btw, i love all these young actors and actresses. they are all successful at their young age.
        – Nam Ji hyun Fan

      • LMFAO Adal and Tiana’s comments are so biased it’s funny ?
        @Adal Just say you’re a biased kim yoojung fan and go. It’s literally the other way around, it’s KYJ who is more known for her bubbly child actress image, and it’s Kim So Hyun who has always been known for having a more matured aura between the two, even back in their child actress days, hence KSH’s smoother transition to adult roles unlike your KYJ who always have controversial dramas lmao ?
        Literally watch moon embracing the sun and you can tell even back then that Kim So Hyun has a more matured leading lady vibe while KYJ has always been known for her teeny bopper image (just compare the roles they were getting, with So Hyun getting all the more matured, darker roles). And KYJ is the one who looks like a dressed up kid, especially in the big flop Backsh*t Rookie with her thick makeup lmao ?

        @Tiana Kim So Hyun is literally known for her beauty and small face, one guy even said her face is as small as a fist lol
        Yes Jang Dong Yoon is pretty as Nokdu but he’s definitely not prettier than So Hyun, who’s known for her beauty both domestically and internationally, her beauty is always compared to Korean goddesses Han Ga In, Son Ye Jin, and Sung Yuri, so your comment makes zero sense lmao everyone knows she’s goddess-tier and is always ranked high in beauty lists, so stay pressed ?

        Not even sure why these two clowns Adal and Tiana are criticizing Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon’s chemistry when they’re literally popular for their great chemistry, like a real-life couple, even in behind the scenes videos. Korean viewers were crazy about their chemistry, so are the international fans, so just know that you two are objectively wrong and are obviously biased AF lol

        Adal talk to me when your controversial bias KYJ has a Baeksang Best Actress nomination like Queen So Hyun lol ?

    • really so it means a multiple awards of being best actor is not a proof to you then..the judges in korea dont know how to judge since they give an award to yoo seung as best actor not just one but multiple….wah..i think you need to replace them since your very good in judging people without knowing him well… your spreading fake news..

    • your not the one never been good in judging…you just say the words without proof… your just jealous of him…coz Everything that he had is the opposite of what your idol had…i suggest you need more searching..coz your proof is invalid ..

  1. I think he is quite good in Missing You. But his choice of dramas is pretty meh after that. I actually prefer him as a villain than in rom-coms.

  2. I like him a lot. I guess I don’t see any difference in acting when watching him in drama and films. PD of Strange Forest is off to a good start so YSH must have definite credibility if he was offered lead role. OCN double plus and thriller genre triple shot. I’m down for sure. As for the FL hopefully some bad kick ass K actress and there are tonnes of them currently that would do justice to the role if given the chance!

  3. Once upon a time I was ecstatic about news of a YSH drama. Now I’m just meh. I liked him better as a child actor. As an adult all his projects have been mediocre, and I don’t think this would be any different. Maybe he should go back to playing a villain, that was representative of his best work – Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Missing You.

  4. This is the worst form of cyber bullying, hope the negativity y’all spreading made you feel better about yourselves why don’t you learn from the negative effects this form of bullying has on the Korean idols and actors, they can’t go through all that training for you to come and bash them like that, I personally love Yoo Seung Ho and his dramas he’s the best, remember that another man’s meat is another man’s poison so hey keep your poison to yourself don’t try to spread it around in an attempt to ruin my meat whilst hiding behind your screen.

    • I personally think that yoo seung ho is a very great actor.ive watch a lot of his drama and movies and i cant find faults in the way he acts.he is a very talented actor.he delivered his every role very well.i bet those people who talk bad about him cant even do a small portion of what he does.or maybe envy him for how good he is.i hope what you say can bring you happiness dude.dont be so rude to people who didnt do anything bad to you.may god bless you all.so your heart cant be full of hatred.??

