Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In Incur K-netizen Flack After Posting Support for Wuhan During Coronavirus Outbreak

I think K-netizens are determined to find fault with Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In no matter what they do. The two K-stars this week posted on their respective SNS accounts a supportive message for the city of Wuhan, China, a gif that transposes the word Wuhan into Human to show that love for the people of Wuhan is loving any human dealing with this scary coronavirus outbreak. K-netizens are having none of it, neither showing compassion for the people living in Wuhan and finding fault with the two stars reason for posting support as trying to curry favor with the Chinese to support their careers. This is so annoying and I can’t even, stars using their influence to post a positive message has literally nothing wrong with it.


Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In Incur K-netizen Flack After Posting Support for Wuhan During Coronavirus Outbreak — 50 Comments

      • All human beings are important in sickness and in good health. people need to stop being so cool because you never know what card life will deal you from day-to-day, what the future holds for you. We all have to leave this earth one day.

    • Yu, ahin is lefy and North Korea friendly person.
      Dangerous guy for peaceful world. We don’t want to see him in movie nor Korean drama. He is too politic. Hope he concentrates more acting than politics.

      • You are a twisted human being.Why all the hatred.Is devoice crime.If you spent all the hatred on these two you will prosper ?

    • Yu, ahin is lefy and North Korea friendly person.
      Dangerous guy for peaceful world. We don’t want to see him in movie nor Korean drama. He is too politic. Hope he concentrates more acting than politics.

  1. I’m glad Kyo and Ah In are brave enough to show their compassion and kindness to the place severely affected. Indeed true characters show in the worst times.

    Humanity is lost for these K-netizens who only knows spitefulness and misplaced viciousness. This just goes to show that knetizens lack empathy and the true sores of the modern society.

  2. If there’s one thing I have come to learn for myself it is that people need to stop letting Fame and wealth turn them into heartless and disrespectful, cold monsters towards other people, the less wealthy and the less fortunate. You should still want to remain human, regardless of your fame or wealth.

  3. People literally don’t have their own mind kyo standed with china and wished them and didn’t saw any other artist except for yo ah in showing concern and it’s not like china needs money and even if they will need I am sure they will come forward for it . So stop being a hater everything she has is her own hardwork !

  4. The demonization and villianization of China led by the Western media is extraordinary. Every bit of news on China is given a negative slant. China has locked down huge cities to stop the spread of the virus but Western media keeps focussing and magnifying on how China is at fault. Yellow Peril is alive and strong .

    • The west has every right to point fingers at China.

      1. They knew about the virus way before and failed to inform the world.

      2. They obviously do not control illegal activities and allow selling of illegal animals. I am sure everyone knew this place existed and the government did nothing.

      Don’t use the excuse everyone eats animals, because there’s one thing we us humans shouldn’t eat is wild animals. Domesticated animals, yes, sure, but wild animals is a no.

      3. They obviously continue to lie about the rate of people infected and the number of deaths.

      4. The moment the virus information was out they failed to shut down the borders stopping people from Wuhan from travelling.

      To me and many others they have handled things poorly.

      You can say what you want about western media, but at least they tell the truth!

      • LMAO I agreed with everything you said until your last sentence. They don’t always tell the truth. Like the bat soup video they conjured up to make Chinese people look bad…that video wasn’t even from China.

      • @Neen

        1. Yes, most most western news report direct truthful facts.

        2. Even if the video isn’t in China, the actual place in Wuhan had bats, camel and other illegal wild animals.

      • Ha ha ha….Western media tell the truth?!!!!! No media , west or east tells the truth…only what is convenient truth.
        And hunting is huge in the USA. ….Wild animals are hunted and eaten ..
        Also more than 5000 people died from flu in the USA last year.

      • Well, half the U.S. is listening to “Fake News” so…I don’t know how you came up with the impression that the western media is so accurate. LOL

      • @La la Just continue to blah blah blah and la la la here. U.S. likes FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump is now being impeached. You western world worshipper should shut up before you further embarrass yourself. You have no right to point fingers at anyone. No one should point fingers at anyone. This is a sad situation which no one wants. I am Caucasian in Europe.

