Kim Sae Ron in Talks for Female Lead of School 2020 with Kim Yo Han

There’s been a change in leading lady and once again newbie Kim Yo Han as the male lead is getting a true acting heavyweight as his costar. K-actress Kim Sae Ron is in talks to join KBS drama School 2020 as the female lead, the role initially was with another grown up child actress Ahn Seo Hyun but it appears she’s dropped out. The male lead remains Kim Yo Han who is best known so far as winning Produce X 101 and becoming the center of the group X1 which was disbanded late last year after the vote rigging scandal by the producers of the hit music competition program. I’m happier that Kim Yo Han gets an established and experienced leading lady and both Kim Sae Ron and Ahn Seo Hyun are wonderful in all their performances so this looks like a fair swap.


Kim Sae Ron in Talks for Female Lead of School 2020 with Kim Yo Han — 55 Comments

  1. At first I was excited until I read the articles about the drama between the production company/drama team.

    It was a shady move how they got rid of ahn seo. I don’t like her as an actress but how could they do this to a teenager? Her dad gave a long account of what happened. They already started filming the drama and there were pictures of her with cast members and staff team.

    If saeron accepts this sloppy second, second-handed role, I’m going to un-Stan her because this is basically taking a blacken role. It’s profiting from someone else demise that was caused by fickle-minded adults.

    Saeron don’t sign on, there’s better dramas for you to sign up. The director is also known for directing so many bad dramas. So this drama ain’t promising anyways.

    Saeron or Yoojung should had been offered school 2015. I didn’t watch it but most likely sohyun damaged the school franchise.

    • I was shocked at myself and almost agreed with your entire post for the first time until I read the end. Why you always dragging kimsohyun? Did she kick your dog or grandmother?

      Anyways, it’s a shame how the drama team replaced lead actresses although they already started filming. It’s a mess. And I’m not going to watch and support a drama where the production team screwed a minor over. Kimsaeron, I miss you but move on. I will also stop being your fan because although it isn’t your fault, why work with a group of nefarious people?

    • What a delulu. Keep on hating KSH and she will keep on surpassing your faves.

      FYI, KSH is the best thing that happened to School 2015. Her phenomenal acting and strong chemistry with YSJ helped that drama win international fans and made KSH a hallyu star at such a young age (16). School 2015 is KSH’s breakout drama. It led her to multiple CFs, fan meetings, drama appearances, something her contemporaries can only dream of. Not to mention that she’s Sidus fave girl that time until her departure. KSH is an amazing actress. We understand the hate because she is a real superstar. But no one can deny that she is the hallyu queen of her gen.

      • It’s not because sohyun is so great that she is sidus “favorite” but they’re just bias and mean to Yoojung. She’s so nice to forgive them and renew her contract.

        You’re just upset that Yoojung is the better actress. Sohyun is just a passable actress with a great agency behind her. When she has a mega international hit in the veins of love from another star or descendants of crashing than maybe I’ll shut my mouth.

      • No one renews contact out of kindness! Either she has no other contract offer or she got a raise. Don’t make it sound like she is volunteering her floppy service. Agency clearly knows who can sell and who makes flops.

      • Well if she got a raise that means Yoojung is a huge money-maker. Please many other agencies prob want her but she stay behind for loyalty.

      • Surely, SH will also have hits like DOTS and MLFTS in the future. SH and YJ are the only 2 actresses I can see having offers Korea’s best screenwriters, KSE and PJE. Further, I don’t think so SH is a passable actress. She’s a versatile one – the reason why she has a lot of big leading or cameo drama offers from the best PDs and Writers of the industry. Just so you know, aside from being Nation’s Little Sister, thr media also named her as the Queen of Child Actors.

      • So Hyun left Sidus because she felt that housing two similar actresses in one company is not healthy and she has always been the clever one. The girl is not just book smart. She was labelled as crazy when she left Sidus to be a free agent at 19 but look where she is now. She gets to own her destiny and have the freedom of choice to do the projects she wants. I am super proud of her. Love alarm has done phenomenally well for Netflix Originals and she stands a chance of being the female version of Noah Centineo for Asia which guarantees her shows will be heavily marketed and constantly be aired to 190 countries worldwide giving her unprecedented exposure above her peers in the same age group. The KYJ fan can keep being salty. Above money above fame, KSH has earned for herself the most important thing in korean entertainment – playing the game on her terms and by her rules. She has freedom.