  5. I think he deserve that role.hes one of the best actor of south korea..and he proved it eversince he act on matured role..remember..ruler.master of the mask.i am not a robot my strange hero..and masters of study..he deserve a good project so.hes achivement and award are the proved that he the one of the best actor..we can utter comment but pls..plss..we dont need to write comment that can offend actors and actresses

    • Yoo Seung Ho is one of the few korean actors who has the looks and talents, his acting awards are receipt to his ability to convey emotions to the role he’s portraying, he’s always been praised by his co-actors seniors and juniors… waiting for his new drama with enthusiasm

  6. He is very good actor and very talented, I am supporting him since his first drama as an adult, he picked up roles as everyone in this field sometimes are dramas roallcasters sometimes not it does not make a good drama a good actor, I have seen many bad actors and actresses who have picked dramas with very good ratings but all I see is that the rest cast do better job than the main leads so if you don’t like Yoo seung ho leave this article, don’t comment all your hate in here cause as you see bad comments drove this people to desperate moves, support them and if do not want that do not show your hate like this…!

  7. I am yoo seung ho fan since remember war of the son 2016 after ruler master of the mask such a brilliant actor. And I also love his ROMcom drama I’m not a robot yoo seung ho ssi fighting

  8. Any person who says Yoo Seung Ho is bad at acting or doesn’t know how to choose his projects this indicates that this person has a problem in his mind .. Yoo Seung Ho is the best korean actor and all his projects are successful and have a message and meaning ..if you are jealous or don’t like Yoo Seung Ho’s projects , just stop watching his projects .. if his projects to don’t attain your taste does not mean that his projects or his acting are bad because your taste is bad

  9. He is very talented and best Korea actor for me. I know him from drama “I am not a robot” and follow his all drama after that. I very surprise for negative comments about his acting!.
    I’m waiting to see his new drama.

  10. So excited to see Yoo Seung Ho with his new drama “Memorist” and for sure he can portray the character role effectively. YSH is an excellent actor and really talented..not to mention his natural beauty, a great visual indeed. I’ve been reading all his drama recaps and all recappers always comment how amazing actor is YSH. He is also an actor who greatly delivers emotions through his beautiful eyes and that was confirmed by articles i read, and even in music video he’s being casted for his greatly speaking eyes. He’s great in doing emotional scenes, even in aegyo scenes as he is effortless cute, better watch INAR and My Strange Hero. Since i found YSH i got hooked only to him, although i previously admired 11 other k-actors, but only YSH have everything worth loving and admiring.

    • I love YSH…he is the actor who caught my attention because of his handsome face, genuine smile and his alluring eyes ?? im really fan of him… He is a good actor to all his drama and i know he is good to his new drama too… Im excited and willing to wait… Fighting YSH… We love yoo. ????

  11. We are so excited my love! Yey!!! I can’t wait to see and watch you on tv. We are so proud of you! A versatile man indeed! My king, prince, classmate, cat lover, lawyer, magician and now my detective! I love you to bits!??


  12. We love you Yoo Seung Ho ,always remember that,visit us here in the Philippines your fans are excited to meet you personally ,I’m became your fan since Queen Seon Deok days when I was in first year high school and until now you are still my crush ??? Be humble always Seung Ho ,we love you ,don’t mind the bashers , May God Bless you always ???

  13. This is what ive been waiting for to see seungho’s brelliant acting,we’ve been waiting for you my seungho,i cant wait to see again my legendary actor,as a ditective this so exciting,we always love and support yoo.

  14. Till now I watched many kdrama and I like YSH very much. Regarding his talent in acting, i don’t hava a words to define it. It was legendary to me.
    I love his everything. I always pray for your success in life.we always support you no matter what.
    And keep up the same spirit through our your life and we love you always.
    With love…

  15. Till now I watched many kdrama and I like YSH very much. Regarding his talent in acting, i don’t hava a words to define it. It was legendary to me.
    I love his everything. I always pray for your success in life.we always support you no matter what.
    And keep up the same spirit through out your life and we love you always.
    With love…

    • YSH is my legendary actor since we know that he is an actor since he was a child he is bieng an inspiration to me and to all yoopies out there we sincerely love u my seungho we always here to support you,keep fighting!!!!!!!!

  16. I really love YSH, all his drama series was great and he is capable in any role, looking forward of his new drama soon..we love u..???

  17. Great that YSH has so many fans supporting him all of a sudden or are we seeing the same emoji loving person making multiple comments under different disguises? This is a bit too desperate! LOL.

