Show Luo Apologizes as Netizens Impressed with His Stamina and Time Management After Grace Chow’s Cheating Reveal

I don’t think mega TW-singer/actor Show Luo will have any ramifications from this cheating on his long time now ex-girlfriend Grace Chow scandal. Ultimately he just cheated on her literally every day and in multitude of ways but it’s not a crime and for some reason no one in TW-ent seems surprised. Guess his reputation was fairly trashy behind the scenes already. What’s funny is that he’s getting additional notoriety for his “time management” and “stamina” as Grace said they talked every day and to 3 or 4 am in the morning so how could he find time for one night stands unless he wasn’t sleeping at all. Good point, maybe he went to sleep at 6 am and work up at noon and Grace was used to that, who knows. Netizens are suggesting Show publish a book titled “Show Luo, How He Does Time Management” with the tagline “how to get an extra hour a day.” Hahahaha, I love the biting snark. Also Grace update her Insta to add a new message of “I’m single and available!” You go girl!

Show finally posted an apology this morning:

“To this relationship I want to sincerely apologize to Miss Grace Chow. I’m sorry, I was wrong! You have given me your all these 9 years, I was the one who didn’t know to treasure this relationship, to treasure the person who loved me the most. My immature and sneaky attitude time and again deceived you, hurt you, made you feel bad. I truly made so many mistakes, and I want to also apologize to all the women who I deceived and didn’t respect. I’m sorry, I will accept all the consequences of everything.”

Grace also wrote that she’s happy she doesn’t have to learn and type in Traditional Chinese anymore lol, since she’s from the Mainland which uses Simplified Chinese whereas Show is Taiwanese which still uses Traditional.


Show Luo Apologizes as Netizens Impressed with His Stamina and Time Management After Grace Chow’s Cheating Reveal — 11 Comments

  1. What a sludge ball. Good for her, he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her, in fact he doesn’t deserve to be sharing the same moon as her, he should just be sent to a galaxy far away.

  2. Immature?? How old are you, dude?! It not just about immature, but you wasted someone 9 years!!

    She deserve better and happiness than this scumbag!! I really hate cheater for real!! ?

  3. She deserves the best … why settle for a cheater ….. you go girl get a man that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated

  4. I read on twitter (@dramapotatoe) that his friend said “this is just the kind of mistake every man makes”… duh..

    and a C actor, chen xue dong wrote on his weibo said answering that statement “a mistake every man makes? Sorry, but get out. What the hell. Dont always throw the blame to gender”. Ah this man… ???

    Show luo ah… once a cheater forever a cheater and be friends with cheaters. Sigh.

  5. Lol.. this apology came because he’s afraid that Grace will release some hard evidences about him and Linda etc. Linda also came forward to apologize. Damn.. thr girl must have some very seriously damaging evidences with her for them to come forward like this.

    • Linda as in Hu Die? Nooo lol as a preteen I used to love Show and Hu Die on YLBFB which was hilarious. Turns out my innocent addiction was one sordid mess backstage lol fml

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