Jin Se Yeon Confirmed as Female Lead in KBS Drama Born Again Opposite Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk

I think her track record speaks for itself so maybe this isn’t the best casting for either side. Jin Se Yeon, currently starring in hit cable sageuk Selection: The War Between Women, has confirmed as the female lead role in upcoming KBS reincarnation thriller drama Born Again. The two male leads are confirmed to be Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk and this is a love triangle based detective and serial killer conflict drama. Jin Se Yeon’s successful dramas have all been her sagueks, this current one and earlier dramas The Grand Prince and The Flower in Prison, whereas modern dramas she tends to fall flat. She is quite popular these days so having her entertain another drama offer even before her current one is done airing doesn’t surprise me.


Jin Se Yeon Confirmed as Female Lead in KBS Drama Born Again Opposite Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk — 14 Comments

  1. Who’s her sponsor really??? Why is she keep land a lead role??? I can’t even watch her new drama even though the plot seems interesting.

  2. Enjoying her latest sageuk very much, and i don’t have problems with her acting so i’m excited to see more. Esp kinda miss Lee Soohyuk, it’d been a long time i’ve seen him.

  3. It doesn’t really look good… I like Jang Ki Yong but Come and Hug Me was repetitive and the character of his hyung was more interesting, Kill It was bad, the love story in Search WWW was boring, his character was not so interesting…

    Jin Se Yeon never convinced me as an actress…

    I want to see Lee Soo Hyuk in role like in Valid Love.

    • I think otherwise though, apart from the casting of Jin Se Yeon who I don’t really fancy I like the two actors and think they really good actors who both have bright futures ahead of them

      • I didn’t say they were bad… I said I didn’t like his characters or his dramas.

        People here are really bad to understand things. They can’t do the difference between the actors and the characters.

  4. lol Jin Se Yeon again? Girl is really lucky with her leading men too despite not having talent nor popularity: Lee Jong Suk, Joo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Shi Yoon, and now these two..

  5. I love her in the sageuk drama Queen: Love and War. Can’t wait for her another historical dramas.

    Before this I hate her acting especially in her early days and avoid all her dramas but I think she’s improving. While waiting for QLAW to be subbed I marathoned her 2016 web drama High-Class Crush and she was okay in that.

    Hope everyone give her chance or actually watch her dramas before bashing her.

  6. I’d rather they starred a different actress in this drama. I was looking forward to it until they announced the lead actress. Jin Se Yeon is no favorite of mine, and I have difficulty watching her dramas beyond the first 10 episodes. Big Sigh. On to the next drama, I think I’ll be skipping this one. I do so like the male actors though, especially Jang Ki Yong.

  7. Jon Seyeon must have super powerful family or rich parents. Who thinks she can act? It’s painful. There are many other choices for female actresses that can act and I can actual
    Believe their characters. It’s hard to watch her drama because she sounds like she’s doing a very poor job of reading a novel she doesn’t even understand. Can you cast an ACTRESS that can act!!! Please!!!!

    • BTW who are the producers and directors who are casting her? Maybe we should focus on theM so they don’t cast actresses based on their looks ONLY!

  8. I love Jin Se Yong. I think she’s a wonderful actress. Whenever any of her dramas are airing, it takes priority over others for me.

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