KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Welcome with L and Shin Ye Eun Becomes Lowest Single Episode Rating Ever for Primetime Big Three Network at 0.9%

It’s kinda telling that the three lowest rating single episode ratings for a Big Three network K-drama are all with KBS. There may be a new champion in highest rated cable drama soon if The World of the Married continues its trajectory with the chance to surpass Sky Castle, but the other way has a new champion this week. KBS Wed-Thurs drama Welcome (Meow: The Secret Boy) recorded a single episode rating of 0.9%, the first time a primetime K-drama dropped below 1% EVER. Formerly the lowest single episode primetime drama was Lovely Horribly at 1% and before that it was Manhole with 1.4%. Welcome has leads L and Shin Ye Eun but nothing about the drama looked appealing to me, the woman adopts cat who can turn into a man and they fall in love is so bizarre because I cannot ever imagine my dog as my significant other, a pet is like a baby/child and not a could be boyfriend/girlfriend lol.


KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Welcome with L and Shin Ye Eun Becomes Lowest Single Episode Rating Ever for Primetime Big Three Network at 0.9% — 37 Comments

  1. 90s gen is lacking big time expect park bo gum, choi woo shik who is movie actor, do kyung soo( one of best idol actors ) when it comes to star power. If these guys can’t make small projects work, how they gonna land big ones?

    • Truthfully no amount of star power would have saved this project. Maybe they would bring more interest to the project, but it would wane over time if the project isn’t exciting and intriguing.

      This drama is more of a light piece of art where one drink coffee and converse with friends while the show plays in the background.

    • L was good in Miss L & ok in ALM. Who wants to watch him as a cat? Very poor choice in drama selection… I can’t get pass the second episode….

  2. OMO
    I’m not watching this, nor do I plan to watch it.
    BUT everybody should get some recognition for there work. And I’m not referring to the actors only. It’s like an iceberg. Most of the people working on a drama are under the water, not noticeable. Poor staff members. Hope that, even if the rantings are so low and therefore, the revenues will also be very low to none existing, the staff members still get paid for their hard work.

    • That’s a really good point. There’s so many people who get overlook for their contributions.

      I really like L but it’s unfortunate he picked a boring project.

      • I agree with you koala. I normally give dramas chances before dropping them but even i can’t get past episode 1… I mean who the hell thought this script would work?!!!
        I just feel for the casts and crews, do better next time.

      • Sorry laura, this was meant to be a new comment not a reply to yours… Deeply sorry.

  3. I mean, we are in 2020
    They really think, a plot about a human cat etc could work on public channel? lmao

    Cant believe that Myungso accepted this role

    • LOL you right. Poor L. Maybe he needed to pay for his electricity bills. I hope he choose a project worthy of his talents next time.

    • The funny thing is, this is originally a TVN production with offers out for Yook Sung-jae and Park Eun-bin. The actors dodged a bullet. What the hell was KBS2 thinking?

      • How interesting. Sungjae upcoming drama looks more promising, it looks like a more comedic version of hotel del Luna minus ghosts. I’m glad he turned this cat drama down.

  4. I feel you, miss koala. The first time i hear the plot, it give me creepy vibe. As pet owner, to think my baby is actually group up man… ?

    I know it just fantasy, but i hope that will never.

  5. Meby this drama is my cup of tea hehe i enjoyed it so much.i have to maintain my my mood after i watch serious drama like world of married ,king eternal and i fine you in my memory this drama is a cure cause it have a cute vibe✌

  6. Poor Acting. the FLs acting is so meh. her acting is not even pasaable. is she even an actress? i thought shes an idol. lol

    As for story it’ s horrible. This is so meooow and meeow. not my cup of tea. this shouldnt be a 12 episode drama. this story is for max 4 episoses only. didnt manage to finish Episode 1.

    • F*** you! Who do you think you are? Are you even a professional actress? You can’t simply judge a k-drama like that! Such s*** people like you make me sick!

  7. I do not get why JTBC is offering the lead actress a new romance drama, and on the Friday-Saturday slot no less. Do they want to kill the momentum from Itaewon Class and The World of the Married?

    Her track record is extremely poor. Her TVN drama got stuck at 2%, and now her drama on KBS2, a free-to-air public channel, is only doing an average of 1%, a record no other drama has managed on the 10 p.m. timeslot.

  8. I love the story. It’s so light that it removes stress. I love the acting of kim myungsoo and the other lead actors. Hope people can appreciate simple things. May your ratings shoot up.

  9. I didn’t like this drama and dropped it. All the jokes/clichés about cat fell so flat. The male lead should have been the ex-boyfriend and the cat helping their romance, the cat being a human hidding under her bed is pretty creepy. L in cat doesn’t work for me.

    I guess this kind of story works better in webtoon than in drama. But KBS2 did a good choice with How to Buy a Friend adaptation.

  10. I have cats since I was small and still is. And I LOVE THIS DRAMA! It’s cute and funny. In fact i watch it right away after it’s subbed. And the cat is sooo gorgeous!

  11. But you all will watch a human acting like a dog in You’re My Pet and an android in I Am Human Too but won’t watch a cat who can turn into a human??? This really makes sense. I’ve seen neither of these dramas as they aren’t appealing to me but just wanted to point out the same differences.

    • As bad as the drama adaptions have been, the original you’re my pet manga was actually fantastic and did a good job of bringing them together as adults and as equals with none of the initial odd pet thing. It’s a pity none of the adaptions have lived up to how wonderful the original manga was 🙁

  12. I adore this drama. It’s light, sweet and funny and it makes me think about my cats back at my parent house during covid – 19 stress. Hope their rating will get better ?

  13. The two male leads have more chemistry and their relationship is much more interesting. They’re both 10s and she’s only a 7 plus no personality. It’s also really creepy that the cat sleeps with her.

  14. i watch the drama bcus of shin eun ( i love her so much ) but not gonna lie the drama is to slow and keep repeat the same thing . poor shin eun get the role as a dumb girl ( i mean she keep fooling herself bcz of her ex and after she fell for L , her ex can’t accept and want to getback for her after he drop my girl bcz of cat ?!! like wth bruhhh ?!! ) srsly the drama is to slow but still watching it bcz of shin eun and yes i skip more than 5 time . sorry

  15. Girl not pretty and horrible acting. I pity Myung Soo. Angels Last Mission was nice bec his leading lady was a great actress. But this Welcome drama is failing because of the girl! Maybe they can still change the story and the female lead?

  16. I actually liked this drama very much…
    Sol-Ah’s life is pretty normal until the arrival of Hong Joo..its like he is the key to her life even though it’s a cat.But that’s how important pets are.Of courose our Hong Joo is special as Sol-ah turns her into a human…but I feel that this is the charm of the drama.Its a light fantasy away from all the tough things and brings a smile on your face.The actors are doing a great job.Kim Myung Soo as a cat is really very adorable.Shin Ye Eun portrays how one gets attached to people as time passes…This drama is one of my favorite right now and is totally my cup of tea.The staff worked really hard for all the scenes and do not deserve low rating at all…I am still sad that why this drama is not recognized more.I know that people have their own choices but this light rom-com is worth watching!!

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