Yoona, Lee Seung Gi, and Suzy Take Part in Thanks Challenge Showing Gratitude for First Responders in Covid-19 Crisis

K-ent has a new picture challenge and in 24-hours tons of famous stars have participated sincerely by posting really low key every day backdrop pictures to support medical professional first responders facing the COVID-19 crisis. It’s called the Thanks Challenge and stars make a sign language gesture that means respect, as a show of gratitude towards those who work on the medical front lines combating COVID-19 and taking care of patients. This challenge is less showy than others like the ice bucket challenge and all the stars who have participated really showed minimal makeup chill looks including Yoona, Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Chang Wook, Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In, and many more.


Yoona, Lee Seung Gi, and Suzy Take Part in Thanks Challenge Showing Gratitude for First Responders in Covid-19 Crisis — 59 Comments

  1. I think in been a long time i see Han Hyo Joo. I’am not movie fans, but i glad she is doing well in movie land.

    • HHJ and and a number of stars including KTH we’re recently caught making paper companies aka fraud, specifically real estate tax fraud.

      Once again celebrities disappointing me left and right.

      Mr. sunshine actor not only mistreats on his wife but also a part of this incident. I was right not to support him after what he done to his family.

      Now I have more people on the cancelled list ?

      • Celebs r like this more the money more the greed. Thing is dont attach too much. I read son ye jin and gong hye jin has done some shady land deals some days back. I love them as actors but thats it.
        Kth didnt do illegal though i read, and used the loopholes. So it is not a crime but yeah a way to evade tax

      • It’s a shame :/ Sometimes I wish I was in the dark and not know about any of these negative news, but I suppose it is for the best I know these things to refrain myself from idolizing celebrities too much lol

      • Frankly it is easy to say pay tax but i have seen even middle classes avoiding it and finding loopholes.
        Tbh when taxes r in millions of dollars for top most celebs it hurts to pay so kuch tax lol??? but that is duty of the citizen?

      • I dont know about that ? i just know she didnt show in k-dramaland again because busy with her japaness movie.

      • Celebrities are people not idols. It’s a tax loophole, meaning it’s not illegal. Sounds like a smear campaign to me. I’m sure they pay more taxes than the average person. The tax rate is like 40%…who wouldn’t want to pay less if possible? They didn’t do anything wrong, yet the articles/comment make it seem like they’re cheating the country.

      • @Binlover: I do agree with you, they are using the loopholes to avoid tax, which I bet everyone is doing including the poor, the middle class, and the rich. It doesn’t mean you don’t pay, you just utilize the loopholes of the system to minimize the amount of tax you have to pay.
        At the end of the day, there is no fairness. We just deal with it.

      • Just give an example: the doctor makes lots of money and the wife is a business woman, their tax bracket should be falls above $200k for sure, so how to minimize the tax? Form a corporate under their name, file tax as a head of households, signed check for donation, spending $ at casino( yes, the amt that you lost can claim for tax) etc,…
        Is it called illegal? No, you just take advantage of the system.

      • Illegal or not, it’s unethical.

        —there’s a reason why netizens are giving them flack. —without sufficient tax money, governments can run as efficiently.

        —I wouldnt say they are paying more than the average citizen. There are wealthy people who find shady loopholes in certain countries that allows them and even large companies paying little to no tax.

      • Well said @Laura, I live in France and pay a lot of taxes. I never complain, why ? because it means that i make enough money to afford to pay taxes. And taxes are needed for our public service ( health, education, …) I think that not paying the taxes or trying to reduce the amount thanks to expensive lawyers it’s unethical, unpatriotic, …And hypocrit when these celebrities make donations !

      • @Cahill: good for your patriotism. ?
        There is always fine line between ethical and unethical.
        When I have my professional tax corporation doing tax for me, they always do their best to get me as much refund as possible. Well, if you say your professional tax advisor don’t do that, then I think you should fire them.

