Scenes in South and North Korea are Equally Entertaining in Pivotal Episode 13 of Crash Landing on You

The screenwriter of Crash Landing on You really has her hands on the steering wheel even into the final stretch. The story continues to balance deftly the romance, the friendships, and the humor, and does so across the border so scenes in South Korea and North Korea are just as interesting. As Se Ri and Jung Hyuj progress to couple rings and learning about all their previous encounters, Dan and Comrade Al start to realize that their comfort with hanging out may be more than just getting along because the situation calls for it. Episode 13 had the long await Choi Ji Woo cameo complete with flashback music to Stairway to Heaven and even a reenacted scene (lol), but it also set up the story for a tear drenched cliffhanger ending. This is all I ever ask for in a good drama, keep me hooked and caring about ALL the good characters.


Scenes in South and North Korea are Equally Entertaining in Pivotal Episode 13 of Crash Landing on You — 14 Comments

  1. This is the best drama i’ ve ever seen . Everything is so perfect in this. The leads are just so perfect together and they really are very good actors. Every episode is full of surprises and you can’t predict what’s next gonna happen which is quite good . I really wanna see hyun bin and son ye jin together in others projects too and whole team of ‘crash landing on you’ is doing a great job. All the best for remaining episodes.
    Hyun Bin’s facial expressions are so adorable.

  2. This is a terrific drama. I like the way that you have represented the difference between North and a South Korea, although it wasn’t shot there and you could never get away with it, so you used Switzerland, a good choice. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are a brilliant match, both good actors and chemistry makes the viewer think perhaps they really like each other. The support roles are the best, love the North Korean soldiers, really funny and endearing. Great concept and very daring. Different and entertaining.
    I like second male lead too and the budding relationship with Seo Dan. Well done everyone.

  3. Of all the kdramas I have watched this is the best! Great lead actors. I hope it will air more episodes than 16. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin looks good together as lovers. I will be the most happiest person if they ended up as lovers and couple in real life. God bless them.
    Congratulations to the writer. It was a very nice story. God will make a way for the two to unite and be as one united country.

    • Totally agree.Usually dramas seem to falter in the later part.But here it seems like it is as interesting as it was in the beginning.Everyone has done a commendable job in maintaining the momentum and dealing with the pressure by providing such masterpiece every week.Initially I was skeptical when i read about the plot of the drama and also, was not a big fan of the leads.The synopsis sounded ridiculous as similar to some random cheesy rom-com.But as i had nothing going on thought to give it a watch. And oh my god.I was so wrong to have undermined it.Since then i wait every week with utmost impatience!!lol!!Now I know why they are called veterans.I have watched MLFAS, The producers both written by the same writer.I barely managed to finish MLFAS as the last part felt extensively dragged.”Producers” was okay and more on the realistic part. But I have never felt bored even for a split second while watching all the 13 episodes of CLOY till now.I think everyone’s amplitude got added up just like in a constructive interference which means they are indeed in coherence !!

  4. I viewed the episodes several times and yet i kept on laughing, crying, and yelling. The romantic scenes were oozing with joy. CLOY is the best drama i have ever seen in my entire life as of the moment. I am excited waiting for the next 3 episodes. It gives me sleepless night of waiting to wake up late Saturdays and Sundays. Hyun Bin and Son Seri Jin are great actors and all the supporting casts. Kudos to the Director and the writer. I keep on hoping Hyun Bin and Son Seri will get married very soon. No question ask of their chemistry. Love is oozing in both their eyes.

  5. The couple ring……… Hyun Bin being shy about it…… my heart melts a thousand times!!!
    This drama is just sooo amazingly good. There’s not a single second that I do not like about episode 13.

  6. Amazing indeed. I watch ep12 n 13 repeatedly. Its really great. Full of emotion, laughter, love between the SeRi n the boys not just with Hyun Bin…
    Thumbs up to everyone!!!

  7. This writer is absolutely amazing. They know how to sink their hooks into you and not let go. This episode had me extremely nervous cause of the comrades being smiley and adorable….usually when that happens something happens to one of them. All I can think the whole episode was not the ducklings…it better not be the ducklings…leave my ducklings alone. And then Se Ri get SHOT and I like OH COME ON! Hyun Bin’s emotions at the end had me tearing up. Absolutely love him as an actor. Then I was made a bawling mess by the ducklings breaking down… ready for tomorrow’s episode.

  8. Episode 13 was the best episode ever – better than most movies showing out there. The stories still flow cohesively & coherently … Seri’s foreshadowing @ the bridge that at the moment of near death, one’s life flashes back & now, she is in grave danger. Perhaps, give us a chance to understand her stepmother & why she left her at the beach that day. That abandonment issue is a key component of Seri’s character and the only one who truly gets it is Jung Hyuk. I can usually speculate possible scenarios for the ending … I’m in a blog right now where fans are deciding if it’s Switzerland, South Korea, or even somewhere else.

  9. i really like episode 13 – the last part is totally some best fight scenes we have seen in a rom com. Everyone had a chance to shine and the ducklings were a hoot! Again I say, they are not Hyuk ducklings – they are mama Seri ducklings!
    Hyun bin fight scene was also great. I like that the fight was realistic. He took some hits but has some really got punches. Nice! I Guess sat is hard for ratings with competition but I’m thinking they will see another rise tonight. It’s a good drama with a heart. I hope people be less critical – we have seen much worse dramas which we have been so tolerant with and here we have an excellent one and all everyone does is to wail about the lack of kisses …SMH.

  10. The story is so amazing and all the characters I hope more kdrama for Hyun bin and so ye Jin they are great couple hope they will be great couple in real life also thanks to the director and producer of this kdrama thumbs up ?

  11. I am bawling my eyes out at how good CLOY is which was precipitated by Parasites’ huge win at the Oscars. 4 wins. Momentous and historic time for Korean entertainment. I am just so emotional.

  12. I’m truly enjoying this show.. it’s one of the best so far.. I hope we will see crash landing season 2 very soon. Please make it happen this show have me glued .I love it sad to see it end

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