Park Yoochun to Hold Paid Fan Meeting in Thailand After Latest Summer Drug Scandal

Consider me amazed at the staying power of Park Yoochun, it may be vastly diminished but there is clearly still a market for him to peddle his wares. The twice disgraced Korean singer-actor is holding a fan meeting in Thailand in January, despite claiming last summer that he was retiring from the entertainment industry after getting nabbed for drug use. What made the drug use scandal rather hilarious was his press conference vehement denial and then once he tested positive total package of excuses for his drug use. This man has cajones and major thick skin, so its no wonder he’s okay holding a fan meeting and taking money from whatever fans he stills has left.


Park Yoochun to Hold Paid Fan Meeting in Thailand After Latest Summer Drug Scandal — 16 Comments

  1. You would think after the first scandal, the fans would have left. If the first scandal they didn’t left, then pretty sure his drug use will not deter his fans either.
    Him using drugs is not a big deal to me, as long as he wasn’t trying to get kids or his fans to use drugs. His first scandal was what got me shaking my head at all the fan girls.

    Then again, it seems like South Korean fans has a higher tolerance on guy celebrities scandals than a women who has scandals for just having a normal boyfriend and their celebrity life is over.

  2. I think that since he has only known the Entertainment industry his whole life, he probably doesn’t have any other viable job options. Not sure of his education, but he probably did not have time to get a degree that will give him a job a different job other than the Entertainment industry.
    If that other guy from “Hotel” can still be a superstar in South Korea after cheating on his wife with two young idols, then all I can say is there might be a chance for Park Yoon Choon…I am surprised they didn’t try to send him to the Chinese Market, where it seems like they are taking all the stars that has scandals in their own country.

    • China now has its own idols & real good actors. Movies done by some SK tarnished artists never gone released. I don’t think there is any loose change for SK to pick anymore. Fan meetings are much less happening in China.

      • “Real good actors?” Girl, since I’m Chinese and often frequented mainland Chinese websites like Bilibili and Douban, there are no good actors any more because of the resurgence of C-idols, which plagiarizes K-idol business model (and doesn’t work in China well b/c duh, CCP).

        Because of trendy C-idols, good acting doesn’t come any more. It’s being taken by actress like Zheng Shuang and Angelababy, actors like Ray Ma cannot act.

        It’s just overall terrible because the good old actors day in Chinese ent is no longer there because of these C-idols.

    • I’ll agree with @candycane. China has their own strong “idols” industry. They aren’t interested in other countries has-beens- China citizens much rather focus on their own stars, many of whom have huge international followings. For sure, China government is not going to condone any events promoting a convicted drugs offender, so I doubt PYC manager even able to obtain permits to hold a fan meeting in China even if there were people interested in seeing him.
      TBH, I’m surprised they are holding fan meeting in Thailand, as I did not think he had a huge fanbase there. I heard PYC pretty strong in Japan, so surprised they not try there for fan meeting.

      • Japanese puts all druggies in jail. It is zero tolerance especially PYC drug use is not just weed.

  3. Wow. Bunch of bitches here who only knows how to talk like theyre pure. Whatever he’s doing, at least he never one to talk above anyone else. Now I’m gonna get hate on and point fingers at that I’m his Die hard fan….whatever people. Ever heard of, if you can’t help them don’t hurt them? Y’all can’t help with his depression and drug so back off.

    • You get hate on by name calling. The word “b___h” put you in a separate category here! No one really cares if you still are his fan or not. But why do you call people “bunch of b______” when you don’t even know any of us? WHY? Did his depression lead to his first scandal? Don’t blame everything on depression!! He could not control his dick is his main problem in the first place. His drug use only hurts himself and no one would raise a flag on that.

  4. Oh well if he has fans who want to pay then that’s their choice but I read that it’s quite a hefty amount for a ticket or is it? Either way he definitely has the confidence to set his plan in motion. Me personally umm that would be a pass but good luck anyhow.

  5. Wow. I’m surprised he has any fans left. Maybe he has no other way to make a living than show biz? The man’s gotta eat after all. Smh.