        It’s the same thing with the rich one, they just have more loopholes, that’s all.
        The government may find ways to get rid of loopholes, then by that time, these celebrities will pay their tax due.
        About calling them hypocrites for donating I think that is so far fetched and a little bit naive from standpoint. Do you donate every year?
        Have you heard of Bill and Melinda foundation? Do you know that foundation have funded lots money for cancer research, pure water, vaccinations, and recently many donates billions of billions to fight corona virus. Do you know who contributes to all that foundation? All the big names: and do you think those wealthy just give away their free money ? Nooooo, so calling those people hypocrite a little bit far fetched. It’s call win-win situation.

      • @ Ta
        Yes they want to get as money back as possible for their clients but there is a fine line as you mentioned. The professional tax companies also have to/should abide by the tax honor code.

        —Loopholes are called loopholes for a reason, they were not meant to be exploited. It can be difficult to close some loopholes. For example: there a bowl of candy that has a sign that says ‘free, one per person’ but you ended up grabbing multiple candy pieces despite it’s free that’s not the intention or you have your friends each grab one and give it all to you…

        —to be honest, it speaks volumes on their character. Donating is wonderful but if they’re doing a certain good thing with their money but also unethically taking advantage of the system (taking money away from supporting the government programs) it really doesn’t make sense. You’re helping a cause but also working against another cause? —it means you’re just doing philanthropy to gain public attention.

      • @Laura: calling people donating and use that for tax write up : unethical then you should call out everyone including people donating clothes, used car, etc,….
        Lots of people also donate anonymously so you can’t tell them trying to gain public attention.
        People always donate for good things ofcourse. So you saying people donate billion dollars to cure hunger, fight virus, send money to Africa aren’t doing good deeds and
        they shouldn’t use that for tax write up?
        There is nothing against the cause, legally, by laws, if you donate, you can use that for tax write up, ofcourse not all the money you donate would be used for tax write up, that’s call itemized. The government does that to encourage people for doing charity. I don’t know where you live and what country you live but Where I live they encourage people doing that
        You want to live in a perfect world, but sorry it is not a perfect world.

      • @ta

        I should had been clear, I’m not generalizing wealthy people who donates for example, the example you used, Bill Gates. I don’t know the tax laws/regulations of each nation.

        —writing what you donate as you file your taxes for tax relief is not unethical. It’s a feature allowed and used by a large majority.

        —I agree about people donating anonymously, I even refuted someone below about that.

        —this is entirely different. We are talking about individuals forming paper companies to evade paying taxes. They, ‘the celebs in question’ goes in public and flaunt their good deeds but they do underhanded things in the meanwhile.

        —I agree we don’t live in a perfect world and no one is perfect. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for reforms and calling out people behaviors. These celebrities deserved to be called out, if they’re willing to risk doing such things, they deserve the scrutiny.

      • @Ta , i was talking about “some people” . In my country taxes are for education , healthcare, helping unemployed people, constructions …if you try to pay less thanks to loopholes and at the same time make donations …there is a dichotomy . And you may not know but in my country there are the ones who win little that donate the most . Every year i donate to ” Les restos du coeur, Secours populaire, which are well known to help people in need…Helping , caring, giving ,…is all along the year…

      • I really don’t know why my comment does not show on this, I hope koala posted.
        @Laura and Cahill: different people hold different moral values/conduct. Moral conducts are a choice. It is chosen. It is not objective and is not like 1+1 equal to 2. What you perceived ethics/unethical may not be the same as other people.
        Also, the moral conducts they hold are influenced by the people/ the environment/ things closed to them and life experiences they been thru.
        As said, to you, using this tax loop holes are unethical, but maybe to these individuals, simply if I don’t do things illegally, then it’s fine.
        Also, Certain external factors do trigger people sentiment and sympathy for them to do good deeds , and to help people, examples: flood, tornado, pandemic, etc, I do believe they want to help and reach out to those in needs, then by questioning people doing good deeds doesn’t sound right to me either.
        @Cahill specially: there is No such things as donate the MOST vs donate the LEAST, whatever amount, the good thought does count; however, if you want to quantify, I think it is contradicting in realities.

