C-netizens Blast Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Many More Top Stars for Not Donating Enough to the Wuhan Outbreak Medical Efforts

I don’t know why netizens always have to be debbie downers, or maybe they really don’t have anything to do than to nitpick the heck out of everything. Lists have been released showing the donation amounts of countless Chinese stars from actors, actresses, singers, variety show hosts, and more, and C-netizens are putting those who have donated what they consider to be a pittance on blast. That includes top actresses Crystal Liu and Yang Mi who donated two hundred thousand RMB (about $28,000 USD) because both make so much money and especially they are angry at Crystal because she’s a Wuhan native. Even rising stars are getting flack like Shen Yue of Meteor Garden 2018 only donating 2000 RMB. I think if stars are donating that is already a great gesture and however much they want to donate that is up to them, it’s just pointless to get into a finger pointing contest on anyone who donates less than another.


C-netizens Blast Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Many More Top Stars for Not Donating Enough to the Wuhan Outbreak Medical Efforts — 20 Comments

  1. Taiwanese stars are donating more than those from China, that is interesting. Liu yi Fei should donate more if she is from Wuhan, seeing how she was so pro China and vocal about the Hong Kong protest was at its height.

    • The irony about this is that when Taiwanese stars donate to Wuhan they’re getting a lot of flack from Taiwan..

      Barbie Hsu and her husband donated to Wuhan and then they got a lot of hate from Taiwanese netizens. So they caved in and donated to Taiwan as well.. and now they’re getting hates from both sides.
      It’s insane how netizens just can’t shake off the politics and stupid arguments during this crucial moment.

      • I think it is the politics talking. I am glad the Taiwanese Entertainment circle is more generous even though they knew they were going against their government, who has decided not to send mouth guards to China. Therefore, I have much more respect for Jay, Join, Wang Kai, and Shun Yuet, they have shown much more humanity than those Mainland China Entertainment discussed in the article. No one should compare, however, when you see the huge gap, then it makes you wonder.

      • Taiwanese artistes donating generously to China while doing little for their own people are criticised as they are seen as pandering to the RMB. Christine Fan blasted the Taiwanese govt for not allowing mask exports to China when Taiwan itself has insufficient supply.

  2. Honestly, why is this even a contest as to how much a person should or shouldn’t donate? The point is that they donated. Like no one should dictate how much a person should donate. This blows my mind.

  3. Rich people being disgusting as usual. I’m with the netizens on this. All these terrible pro-China actresses so is milk people for money with their limited skills, and cannot be bothered to donated even 1% of how much they make PER FILM to the deserving.

    To downplay these ridiculous “donations” as ‘netizens not having anything better to do’ is disingenuous and undermines the hardships faced by everyone who isn’t as rich and vile as this pro-China garbage. They slept their way to the top of the ladder, parade around in pretty dresses, hoard all their money because the poor aren’t worth their precious cash, and defend police brutality for the $$$.

    And to the trolls who’d die to defend this garbage: your ‘precious fav’ loves and promotes violence, police brutality, concentration camps, and state-sanctioned mass murder.
    Fuck the rich

  4. I think it is the stark difference between Taiwanese stars vs China Stars that is bringing ire to the Chinese Stars. I would think the Chinese stars would make more, especially the established older ones. The younger stars, I can understand them not giving as much, since they are starting out.
    Probably also the hypocrisy of those Chinese Stars that keeps publishing patriotic messages, but when their help is truly needed, this is all it amounts to.

  5. It is their money. Their choice . In other case i was reading how jang nara has donated around 12 million usd on charities and animal shelters. Respect her a lot after reading that. That is a lot of money .

  6. Yes don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth at least they donate where hundreds others doesn’t. So be grateful for what you got stop being so greedy n nasty so may we ask did you guys donate ?? Instead of talking trash about your own people just shut your pie hole .

  7. I know it’s up to the donors how much they want to donate to the cause, but this is such a huge problem for China. Hopefully it won’t be the big problem for the world also. I think this is a very good time for them to help out and they can afford to give more. So many lives are lost, more and more people are getting sick there.

  8. these actors are the top 1% of thr industry they make millions and could easily make back the money they donated by doing just 1 project or 1 cf (the money they make per episode is a lot more than how much they donated lol) and yet when people are literally dying they want to donate like 30k ofc its their money and their decision to donate however much they want to but this really is indicative of their character in a crisis capitalism really is a disease

    • usually i find cnetz over the top and cruel with their criticisms but this time i might have to agree with them its not nice to nitpick but its hard not to be bitter and indignant when people who are very easily capable of more help do the least and pat themselves on the back

  9. Maybe they are saving the money so they can buy citizenship elsewhere???

    For all the money in the world, not having the best hygiene standards in their live market and sufficient hospitals ain’t going to be enough to save lives in an outbreak.

    I agree the netizens can criticise their stars as much as they want especially when the frontline staff are risking their lives. How much is a life worth???

  10. When there is a crisis like this, actions speak louder than anything. People that love their country and people, they will do more in their power to help out. These stars can definitely give more. They have to resources to do it. Please just don’t do the patriotic talk only. Hygiene standards can be taught and improved from now on even though some damaged already done. I don’t think any country can be prepared or ready to deal with something like this.

  11. I won’t judge them because I can’t donate myself. I got bills to pay and nobody gonna help me when I’m broke. So, donating something is better then someone like me who can’t help.

    However, if I was a China top star, I would be embarrass to donate so little. To me stuff like wedding are not important. If I’m able to spent millions on my wedding, I sure will donate that to save my people, my neighbors, my country when emergency arises.

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