      • Illegal animals is a no… understood so eating humans is okayyyy got it! Cause whenever China has one bad influencer you all jump and hate on the country and blame the citizens yet people don’t talk about people eating other humans to survive wow humanity I feel it. People are sooo rude and ridiculous and disrespectful. China has tried everything in their will to stop this virus they even built a hospitals, the doctors and volunteers had to stay and help them without even returning home for the most important event of a Chinese culture. They could not return home to celebrate Chinese New Year and eat a beautiful feast with their family and yet doctors even died themselves. Imagine not being with your family on New Years instead working hard to help others. I would be damn proud of China right now and if you don’t see why you have no humanity for these people and your are full of hate and judgments towards these people. If so mind your own business and focus on your own country, I know damn well you you have problems in your country to. Here’s something I also like to say when one mistake is made or one person or maybe two does something that dishonour their country compared to the same country sending money and helping poorer countries build schools and hospitals and help with child care, instead of talking about the goods we focus on the bad causing drama and hate. Our own country has good and bad situations sooo if you don’t want yours to be talked about with so much hate then stop hating and embrace the hard work they have put into this!!!!!!!!!!

      • You say you are from Africa where another virus originated from, Ebola. When Ebola spread people were afraid as well. Yes, China’s government isn’t the best, but who’s is? During these times, it shouldn’t be about how bad China looks, it should be about how to stop this virus.

      • Are people really comparing Ebola. Which actually was well handled to this virus? This virus you have it and can infect people without any symptoms.

        Ebola was handled better than this virus is being handled. Do not compare the flu which we have cures for and flu jabs to a virus we do not have any medication for!

        China doesn’t just lock down the whole country and close shops just because of a little virus. Come on now, don’t be daft people.

    • … You… huh… You realise that this is a post about South Korean celebrities and citizens, right? South Korea as in that country in Asia? As in eastern country? Why the heck are you bringing Western media into this conversation? Save it for your woke tumblr post, please.

      • Lol you all idiots and this is the reason why China continues to lie and continue to eat shit.

        Yes, we should be pointing fingers it’s a deadly virus.

        Look at the statics in the last few days, it just keeps going up the number of deaths. Imagine how many more are dead that China isn’t reporting on.

        Yet, it’s illegal. In the USA to hunt wild animals that aren’t approved. You can not compare bats to antelopes.

        I said most, don’t put words into my mouth. You just said half is listening to fake news, the other half it’s real news.

        If someone says “ China has tried this and that” they should hang their head in shame.

        It’s their stupidity and ignorance that got us into this mess. If your family members get the virus I am sure your views would be different.

        @rabbi – Of course there would be that one white dude from Europe acting like China didn’t do anything wrong.

        You also live in the world, move to a third world country then if you don’t like it’s view. Let’s see how long you last and this is coming from someone who is from a third world country. I was born in Africa and I go back every year. I can tell you now I rather have western mentality than the mentality of some of third world country. Steal, kill, lie and cheat is what most third world country do to their people.

        I recommend you to leave Europe and go to a third world country. Let see how long you last.

        @Mayleen you talk about not having humanity for China and not feeling sorry for China. When has China felt sorry for the western world? When have they helped? The moment they lied and kept information they literally did a disfavour for humanity.

        Stop praising a country that could give two shits about you or the rest of the world.

      • You are all idiots. China is currently doing the whole word a disfavour.

        I do not support the eating of illegal animals what so ever.

        Yeah praise China, for lying, not protecting its own people AND allowing the illegal consumption of animals. Now, there’s a virus. Killing people off, yeah we should clap a hand to China they did so well. Clowns ?

