First Look at Lee Jae Wook in tvN Romance I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good

I’m excited to see how 2020 pans out for rising actor Lee Jae Wook after 2019 gave him the breakout role in MBC drama Extraordinary You. I loved his performance of the tsundere type angry male lead character but by the end I was tired of so many erupting angry all the time. Not his fault, just the character getting mired in place by the end. That’s why I’m even more excited to see him in the upcoming tvN drama I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good, it’s a totally different type of role and a chance for him to express more than broody anger and a penchant for cutting remarks.


First Look at Lee Jae Wook in tvN Romance I’ll Come Find You When the Weather is Good — 13 Comments

  1. I am currently watching Extraordinary You and love this actor along with those who play Dano, Haru, Doo Hwa and Ju Da. So glad to see him rising up. I saw the BTS of EY, I like him being happy and playful, fooling around with his co-stars. Can’t wait to see a different side of him.

    • candycane, thanks for telling us that. I only saw the female leads, didn’t think he would pop up there too. My List in Netflix is getting longer and longer, lol.

      • yes, in fact I like the character he plays in the makjang drama (inside Search WWW), it was hilarious. Everyone should check out LJW, he is very charismatic. Hope his next drama after this one will be in a male lead role 🙂

      • I just checked his bio, turns out he’s signed under VAST Entertainment owned by Hyun Bin. My, my, Binnie does a great eye for scouting new talents. I sincerely hope he was not the actor who was caught up in a sex assault case last year Jan. I read some rumours that some actor from VAST got into a scandal and HB had to cover it up.

  2. I think he held his own in Search: WWW. He was in the relationship most people was routing for the most, and his character there was completely different than what he played in EY.

  3. His character in www was amazing. Then continued a different character in EY. This dude can act. And im glad that he started to get the recognition and it’s about time he’ll get the male lead status.

  4. His angry role in EY gets too repetitive.
    I prefer WWW, it was real fun to see him switch repeatedly from this underconfident, sweet guy to his overbearing, angry alter-ego in the makjang drama.
    I’m looking forward to this drama, I think he will be in a nice-guy second lead role.

  5. It’s nice it looks he will have his own love story and not stuck in love triangle this time 🙂

    I’m curious to see him in the futur BTS. He was like a kid in EY 😀

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