  2. As a health care worker in this covid 19 era, I really love this challenge and take that as a moment of appreciation though I am not a doctor in their country.

  3. Oh god eunwoo. Even in bad pic he look so stunning. Seriously i can keep staring at him whole day and draw a painting of the prince. Only won bin and taehyung made my heart weak like this??????????
    This dude career is set bcoz those visuals can’t be denied???? he already have a lot of cfs. Just need one big drama

      • Well darling tell that to suzy, sleena gomez types. Lmao
        And he actually imporved at the end of drama. Even criticis noticed that eho bashe dhim at start of drama
        And he is set bcoz his looks will make sure he nevee have shortage of cfa. He already have double digit cfa

      • He is one of the worst idol actors out there, but of course thirsty fangirls on this site will claim he has “acting talent” while shitting on the pretty female idols lmao. They’re wild.

      • Rofl and lesbos like u thirst over wooden piece woozie who never showed improvement. He was acclaimed ny last series end. He has already shown more growth in 2 years than woozie ever showed in whole career
        Only hypocrite he is u

  4. HJM looks so natural and beautiful. I can barely recognize Suzy, her photo looks so wash-off and plastic. It is very clear who is the prettier one here.

      • Suzy fans r most delusional bunch on planet . Maryanne is not a idol to be jealous of her lmao stay mad

      • I am only expressing my opinion like everyone else here. Your bias has NO talent whatsoever. Mind your own business!

      • It’s funny because the ones most angry stan Lee Min Ho, actor of 17yrs and playing chaebol roles 90% of the time and currently posing as a model in TKEM. It’s all visual for them, yet they act like they are superior lol.

      • Jeez what lmh has to something here? He donated 3.5 times more than woozie for crona issue lmao if u wanna go there
        And yes we r superior. My fave earned the roles by auditioning. Not jyp papa to serve roles on platte like ur fave darling
        He is still miles better than pathetic eoozie who is actress for ten years and is still worst one

      • @marryanne they thibk u r lmh fan????
        Remember the day we fought over u criticising him. The despo is real???
        Well that isnt gonna make woozie talented???born to be showpiece

      • Ady. This tells us how airhead those Suzy fans are. I am speaking from what I see from Suzy’s photo, because I cannot see an ounce of beauty as compared to HJM. Her cheeks look like a chipmunk and botox filled. And how LMH got into this discussion is beyond me…

      • I’m talking about Ady obviously. Y’all purposely acting obtuse or just dumb. Ady, you’re the one who said the amount of donation doesn’t matter when trying to defend your stingy fave JJH, and now all of a sudden you’re flexing amount? lol being a hypocrite as usual. And Suzy is actress for 9 years not 17 years like the king of mediocrity LMH lmao.

      • Marie. If you want to directly point your finger at Ady, do so. Ady is only one person, but you wrote “the ones”. You wrote in plural form (“them” “they”) which has included me unfortunately. You are the one being deliberately obtuse and acting dumb here. I am a very direct person. Say what you want and do not hide. Examine your English!

      • Woozie tard @marie darling u bring lmh in chairty thread. Then u need to get ur facts right. He donates more than ur mediaplay queen! 3.5 times more
        And he is still better than woozie anyday whereas woozie is am atress for ten years anf is still same expressionless plastic monster
        He was goving faith, ganagnam blues diverse roles where he was acclaomed at woozoe age. Whereas wooxie is flowerpot monster
        @maryanne despo airhead is fan of woozie who is known to be airhead. Like fave like fans

      • Maryanne, as I already said, I’m not talking to you. If anyone on this site needs English lessons, its Ady.

