Blue Dragon Series Award Judge Reveal Voting Results with Song Hye Kyo Edging out The Glory for Daesang and Suzy and Park Ji Hoon Winning Their Awards by Near Unanimous Vote

I really appreciate the South Korean awards being willing to share the voting thought process and tabulations after the ceremony, it lends more legitimacy to the winners even if there is always bound to be behind-the-scenes elbowing at play. The Blue Dragon Series Awards held its 2nd annual ceremony this week and it fetes the online funded streaming dramas some of which may also get terrestrial screen time. Song Hye Kyo won the Daesang over her own drama The Glory with a 4-2 vote, the decision was that she WAS The Glory and without here there would be no drama. Ha Jung Woo won Best Actor over Choi Min Sik in a tight vote, while Suzy won Best Actress for Anna in a near unanimous vote with one mention going to Jeon Yeo Bin. And the biggest accolade is reserved for newcomer Park Ji Hoon for Weak Hero Class 1 who won Best New Actor in a full unanimous vote while Shin Ye Eun eked out Best New Actress with a 4-3 vote over Cha Joo Young.

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Song Hye Kyo Takes Home the Daesang at the 2nd Annual Blue Dragon Series Awards with Suzy Winning Best Actress and Ha Jung Woo Getting Best Actor

Last year in 2022 was the first ever Blue Dragon Series Awards as the awards body until then was exclusively a movie awards ceremony. So this year in 2023 its only the 2nd annual Blue Dragon Series Awards and last … Continue reading

tvN New Mon-Tues Youth Sageuk The Secret Romantic Guest House with Shin Ye Eun Premieres to 3-4% Ratings in First Week

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Script Reading Stills for SBS Sageuk Youth Drama Romantic Guest House with Shin Ye Eun, Ryeo Un, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo

The youthful scholars and their pretty young landlady have kicked off script reading for SBS sageuk Romantic Guest House (Flower Scholars Love Story). I’m guessing the vibe is similar to Secret Royal Inspector & Joy with equal measures comedy and … Continue reading

Shin Ye Eun to Guest Star in Yumi’s Cells Season 2 as a Quick to Love Part Timer Working for Jinyoung’s Yoo Babi Character in Cute Reunion From He is Psychometric

I love that Yumi’s Cells tells the story of Yumi first and foremost so that all the other leads are there to play the people in her lives without trying to claim the spotlight. Ahn Bo Hyun was amazing and … Continue reading

2020 KBS Drama Awards Gives Veteran Actor Chun Ho Jin the Daesang for Weekend Hit Once Again

The 2020 KBS Drama Awards was a free for all as well, and a mix of face masks, social distancing, and still walking the red carpet. The bulk of the awards went to the various cast members of weekend drama … Continue reading

Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Sun Ho, Joo Ji Hoon and More Win Acting Side Prizes at the 2020 Asia Model Awards

The Asia Model Awards always has an acting and actor/actress category since so many South Korean models go into acting or do it concurrently. This year’s 2020 awards highlighted actors and actresses who had hit dramas or was quite buzzy … Continue reading

High School Contrasting with Adulthood New Posters and Preview for jTBC Drama More Than Friends with Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun

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