      • @ chastise

        We shall see won’t we lolz

        @ Lydia

        You want to compare sohyun to Noah? You Do you. His star meter has been crashing. He’s overrated. His acting is atrocious. People are now figuring that out. Many kdramas are on Netflix, so it doesn’t make sohyun special.

      • We don’t know what the future holds. But I am certain that KSH will be Kim Eun Sook and Park Ji Eun’s fave female lead in the future. Further, she may be the first one to get offers over KYJ because people know that she has greater talent, beauty, star power, and POPULARITY.

      • Lol. Leading a Netflix Original makes SH special among her peers. Aside from big bucks of money she’s making, the overseas exposure is a legit guarantee. Not to mention that LA is on hot popularity these days, making SH’s international presence unrivaled by her peers. Keep on deluding yourself, KYJ fan!

      • @ chastise
        I do doubt sohyun will get those opportunities but I’m not a seer, so who knows.

        Once again, many kdramas are on Netflix now, so you’re the delusional one.

      • Lol. Just so you know, KSH made multiple cameos in Goblin, a mega hit KES drama. Not to mention that those cameos are phenomenal and a hot trend during the drama’s run. So, it is not doubtful, KSH will be KES’ next drama heroin in the future.

      • @Moonlight

        I’m referring to Netflix “Originals” like Kingdom and Love Alarm. Not those kdramas produced outside Netflix. Have your reading comprehension check, please. No doubt, you always look stupid and delusional. Hahaha.

      • @ chastise

        They’re just cameos, it’s not like the writer walked up and chose her.

        It’s already been two dramas (mr. sunshine and the king) and she still hasn’t been chosen to be a female lead in her project. Doubt it will ever happen.

      • Lol. In the case of KSH, it is not just a simple cameo but her role became integral part of Goblin’s story. So, for KSH to do multiple cameos is something KES has decided. So, stay pressed because SH is in a favorable position right now over YJ who never considered by KES to appear in her dramas.

      • Lol. You’re stupid enough for downgrading that KSH never been considered to play the female leads in Mr. Sunshine and The King. Lol. Those roles are crystal clear not age-appropriate for SH. If it did happen, the people of Korea will curse KES for letting a 20-year old be romanced by mid 30 and 50 years old ahjussis.

        Nevertheless, the future is bright for SH. She is starting to rake big productions now. She is the future queen of next wave of Hallyu. Mark my words, bitch.

      • So Hyunnie is definitely a big money maker for Sidus during her stay in that agency. After School 2015,So Hyunnie surged into stardom as the teen queen of Korea. She had lot of big deal CFs, fan meetings outside SoKor and multiple drama appearances. School 2015 is definitely her breakout drama. And School 2015 is definitelt the most popular School series outside Korea – a hallyu hit drama, in short.

    • @Moonlight Yoo – you’re either drunk or crazy, go wash your hands instead of making delusional statements about an actress you dislike… a drama you didn’t even watch ?

      • @ Royal

        I don’t need to watch every drama to make an opinion of an actors ability. I watch some clips of her dramas on YouTube too. Don’t get upset that sohyun is the inferior actress. You need to dunk your entire body in a sanitizer swimming pool and swim some laps because you stink inside out and out, especially your brain.

      • @Royal She is the most delusional user on this site haha. she really thinks KYJ is leading ALL 20s actresses in terms of popularity, star power, and talent, and they’re ALL inferior to her. I can’t stop laughing.

      • @ kdramaaddict

        Go ahead and laugh. People who downplay Yoojung talents will only eat dust bunnies in the future. Her abilities are so much superior than her peers.

      • @Moonlight

        You must be telling to yourself. Go ahead and keep on dragging KSH because she will keep on slaying the industry and making your faves jealous to death.

    • Too bad when lee yubi turned down the offer, sidus didn’t even consider your fave for the role.