      • You seem to carry discrimination and ill feelings toward a certain group of people or fans of other nationalities. You even labelled them “sicko” or saying something “wrong with the brain”. What did these people do to deserve this kind of inhumane treatment from you? Did they bash your bias like the way you treated Yoo Seung Ho? They are proud of YSH acievements and focus on him alone. They even think of good things about other kdrama actors like how YSH respects them. I hope uou learn how to respect other actors as how your bias respects them too.

  18. yoo seung ho is one of the best actor I’ve ever known we was so excited about his new drama hoping all the drama that they offer to him he accepted it all dont mind the other bushers coz they dont know how talented and precious you are…YOO SEUNG HO your too PRECIOUS, Your acting skills is outstanding, your physical and and attitude are both beautiful…pls keep on doing more dramas…

  19. YOO SEUNG HO is the best!!!! we dont care about the people for saying bad comments about you they dont know how to appreciate a brilliant actor,they dont know how to judge simply because they lack of it, they’re just saying bad words because they dont a accept the fact that YOO SEUNG HO is one of the BEST ACTOR in Korea, they dont accept the fact that YOO SEUNG HO is much more handsome plus talented in terms of acting, they dont accept the fact that YOO SEUNG HO is PURE original why because maybe they re idol is 100% result of the surgery…for us nothing can Beat YOO seung ho ..HE is the only one the BESt of the BEST

  20. to all nitizen that there hobby is to bullying others come on..is that the way you live.. your life is defend on bullying others.. your turn yourself into trash your just showing how rotten you are..make it good..make your life meaningful..dont judge people in a harsh way if you dont want to done it to yoo..

  21. YOO SEUNG HO is one of the brilliant actor ive ever known..i dont understand why there’s a lot of people turn blind to it..maybe because they’re really blind they didn’t see how GREAt yoo seung ho is.. because they’re really blind.. dont judge people in a harsh way your just showing how low you are..lack of manners..is that what you learn in school..come on show your self as a good human being not a rotten one

  22. i just want to say we love YOo SEUNG HO..coz we all know how great he is, how a good person he is,how a talented he is..he is just simply Amazing..to those leaving bad comments merry Christmas hope you injoy your Christmas while saying a harsh things to others.. your just don’t know the meaning of manners..

  23. We LOVE YOO SEUNG HO…nothing can change that… why because he is simply one of the masterpiece of GOD..need to be cherish forever..now im asking are you?coz if you do..you know the meaning of being a good person..come on be one ok.. that’s much better than saying harsh things…live your life in a good way follow what GOD want you to follow it starts for being a nice person…

  24. candycane what are you doing here.. your not a fan of yoo seung ho then why bothered commenting bad comments about YOO SEUNG HO is that your hobby poor child..you ruining yourself dont show your rotten attitude here..this one is exclusive only for all those know how to appreciate a person..and you obviously dont know that…go back to your school and ask your teacher on how to improve good manners..coz you’re 200% lack of that ok…

      • CCane…if you find joy bullying we are sad for you and your bias. The kind of behavior you show reflects back to your idol. I am sad that YSH and his fans maintain courtesy and respect to others. You mKe your idol look bad. Do you ever want your idol be bullied like what you seem to be doing just to promote him? Would your idol be happy about promoting him BY BASHING THAT IDOL’S Co workers in the entertainnent industry? How do you think your idol would feel about your attitude and behavior as a fan? Would your bias be oroud of you?

      • Excuse me? WHEN did I ever bash YSH?? I said he is quite good in Missing You. I truly find joy in discovering a delulu like you who keeps changing usernames. This is like a detective game. This is really fun. Besides not able to remember your own name, you have a deep problem in your reading comprehension. You cannot read my comments or what? WHEN did I ever bash YSH here? Huh?? Who is my idol btw?? Are you drunk?

      • see your proven that you have no manners….it was so sad.. from the words u used… your parents must be sad coz they dont see what they want to see about you..

      • unhappy person poor child.. his life depend on bullying others..do it all you want..until you satisfy…do you think your parents must be glad if they found out that your manners in saying words..is so.. drastic…if they happy about that ok go on..leave any bad comments to yoo seung ho..YOO SEUNG HO must be happy coz she make you happy by bullying him..you know yoo seung ho is very nice person and humble too…so probably if bullying him makes you happy then he allow you…go on..bring it on..