  6. I’m confused. Isn’t he in jail after his drug convictions? I thought he was sentenced to 1 year in jail for narcotics distribution? Well, Obviously no jail time if he is able to travel overseas. Amazing he still has any fans left willing to pay to see him. I wouldn’t waste my money on him, but whatever.

  7. If people want to pay to see him, good for them . I never understood the “fanmmeeting concept”. But i wonder where are now his BFF ? When i think that Kim So hyun used to be a big fan, Han Ji Min being a good friend, just naming a few ones, you realize that you never get to know really your entourage ! It’s scary. And fans believe in whatever he says ! When in 2012, he was at the pic of his carreer , i read that he said that if he wasn’t a celebrity he’d like to work in the construction !Liar! Didn’t he annouce his retirement from ent industry.Liar! And what about his ideal woman and future family life , Liar ! Why can’t fans see that what he said is not what he did ? It’s like politicians ! Save your money for your old days!

  8. If I may be allowed to rebut some of the points raised here, please?

    Let me start with the “paid fan meeting” in Thailand. Yes, there was a fan meeting; yes, fans paid to watch it. BUT NO, Park Yuchun did not take a single Won or Baht from it, from his fans. The proceeds went to a charity project called Love Asia. The CEO of the project was at the event and she explained where the donation from the fan meeting would go. It’s for children.

    “Twice disgraced” – the first time he was “disgraced”, he was the victim. Proven in court, the perpetrators jailed. The other two who disappeared must have gotten scared when they saw blackmailers get jail time of two years. But even after he was proven innocent of those accusations, still people, like some here, call him names. The second “disgrace”, the drug scandal. He vehemently denied it at the press conference. “If I am found guilty of a crime I DID NOT commit, then my whole life is being denied.” It wasn’t only retirement from his career; it was his whole life. He went to the police on his own accord to be questioned, he was not even summoned. Who knows what happened in those 24 hours that he was interrogated, and why he was denied a retest when he tested positive from a test that had results after 3 days when it should have taken 3 weeks? Not allowing him that retest was tantamount to disregarding this doctrine: “The law holds that it is better that 10 guilty persons escape, than that 1 innocent suffer (innocent person be convicted).”

    But okay, since we are counting, then “twice disgraced” it is. Should we, the public, allow only “once-disgraced” or “never-been-disgraced” artists or celebrities to live a normal life? What do we expect him to do? Die? Get a job that he is not fit for? He is a singer. He is a composer. If he were an accountant he would be at his desk crunching numbers. But he is a singer. He will sing. He has fans, or what’s left of it (which is A LOT); he will go back to them. It’s between them; it’s not for us to say whether it should happen or not. Had Robert Downey, Jr., who was MULTI-disgraced, never been allowed numerous chances, Iron Man wouldn’t be the same as we now know it. And that’s just the lighter side of things, our Iron Man. What about his life as a person, his family?

    “Major thick skin” – I would call it fighting spirit. I would call it courage. If, after hitting rock bottom, a person still has the courage and the heart to pick himself up and change the course of his life, repay debts of gratitude to those who never gave up on him, I don’t think that’s being thick-skinned. There must be some super-human effort involved in this. I’d say, I wish I would be as strong if such a catastrophic nightmare would ever happen to me.

    “…fans would have left” – A lot did, but a lot remained. But those that remained are no “fangirls”. You would be surprised at the age range of majority of his fans now. I am actually in awe. Most of them have children; some are Yuchun’s age! These are matured ladies, not screaming fangirls. And someone mentioned Japan? I can’t be sure of the figure but I see a big chunk of his fan base is coming from Japan. I guess they were able to stay because they probed deeper. They followed the cases; they did not just believe what the media and bloggers wrote.

    @Table122000, I would suggest you read reliable news. It would take precious time, I know, but if it would enlighten you and not make your comment sound unmindful, then why not? He is under probation for two years, for “using” [three times in the course of two years], not “distributing”.

    I’m not trying to make anyone here a fan of this artist. I wouldn’t dream of that. But we could try to question what’s being fed to us by the media. We shouldn’t just swallow everything. There’s so much more to this than meets the eye.

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