Rising Drama K-actor Cha In Ha Found Dead at 27 Years Old

I’m just numb now but life keeps going and terrible things keep happening it seems. K-ent is reporting that rising young actor Cha In Ha has died. He was 27 years old and currently starring in a major supporting role in the MBC drama People With Flaws. He’s part of Fantagio Entertainment in a group called Surprise U and also an actor with over a handful of dramas under his belt in 2 years including The Banker, Clean with Passion for Now, and Are You Human?. He was found deceased in his home and no official reason has been given for the cause of death. Rest in peace young man and my condolences to his family and friends.


Rising Drama K-actor Cha In Ha Found Dead at 27 Years Old — 8 Comments

  1. 🙁 what makes me sadder is thinking of all the non-famous people who commit suicide. So many unappreciated, lonely people die everyday.

    Humans need to be more kind.

  2. It is quite sad that young people die young. We dont know what cause of his death. May he rest in peace and condolence to his family and friends.

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