Netflix Drama Kingdom 2 a Worthy Second Season That Advances the Plot in Thrilling Fashion

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to lots more Netflix and chilling but I’ve actually been busier than ever remote working because now I don’t even have the separation between work and home ha. I’ve only watched one episode of the cracktastic Tiger King and didn’t even remember to watch zombie K-drama Kingdom 2 until I saw an interview with Samuel L. Jackson last week where he mentioned he wast watching Kingdom. That means the Netflix strategy to produce and pay top dollar for top K-drama streaming rights has greatly expanded the reach of K-dramas from the Hallyu days where it was Asians and niche viewers around the world to truly mainstream. I marathoned Kingdom 2 this weekend and LOVED IT. There was less zombie in the middle but made it for it with tons more evolved zombie at the beginning and end. Sadly many more fave characters bit the dust (sniffles) but did so after important character development and in furtherance of narrative. Each episode is so short it flies by, a fun and well-done second season.


Netflix Drama Kingdom 2 a Worthy Second Season That Advances the Plot in Thrilling Fashion — 10 Comments

  1. Btw even 2 months of cloy ending it was ranked in top 10 of netflix worldwide even over kingdom. What massive hit cloy is. Also i read in soompi it broke some chinese streamjng app depsite hallyu ban and both leads are getting love calls all over asia from advertisers. Hapoy for cloy team
    And regarding kingdom well it is massive worldwide hit. Casting bae donna was a smart move too as she has intenational name especially after sense 8. Next season with jjh on board i m already hyped up

  2. Kingdom season 2 is amazing with great character developments, I cannot wait for the upcoming season.

    And Tiger King is utterly insane, definitely a cracktastic documentary.

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  4. Season 1 was like a long prologue, it was good but not great as I was missing some character development. Thankfully season 2 more than made up for it and it was absolutely fantastic! I hope we get a season 3!

  5. Kingdom has a great plot and by the end of season 2 it leaves a gripping cliff hanger making viewers hungry for more. I’ve binged Kingdom 2 in one go and Tiger King. LOL Probably two of the best shows right now. Ju Ji Hoon made me tear up a few times with his superb acting. Official fan.

  6. Season 2 was so good!!! I hope it gets renewed for a third season cause I can’t wait to see what the writer has in store. Ju Ji Hoon’s acting is freaking amazing and I’m loving him in Hyena right now too. It’s no wonder why he always has work lined up even before his current projects are over.

  7. AC and Vagabond are nowhere in the level of success of Kingdom considering these dramas have the same scale of budget. What is further frustating is a small budget Love Alarm is even bigger than AC and Vagabond in terms of hallyu popularity.

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