Keyeast Releases New CF Stills Showcasing Kim Soo Hyun with the High Hair

I won’t be surprised if this holiday season will see lots of Kim Soo Hyun CFs. It’s his first year back from military service and there’s a gap in the top young actors segment with a drop in hits from Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho not yet back with a new drama, Kim Woo Bin still on health hiatus though returning next year, and Lee Seung Gi‘s latest drama Vagabond being such a hilariously bad writing trainwreck. I always thought Park Bo Gum would take Kim Soo Hyun’s place during the hiatus but now both are active at the same time so I can’t wait to see the public get double doses of those two young men who give off very similar vibes with me. These latest CF stills with Kim Soo Hyun make him look like he has a massively long head because of the high hair but whatevs he’s still handsome as can be.


Keyeast Releases New CF Stills Showcasing Kim Soo Hyun with the High Hair — 23 Comments

  1. The LMH-KSH-LJS troika of top hallyu actors can’t be replaced. Nobody who could replace them emerged in the 2 years they’ve been away. Now we have HB-SJK-GY-LMH-KSH all actively taking up more dramas and movies. The current generation doesn’t have hallyu stars. NJH is the only one who can potentially be called a new rising hallyu star.

    • That might be because Hallyu itself is changing/dying out in the old style, it has nothing to do with the abilities of the actors who are active now who just happen to be too young to be part of that wave.

      • They’re not going to able to achieve the same level of fame then. I’ll agree with OP these stars are basically irreplaceable since like you said Hallyu itself has died out. Yet these actors are still considered the face of Korean Dramas.

    • Hallyu stars is not important anymore. They are actors not idol, they just need to secure their name in Korea right now. Just look at MDS.

  2. Much like CF is a replacement for not having earnings from acting projects, and though it gives them income in a short term but does not provide good value in their career. KSH is such a waste of talent. For 10 years in his career, he has only done 2 or 3 dramas on leading role.

    • He’s done 4 dramas as lead – Dream High, Moon/Sun, My Love From the Star and Producer – as lead, plus three movies…and all but one of those projects was a hit.

      That’s actually a pretty decent amount of work for 7 years (I don’t count the time he spent in military service).

  3. Say what you will about him, he’s talented and has been the lead in smash hits across both drama and chungmuro, which none of his contemporaries could achieve.

    I look forward to seeing what project he picks next.

  4. I don’t think Park bogum care about something like that, Its Park seojoon and Junghaein who trying to take KSH’s place I think.

    • I think since park seo joon move from keyeast , his persona doesn’t remind of kim soo hyun anymore . And his drama choice too

      • Does his persona ever reminded anyone of KSH? Like PSJ always had more “boy-next-door/boyfriend”, “very warm and friendly” type of image and charisma. And his choice of roles were and still very distant from whatever KSH usually picks. PSJ also one of those guys that never thinks about looking only good when he acts and goes all way to be what his role requires him to be.

    • I totally agree.
      I’d really love to know what exactly Miss Koala see in those two.
      PBY’s gaze is quite different than KSH’s not to mention the totally different look and acting style.

      There are quite a few look-alikes in k-ent but not these two.

  5. No one taking anyone place. Everyone have their time to shine. LJS in 2013, KSH in 2014, JW in 2015, SJK and PBG in 2016, GY in 2017, PSJ in 2018. All of them have their own charm and have pretty stable popularity.

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