  25. to all commenting bad comments here..did u know YOO SEUNG HO so well obviously you have no idea how great HE is…if you dont know him well dont leave any bad comments..coz its reflects who you are.. are u happy if you’re idol getting bad comments? come on..if you’re matured people dont do this…dont spread how inhuman you are …YOO SEUNG HO is one of the NICE person in korean industry it was all true dont spread fake news keep it to yourself…of course He is a best actor proof his multiple awards already for being a best actor..so don’t say He dont have an emotion coz obviously if you got a best actor award it means your one of the best..dont tell me the judge in korean industry dont know how to judge…i suggest search more on yoo seung ho to find that HE is really a versatile actor, outstanding actor…dont just say anything without proof..We love yoo seung ho

  26. Yoo Seung Ho is an actor who never gets tired of working with his best efforts. The many acting awards he recieved from childhood through adulthood are testimonials of his excellence as an actor. Mere opinions of those who aren’t experts in the industry do not have a bearing on his ability to deliver the best work he did. Those who seem to pull YSH down because of low ratings in their locality are seeing the situation myopically or near sighted way of judging. For your info, YSH projects that were judged as “flop” by certain netizens here were very popular in other countries of the world! One such project is I Am Not Robot. YSH has fans that love him from 6 out of 7 continents of the world. He himself was surprised when he went on Live in IG. The joiners in the live chat were foreign fans! We Yoopies always think of good and positive thoughts about him and even other actors just as he looks to them as mentors, co-workers, and his little wards to coach as an “uncle”. That is how grounded in righteous living and himility Yoo Seung Ho is. He work hard to last for a score or 2 decades as an actor. He is an actor with a gentle, kind and generous heart.

    • @greenleaf430 – now you are posting under a different name. You lied! ? @Leila G. SMH. You certainly confirm the Yoopies with a reputation of name changers. Shame on you.

  27. @candycane…FYI…I am not the same person as what you are thinking. I am not the “sicko” nor the person with something wrong in the brain as you say. If you thimk I live in Asia, well get your brain to think right because you are wrong. I am in the North American continent. My name has been the same for years. Never been drunk because I do not drink liquor. As an elderly, at least, respect or courtesy is required of juniors. Regardless, your negative comments Now I read them. I choose to behappy because it is not me, I am a happy, respectful fan. Fangirling is ageless. I post about YSH in a YSH article use discretion, that is, not postibg other actors in non-related articles. This grandma wisbes you well. Live life to the full. May you reap rewards.

    • Dear Elderly, I have never bashed YSH. Accusing me for something I did not write is not an act of a senior. I never try to guess where you live nor do I ever care. The place “Philippines” was not brought up by me, please read again, I did not mention any city nor continent. I rightfully called @ading right @justice yoo @charming a “sicko” but not you. As my comments were never directed at you, you should not take them personally. Thanks for your well wishes. I apologize for mistaking you as one of those because I too do not like to be misunderstood. I despise those who change names often and I am glad that you do not.

      • @candycane I wish you live long and well. One day you will look back on this and be either amused or annoyed. Let these people just be happy appreciating YSH. Everyone, no matter who they are or where they are, including you, deserves happiness without someone depreciating that experience of it.

  28. Yoo Seung Ho is talented. The many awarda he reaped from childhood to adulthood, are testimonials to his credibility as an actor. Aside from thus, he really works hard to perfect his craft. Every project hecdoes comes with love from heRt.

  29. Yoo Seung Ho is a good actor!! Once a good actor, forever a good actor. I watched all his drama from way back home up to his recent drama, My strange Hero. YSH has gifted with natural acting. Everyone could learn to act and develop acting skill But not everyone gifted with natural and genuine acting and YOO SEUNG HO belong to that gifted one!! Circle of cinematography, film maker, directors recognized the talents of YSH!!

    I am so excited to watch this memorist soon!!

  30. The comments does sound like they are from one person… or a group of people from the same place.

    Anyway, this offer sounds much better than the lame rom-com offers he has been getting so hopefully it’ll bring him out of his slump.