      I don’t think any actresses could have portrayed the Eunbi/Eunbyeol characters better than KSH.
      It was really made for her. I suggest you watch it first before you make additional delusional statements.

      And imo, the school 2015 made the school series popular esp the younger/new to kdramas.

      • 100% true. And the TaeBi couple is one the most popular KDrama couples, and is still popular until now.

      • They did it at their own detriment by not considering her. Oh please, the school dramas before school 2015 all received higher ratings.

      • Lol. Yes, it’s true that School series before School 2015 garnered higher domestic ratings but you can’t deny the fact that it is the most popular School series overseas of all-time. The characters of Eun Bi/Eun Byul, Tae Kwang and Yi An are all imprinted in international kdrama fans. So, School 2015 is undeniably the most successful School series ever.

      • Of all School series, School 2015 is the only installment with big hallyu following. Further, of all School casts, the characters of Eun Bi and Eun Byul are the most iconic ones. And it will never be iconic if it was not played by KSH. A proof how amazing an actress she is. She has this ability to make characters memorable. That’s why I will not be surprised how the K-media cherish her so much, and gave her a lot of titles such as Nation’s Little Sister, Little SYJ, Queen of Child Actors, Goddess of Historical Dramas, Manhwa Tearing Goddess, and the top member of Kim Troika.

      • @ mr. Lim

        There’s no stats backing up that school 2015 is the most popular one in the school franchise. So no, it’s not undeniable.


        I’m not sure where you gather your data from that points to school 2015 as having a big hallyu following.

        Please titles are arbitrary. I can make up titles for anyone. Is there a poll that people vote for which title is for which person?

      • Don’t be blinded. Just take a look at various social media sites like youtube, of all School series, School 2015 has the most fan made videos created by different international fans – one of the proof how big its hallyu following over the other series. Further, it is the only installment with planned remakes in China and Thailand. Your just bitter because KSH’ dramas extends outside Korea.

  2. Wow, I just read another article. She turned down numerous of offers since early last year preparing for this role. I hope she didn’t miss out on some really good opportunities. This is so horrid.

  3. oh no. i feel so sorry for Ahn Seo hyun. shes just a teenager, why do these things? hope she receives good ptojects in the nearest future. Hugs to you Seo hyun.

  4. It’s about time she catch up with KSH and KYJ. These girls are super mega popular in and out Korea. In fact, they made already a wall over their contemporaries. Hope KSR can join that club. Fighting, School 2020!

    • Saeron doesn’t deserve to catch up with Yoojung if she accepts this muddy project. I believe in saeron kindness but if she accepts this, she’s a black hearted opportunist.

  5. The drama production said her father made numerous unreasonable demands. They are threatening to sue and release the profession of her contact edits/requirements… so sounds like he may really have been a diva.

    It’s a shame for the actress that it got publicized- May make it harder to get cast in future projects.

    • Interesting let’s see what happen. I tend not to trust corporations words over the words of a single person. It’s just strange that they never signed a contract early on even after they begun filming. That’s just suspicious on the production team end.

      • If there were multiple rounds of back and forth negotiations, I can see why the contract signing might be delayed.

        You are right that we should wait and see. But people were dragging the production and Kim Sae Ron for accepting the role- so I thought it was important to point out that there is another side to the story.

      • @ dazzy

        I agree with Laura, everything is too suspicious. Read the post below, it has the statement of her agency. It looks like they are calling the studio bluff.

        Saeron deserves to get drag if she accepts a role from a cold- blooded production team. She better not accept it.

      • The explanation of the actress’ father on the matter was a more detailed one and believable too.
        i pity the actress because aside from the fact she was replaced in the drama, she is now being bashed for her looks.
        i just really hope that netizens would stop critizing her beause she is just a minor.

      • @rc

        It’s not the netizen but more of the international people who are hating on her looks and glad that she got replaced. Those heartless donkeys.

        The production team all need some spanking from their mothers.

      • That’s true than why not make everything official? But Why waste everyone’s time? They should had just say no early on and not allow her to go through the script reading, screen testing, filming, costume alteration, and the works. It’s a first I hear of people working on a acting project to this extent but no contract is signed at all. That’s too bizarre.

