Answer Me PD’s New tvN Drama Hospital Playlist with Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoo Yeon Seok Release Poster and Teasers

Are we maybe seeing a resurgence in K-drama excitement along with ratings again. The two years has seen a slew of solid hits all the way to mega blockbusters and maybe the transformation of the industry to welcome joint productions and streaming has breathed new creativity and life in. With Crash Landing on You as the new tvN ratings champion, it’s too soon to say another drama could dethrone it but the network is banking on another hit with upcoming Hospital Playlist (Wise Prison Life) from the PD of the Answer Me trilogy as well as Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life). It stars a trio of leading men who have each generated their own hit dramas prior and now get to pit their talents against and with each other. Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoo Yeon Seok headline this upcoming medical drama slated for a March 12th premiere on the Thursday time slot with one episode per week. Get ready for addiction time!

Teasers for Wise Doctor Life:


Answer Me PD’s New tvN Drama Hospital Playlist with Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoo Yeon Seok Release Poster and Teasers — 17 Comments

  1. Yes kdramas ratings were less due to lack of star power in last few years as well. You can create big budget drama but u need stars to sell them and bring initial ratings which will later be replaced by content. And bigger star bigger advertising revenue. From last year ratings are slowly climbing up with many stars coming up with good scripts as well as star power. Jo jung seok has massive hit in movie and his star power as its peak. Pd is good so looks like another hit drama in making. And many leading men coming back this year is good for channels

    • And also rookie actora has to prove that they can carrry these big dramas with hit with smaller productions all these leading men and women proved their worth earlier in their careers to earn such dramas. When pepple say they want new blood, i find it funny. These guys has earned this salaries and dramas wih rising from hround. Rookies need to up their game to get such dramas. Simple

      • You don’t just need star actors, plenty of dramas with famous actors failed because of nonsence scripts (Jeckil&Hyde for example).

        What makes a good drama is engadging skript with good actors, not necessarily famous, but good ones.

        On the other hand: can we have more women in this drama? It doesn’t take place in the prison, but in a hospital, there are plenty of women there…

      • @nahaluk Dramas will fail when script sucks. But stars sell dramas at high rate and bring initial ratings. These stars also earned the rights for those dramas. If rookies cant make small drama hits they will not get such scripts. That was my point.
        These stars were also rookies at one point and has earned the right for these massive projects.. i just find the comolaints hialrious for new blood. Because if new blood is incapable of selling it, and failed to take down old guard. Why will pds n stock holders invest? They i vest in marquee name for reason. Cloy is another examole how stars can make the
        Below average script work with their names and skills!

  2. This casting is great! I can’t ask for better!

    I really don’t care about ratings, I just want a good story with good actors and good production like Be Melodramatic. Ratings, CF, Hallyu mean nothing for my taste of dramas.

    • Crocs are step up (ha!) from the heels I’ve seen female hospital staff wearing in many hospital Dramas. Although the promo material for this Drama makes it plain that it is ALL about the male characters anyway, the one female looks like she’s been tacked on as an afterthought

    • They splatter blood on hospital staff all the time in Korean dramas. What’s a little blood or a lot of blood soaking into their feet hey?

      I will be just happy if someone even wears gloves. Lol.

      Crocs have covered shoes. The PD probably didn’t think of it. The medical advisor should have though.

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