Kim Kyung Nam Transforms into a Hands On Detective in Character Stills for The King: Eternal Monarch

I find Kim Kyung Nam a fantastic actor who always delivers and that seems to be the widespread feedback from other drama viewers. He’s just charismatic and his presence in upcoming SBS K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch really ups the ante. His first character stills are out and shows his police officer character tackling a suspect and he’s seems the beat up first and asks question later type. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be baddie, I’d love to see him deliver a really compelling supporting role of the type that screenwriter Kim Eun Sook can write.


Kim Kyung Nam Transforms into a Hands On Detective in Character Stills for The King: Eternal Monarch — 9 Comments

  1. I agree. He’s one of those character actors that stand out and even overshadow the lead actors by their performance. I first noticed him in Come and Hug Me and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. I’m glad he’s in this drama, it’ll raise his profile even more.

    • Roflll ur shading indirectly is hilarious to say the least. Who is this d list actor lmao? Sidekicks are sidekicks fir a reason

      • A lot of actors start the career with supporting role, then second lead and finally main role. There is nothing to be ashamed about that.

        He’s a great actor and he stole the show in Come and Hug Me, the redemption of his character was the most interesting part.

      • Sayaris. I won’t call him “stole the show” because I almost forgot about him there. But he acts well, so did all the supporting cast. He could never steal the show from the serial killer Heo Joon Ho. Let’s put all in perspective. Leads need a face to become a lead especially in South Korea. Many leads don’t have acting talents but they have pretty faces. The lead in Come and Hug Me has the height and the face and he acts well too. There is no need to put one actor down to raise another. If he is that great, he will be a lead one day.

      • U can say anything. U guys just want to indirectly shade lmh. Anyways he nevee overshadowed anyone. Thats why he will remain a side kick

  2. Come&Hug me, Where stars land, he was amazing in those dramas. But he never stole thunder from first lead in both dramas.

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