  6. My saeron I’m canceling you if you accept this muddy project. Don’t be a substitute. You are a diamond, you don’t need a coal project.

    This just came out. Those vicious, untrustworthy adults.

    “ I spent a long time preparing with the director and production company staff for “School 2020,” which I was very affectionate and passionate about, but I’m sad that in the end the news of my departure has been conveyed like this due to several unexpected situations.

    I know that the “School” series is beloved and many people have been really looking forward to the new season, and so I tried even harder to do my best.

    That’s why this situation where I’m no longer in the project is difficult to believe and their inaccurate claims are also unfortunate. However, as a project that I felt a great affection for, I hope that “School 2020” will be a greater and beloved drama, and I support the director, production company, and all the staff.

    Also, actress Ahn Seo Hyun will do my best so that I can meet you all again through another project.

    Thank you.”

  7. Kim Sae Ron is a great actress to replace Ahn Seo Hyun. There is something fishy about this whole situation but atleast we all know it’s been a long wait since Ahn Seo Hyun were to confirm her role. I think they couldn’t wait no longer so they gave the role to another actress. I agree this whole bs are true, mostly the productions team. But there is no reason for us to hate/unstan/dislike Ahn Seo Hyun or Kim Sae Ron. Y’all just sounds stupid for demanding this and that. This drama is going to be “aired sometime in mid-year.. I don’t think waiting for the confirmation from an actor/actress that took months would be okay.

    • Sae ron is a great actress, so why not hold out and wait for another project rather than taking a hand-me down? The drama is suppose to air in august. It’s not about waiting, ahn seo and her dad kept asking them about signing the contract but the production team kept pushing it back and say later. Also the staffers got replaced three time within the year. Drama-crazy.

      So yes it’s good reason to cancel saeron if she takes this project. what good can there be for saeron to work with shady people who don’t honor their verbal contract. Whichever female actress that officially sign up for this role, I will cancel them lolz

  8. Lol @Moonlight Yoo. You obviously stan KYJ so hard and so badly that Kim Saeron won’t miss out if you decide to “unstan” her. And you still have to repeat it that many times? Are you lacking attention irl? Because we get it.

    I’ve only seen Kim Saeron in a few projects but I haven’t been crazy about them so this project might turn me around to being her fan. She loses one crazy “stan” and might gain a fan or someone who appreciates her for her talents at least.

    • Your accusations are so baseless. I Stan Yoojung hard but I also Stan saeron but I have a bottom line unlike you who’s willing to support all kind of fake, selfish, black-hearted people.

      If she signs up for the role, Go ahead and support an actress who’s gaining from someone misfortune. Go ahead and support a group of money-hungry people who mislead and took advantage of a teenager.

      Embrace that sinister side of yours if you like .

      • You just proved me correct. If you actually stan someone, you wouldn’t resort to suddenly using words like “fake, selfish, black-hearted” and “money-hungry” for an actress you once liked who haven’t actually done anything wrong. Ironically, I actually have a bottom line and haven’t been commenting the same thing over and over talking about “unstanning” someone and being proudly vocal about ridiculing a young adult using a teenager as an excuse. Have fun living in your own world as the one and only superior being in that world.

      • Stop being so smug. You proved nothing.

        I was not referring to saeron alone but to the production co and team. And I said that it depends on what actions saeron takes, if she accepts the role then she is all those descriptions and more. So calm down your tush.

        Stop thinking you are all know it all and making fabrications and fairytales because you think you’re able to psychoanalyze me but nope you’re not.

  9. Wow, sounds like the same person writing over and over canceling the actress that takes the role. Kim Sae Ron is a good actress and young enough to play the School role. No one knows what really happened between the old actress and the production team. But cancelling someone because they took a role is so immature and crazy. She probably doesn’t need a fickle fan watching the drama.

    • You know what? Take your immoral tush to a temple and learn what’s right and wrong.

      It’s not immature to criticize someone from benefiting from someone’s blood and tears. You’re no better than a newborn who can’t appreciate someone’s hard work.

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