      • @Lala – Coronavirus is not as deadly as Influenza. Do you know how many people die of the flu virus in US every year? Get your facts straight first. I am not saying coronavirus should be downplayed, but at least not to be blown out of proportion like an Ignorant You. All viruses can be deadly. Even a common cold virus can kill. You need education. Moving around all over the world is not the solution. Speaking from a white dude who travels extensively. US has the #1 Gun killings in the world. Kill, lie, cheat are all happening in US on a daily basis. You can be killed by a random bullet in US. Anynow, sound like you are a racist who just want to bash China, shame on you!! People can get sick from drinking dirty water or expired milk, just to point out to you that eating illegal animals is not the only way to get viruses. I am a vegetarian, so you cannot even blame me for eating meat.

  5. OMG what is wrong with K-Netizens??? If Sourh Korea created a virus outbreak, I’m sure they themselves would welcome support from anyone. That is how you fight thru the tough times.

  6. Not only Knetz but even cnetz were critizing her for buying hot searches on weibo for this post. I don’t understands whats there to hate?It’s a simple heartfelt post and supporting them during the crisis.

    • C-netz are angry because celebrities buying up a weibo hot search means there will be one less informative virus update on the hot search for them

  7. What happened to this world? Where’s the hate coming from? What’s wrong with showing your support to those who are going through tough times? When did these people’s minds become too twisted to the point of being illogically arrogant and vindictive? Why hate people who are showing such a good example of humanity? Honestly, can you still call yourselves human?

  8. I can understand people anger towards China, they acted poorly and continue to lie about the amount of people infected and the death rate.

    But, I don’t think neither of the actors should be abused by K-netz just because they post encouragement, China currently needs it.

    • We are more likely to die from the flu virus than Corona virus. So far 10, 000 people have died from flu in the US the past year according to CDC…

    • Anger caused by sensational reporting by the Western media (which controls 90% of the world media) in their bid for high ratings and viewer ship.
      We need to encourage common sense and compassion. You are more likely to die from mass shooting and flu virus than corona virus. The Chinese are doing the best they can and everyone makes mistakes. I am no supporter of China but I am appalled by the irresponsible media spreading panic .

      • You do realise if people are infected outside of China a lot of people would die. That’s why they are putting people into quarantine. That’s why they are building hospitals because the flux of infected people are high.

        You don’t just quarantine people and close down the country because the death rate is small.

        Compassion is great and all but it doesn’t save life’s. Tell that the family of people who have died because of this virus. That they should have compassion.

    • China lied to keep their citizens from freaking out and messing about China is a large country will over millions of people and things could get messed up in fact people who do not report the virus when they have it or have died from it people around them do not think it’s a big deal to report that is why numbers are not very accurate. If they had been at the hospital then they would have an accurate report so please don’t blame China for not showing real numbers.

      • Lied to keep people from freaking out. Hahahaha. That’s a good one. It’s better to tell the truth than to keep it quiet.

  9. Kuddos to Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In….Meanwhile, KNeTZ!!What is ur heart made of seriously???People are dying and all you think about is hate towards the two???..shame on you guyz…

  10. Yikes! What’s the world coming to? Is base human nature essentially ugly? Can’t we put aside our differences for once and just show empathy? smh.

  11. It’s sadden to know this kind of news, ah in and Hye kyo are not doing or posting those thing just to look cool for the others, besides they are cool already.. Lol! But seriously, how come they can’t support and value the message of it? Especially k. Netizens.. They just wanna see and believe what they want to! This is not the time for hating people, this is the time where people who experience those sickness receive love and support from the people not just in one country but for all so that they can also fight for their lives! No one is perfect! Sure rhing being a celebrity like them is hard as well but they always smile in front of the people just to inspire other! Hope everyone will disregard having a crab mentality.
    Love YAI AND SHK ❤️

  12. I’m still full support to song hye kyo she’s only showing her love for being a human,love you kyo be strong….

  13. Fighting Song Hye Kyo, no matter what she does, Knetizen will always find something to shame her. A good person will never fall. Hope this virus go away soon.

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