Nth Room Crime – South Koreans Incensed and Horrified by Vast Sex Abuse Chat Room Operated by Trio of Men

All of South Korea, regular folks, entertainers, and even politicians are talking about the Nth Room (N Room or N Bang) vast criminal network unearthed after months of investigation. A Telegraph chat room started by a user GodGod offered up sex abuse videos and pictures and charged users to access it. The chat room was moderated by a user Cho who went by the username Baksa (Professor or Doctor) and along with a third moderator they would hack women’s phone accounts and then blackmail them to send sexually explicit material. There were over 70 victims and many were underage women, and over 260,000 viewers paid to access the content. Nth Room was the latest iteration of the room which continued to migrate to avoid detection in the dark web and the viewers paid in cryptocurrency making it harder to track them down. Cho has been arrested and his face released to the public but the masses want all the men exposed and prosecuted for this horrifying crime. Apparently the videos and pictures are just awful awful stuff so I won’t even describe it.


Nth Room Crime – South Koreans Incensed and Horrified by Vast Sex Abuse Chat Room Operated by Trio of Men — 25 Comments

  1. South Korea is one of the most disgusting country.. I was blinded earlier by K-ent but in recent years it’s going lower and lower.

    • I am not defending S Korea but it happens everywhere. I would say one thing I am impressed that their cyberpolice actually do track and catch these people.

      We don’t even have enough beat police here much less sufficient numbers to pursue cyber criminals.

      I want anyone involved to be exposed not just celebrities.

    • Don’t blame a whole country, blame the people who did the crime, a whole country does not take the responsibility of a group of people who did this.

  2. Waahh speechless… this is beyond disgusting.. 260,000 viewers? Crazy. This is just crazy. More pics of him please. Hope he stays in jail for his lifetime.

    • Yes this is exactly what I was thinking, 260.000 viewers! perverts paying money to watch people unwilling to be in this type of thing and only there through blackmail!!!! In this day and age where any type of porn with willing actors who are paid/choose to act in these kind of fantasies and people are paying for this. It is a crime and every single one of these perverts should be punished.

      As for the perverts who profited from this disgusting scheme where people are victimised, should spend rest of their lives in jail and be an example for others who may think to do the same thing.

      I applaud South Korean police for tracking this down. It is not just Korea, it is everywhere around the world. Perverts are global, unfortunately.

      • oh my God, I just realised that these pervs victimised children! (I previously thought it was young women) Every singly one of these 260,000 should be disclosed to the public.

      • yeah i read there were 9 year old girl too. I guess it is something about dark net. so terrible. 260k bunch of pigs. world is filled with sadistic creeps

  3. Woah I live in the US but I’ve never read a story about a dark web ring being exposed.
    For the folks who are talking sh**, I think its mindblowingly impressive to think about all the work it took to expose the group. You have to be living under a rock to think that it doesn’t exist in whatever country you live in.
    Hope everyone gets exposed! Because even if you don’t rot in jail.. your life is gg if you get exposed online in Korean.

  4. In my opinion, if there’s nothing to be blackmailed for then there wouldn’t be need for a cyber crime in the first place. This goes to show how further and further morality is being forsaken in our world today.

    Anyway, hope everyone involved in this gets exposed, celebrities or non-celebs alike…. also it’s naive and wrong to accuse an entire country for the actions of a few or an ethnicity, race or tribe…. just saying.

    • I don’t understand what the first paragraph of your comment was about but from what I know, these scum blackmailed minors by getting their personal information and threatening to use it to commit crimes and get them in trouble, send people to hurt their family etc. Even if the threat was empty, those poor children didn’t know that…. the fault is not theirs, it’s 20000 percent on the monsters who did this to them.

    • ew what is wrong with you?? stop victim blame, their actions didn’t hurt ANYONE and its views like yours that stop victims from getting proper help.
      support them, dont shame them

  5. I hope the monsters who did this are caught abd rot in jail forever. I hope they’re punished with long jail sentences and every single name put in a publicly available sex offenders’ register so all of Korea can know what disgraceful scum they are and keep their children away from them.

    I want to cry just thinking of the victims, what they must have gone through is a horror none of us can imagine.

  6. If the dramas are true to korean society, maybe people are sexually repressed and they need to go to these peeping tom and deviant websites. If koreans as a society don’t change this, they will become #2 sexual predator culture behind India.

    • don’t need to put the 260k in jail. dont think the jail is big enough. just disclose information of each one of them is enough, to shame them in the community and workplace.

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