Vagabond Airs Extended One Episode 14 This Weekend and Triples Up on the Crazy

At this point I don’t realistically know what is going on in Vagabond because nothing is rooted an iota in reality. But that’s what is fueling me to keep going because we are two episodes from the end and also the ridiculousness is entertaining. I’m just waiting for Suzy to turn out to be the Big Bad and Lee Seung Gi‘s character an android from the future and the plane hijacking terrorist turns out to be his long-lost brother. By trying to go big, Vagabond makes the conspiracy to crash a plane so vast that too many people need to act in concert to make it happen and then collectively try to keep it a secret and in the unveiling each element becomes more and more improbable because it needs to be stacked one on top of the other. I think the premise of Vagabond remains a solid idea, the directing is great, Lee Seung Gi continues to act like every scene needs his 110% to earn a paycheck, and honestly he’s not getting hurt like ever so I don’t even worry anymore just sit back and enjoy the trainwreck ride.


Vagabond Airs Extended One Episode 14 This Weekend and Triples Up on the Crazy — 15 Comments

  1. I wonder why it’s ever called “Netflix Original Series”, when the released episodes depended on baseball matches in a suddenly baseball channel! They didn’t even bother to sent apologizes to their subcribers for this inconvenience.
    They even will drag the last 2 episodes to Nov 22 & 23.
    I still don’t get it why they desperately need to look so petty. SBS also cancelled Secret Boutique five times due to various baseball matches (not due to cover a single big tournament!), and last night VIP also cancelled. I’m sad with this situation. Is SBS really a sinking ship right now? And they find baseball as their messiah? But they’re sold dramas’ licenses to overseas, various sites. They should be responsible, or at least make apologize to their dramas’ international viewers. There’s should be a petition to Netflix, Viki, VIU, etc to never bought SBS dramas’s license if SBS still keep going to cancelled dramas airing due to various silly reason that make viewers suffer.

    • Rightly said, either Netflix should not call it as their original series or they should not delay screening due to any external reason. I am paying the subscription charges for a month considering the program in that month, if they are postponing means, then they should extend the subscription as to accommodate their delay in telecasting

  2. I’m still here for VB (waves lonely white flag)….I think I went on to watch VB with apprehension and was prepared to drop it after 15 mins but I did like the set up of the nephew and plane crash plus the flashbacks as well and when Suzy appeared I consciously looked at her as Go Hae Ri the character not Suzy the idol so yeah has been a pleasant ride since then.

  3. It’s not the sport broadcast earn more but because the game is live, and it’s going beyond the control of the tv station. Once the game is over, it’s over. The station wants to keep both income, so they must continue the sport broadcast. Anyway the drama can be postponed without losing anything.

    • I don’t think so, actually they cancelled the 13th episode of Vagabond to airing rerun of VIP episode 1-2.
      And ep 8 of Secret Boutique cancelled to airing LG Twins vs Kiwoom Heroes, ep 9 cancelled to airing of post-season Korean baseball games (it’s not even live game), and start from 12th episode, it cancelled to airing WBSC Premier 12 baseball games…

      • SBS would have been so stupid to air two episodes last week and left with just one episode in the finale week.

  4. I thought the last episode was the the last episode. Gosh, so more crazy? The last one was so unrealistic I threw a kitchen towel on my TV. Hahahaha! Who would believe Suzys character was already hurt from gunshot wound the entire court drama and only found out as they leave the courtroom. Then in the middle of her being transported to the hospital, they had a lovely moment together. Then at the hospital she was so seriously hurt they were all worried. And she couldn’t walk! But… who does that? I dont know. It’s like the director fell asleep and his or her 2 year old kid took over. C re lazy indeed.

  5. Are you guys really looking for realism here? Even reality/variety shows are so far fetched. Better to watch a documentary for that. I am enjoying the unrealistic twists and turns. If it wasn’t unrealistic it would be like watching my life. Where is the fun. Speaking of which please point me to all the cheobol dramas ?

    • Not a chaebol drama, but I suggest The Last Empress. It had no chaebol, but it had the royal family as the center. Ki Tae Woong aka SSR was the emperor and Jang Nara was the empress. It was makjang galore and I was highly entertained. Hahaha

  6. it’s unrealist, but awesome!i’ve been waiting for each eps
    but also it’ll be better to change the cast??seung gi cool, but suzy..i’ve a doubt

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