  31. Cheer up my Yoo Seungho.❤❤❤. Never mind some bashers.. Remember the saying “no matter how good a certian person is, still you can’t please everyone” because haters gonna hate…. You are my favorite k actor and the best k actor for me… You played well in all your k dramas.. I love watching your k dramas over and over again… You make me smile everyday because i am inspired because of you.. I love the way you act,its not awkward and its natural… Be happy always never mind haters or bashers… Stay happy all the time.. Remember that YOOPIES from Phippines and across the globe, love you so much……❤❤❤

  32. @candycane…I am amused at you being amused with people, many names because they are individuals…each mame here is a different person, an individual. I know each one of them from the internstional fan group. So sorry that you thought it is just one person with different names. It just so happened that YSH has a huge fan international fan base and these people are just happy appreciating him.

    • At least I know for sure that @greenleaf430 and @Leila G. is the SAME person. Don’t tell me that at this day and age, an international fan group is sharing one single email account . Your twisted words cannot be trusted. I can also name a few more disguisers here, it is very easy to spot. Stay happy since nothing will change your attitude. Thanks for being my fan but I truly don’t need any.

      • @candycane, Yes my real nane is Leila G., my handle is greenleaf430. I am a happy fan. I switched to my handle because this website is not using a secure connection. Just like you are using candycane as your handle I opted using my handle. I gave you my real name, how about giving yours, even the first name like me?

      • Candy. I don’t have a handle, I don’t need any handle and I don’t change my name. BTW, I don’t understand what negativity you are referring to, hope you are not referring to me. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. Even if you do not agree with them, there is no need to label them as “negative”. I do not believe in praises, only honesty counts.

    • @Liz … FYI all posts here are from individual fans from an international fan base of YSH and not from a single person. Just let them be happy appreciating YooSH. Everyone deserves to be happy without somebody depreciating how they feel towards Seung Ho including you as well. Now, you made me a fan of yours, too after candycane…

      • @Liz If you follow YSH IG , you will see his fan posted same emojis but not from same people.

  33. OBSERVATION: This site seems to allow people with negativity to post destructive and/or hate comments openly. This is a precedent for cyber bullying when one is unaware. No wonder that in the land of kdramas and kpop, depression is real, that depression drives a person to their destruction. It is just so so sad, that nothing is done about it. It seems that no matter how bright the entertainment industry is, it has its dark side. In the end of it all, the loser is the artist himself or herself.

  34. cyber bullying is a crime…again is a crime..the person who can easily judge the person without thinking..is diffinetly unhappy..again unhappy..if the happiness you want…. through bullying others diffinetly there’s something wrong with you… your the one who makes you who you are… through your words.. your just a poor child looking for attention coz you dont have it….so sad to all of you… who make some bad comments here… your ruin the life of others because they have a wonderful life.. jealousy can kill you…

  35. to all commenting bad comments here come on bring it on..post anything you want until all of you satisfy.. since that your happy pill.. your happiness is depend on bullying others..go on .YOO SEUNG HO is a NICE person, HUMBLE and GENEROUS too…since your happiness is depend on bullying HIM probably YOO SEUNG HO allowed all of you to do that…coz HE want all of you to be happy…all he wants is his fans to be happy..even those who hate him and bullied him coz he is diffinetly a very warm and have a good heart now im asking all of you? Do you have a heart or a conscience?

  36. I was never a fan of korean drama till I try Oh my ghost of park bo young. Since then, i like watching comedy/romance . It’s a feel good plot. Then, I found I am not a robot. Love it ..like their chemistry. He is a cute guy..i think he is a good actor, the only thing is that, a good project is not yet there. As time goes on, he will be a good one…still love him coz he has a sweet smile.???

  37. Yoo Seung Ho is one of the most talented Korean actors! He immerses himself in his role and truly identifies with his character. YSH in ‘Warrior Baek Dong So’ is completely different from YSH in ‘I am Not a Robot’ or ‘Imaginary Cats’ or ‘Project Proposal’ or ‘Remember Me’ or ‘The Magician’. Even how he played a prince in ‘Queen Seon Deok’ was outstanding. He’s so goofy And cute that it makes you laugh regardless of what you’d going through. I can’t wait to watch his next drama. About to watch Seondal now!!!

  38. i love all these former chold actors, Yoo Seung Ho, Nam ji hyun, Kim So Hyun and Kim yoo jung. they are all good actors.

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