        @Ady 9 years is still 8 years less than your Kris Jenner, sweetie. Worry about his under-performing drama that you said would break records. Break records as the first KES drama with single digit ratings on a public channel? What a slay. I commend hi for donating a large amount.. it’s what The King Eternal Chaebol should do since money is all you brag about for him. 🙂

      • @woozie tard marie. Actors job is to bring initials. Ur girl banking on lsg and ljs didnt bring then and no profit for her last drama. No wonder no sequel
        Whereaa king weeknd was doible digot amd 30% profot pre airing.after rhat story and direction matters but woozie she is incapable of profit
        Third by woozie age he was acclaomed in faith bof gangnam blues where he was gangster. Bit woozie is so bad she is not ecen rated. She is eternal showpiece. She is typical plastic konster of gangnan and using kriss jebner shows ur mentality! Guess what he is kore loced and is more handsome to people thab eoozie the plastic monster will ever be
        U should worry about flowerpot career of woozir bcoz when she hit 30s she is no jjh to get lead roles in big productions as centre she gets only showpiece roles. She is no kim tae ri lmao
        Whwreaa lmh will keep getring centre roles in big productions
        Plastic monster woozie u should worry about her sinking career botoc is so apparent th4se days

  5. Hope this pandemic go away soon. Much love to all the frontlines and those that help out during this difficult times… Miss Han Ji Min much. Hope her movie Josee releases soon.

  6. I hate this fake ‘thank you’ show doing their rounds around the world. Before this pandemic no one bat an eyelid for these hardworking healthcare staff and now suddenly their new hero are doctors and nurses?? Please, lots of people have lost their lives and many more are suffering due to loss of jobs. Are these idols and stars doing more for charity? I prefer to see a charity list.

    • This is a charity. Support is also a charity. A little care like this means a lot for those who need. When you have a problem, you tell your friends and family, what if no one listens to you? Thus their existence is already a blessing for some people. Why you want to see the charity list?? Not everyone wants to share their good deed. Some prefer to hide it, let only God knows.

    • I agree with yui.

      —it’s probably for the best to not make judgments of people charitable acts.
      —if ordinary people are not required to show their receipts if they claim they are donating why should we expect public figures to do so.
      —like what yui said, how their heart leans, only God knows.

    • Every idol/actor Koala listed above has made donations prior to this “challenge”. For many Korean celebrities, this is just an extra step of spreading positivity and hope, not to be confused and compared with what’s been happening in Hollywood.

    • yes it’s a nice gesture but what would be great for all the healthcare staff is to collect funds to offer them the opportunity to take some days off as a “kind of reward vacation ” to help them to regain their energy. I think that it will be more meaningful. And celebrities tend to forget the other people who worked without sufficient protection ( supermarket workers, all the field of alimentation workers,…and many others who risked their lifes in not being able to stay at home ). They are heroes too.

    • so did Kim Go Eun. lol.
      Lee Seung Gi is a good singer and host looking good? he is a good host and he seems kind. As for Suzy, yes she is pretty.

      • She is a stand out beauty and loved by millions no doubt about it.?

  7. @Laura: Different people have different moral of conducts. Moral standards are by choice, they are not like 1+1=2 like math. Moral standards have to be chosen, and thing you perceive unethical/ wrong may not be the same as others. Also their values, moral conducts also influenced by the people/things around them, or their life experiences.
    so to these celebrities, as long as they do nothing against the laws, they aren’t doing anything wrong.
    You can search/read more about STandford prison studies to know more about ethical/unethical.
    ANother thing I would mention, sometimes the tax filing issues and donationg are not always going hand-in-hand. There are lots of external factors that trigger their intention for donation, and I do believe when these donate, they want to do good deeds and help people. so calling them hypocrite is kind of discounting their good deeds, or good intention purpose.

    @ Cahill: MOST countries use tax for the purpose you mentioned, except corrupted one. There is No such thing as Donate MOST vs Donate Least, the way you put it I can interpret as the people who make little but Donate the most are better than anyone else.
    Yes, continue helping, caring, giving all along year, but at the same time, do not use your judgement too quickly as its defeating the purpose.

  8. Lolz hahaha, my comment response to Laura and Cahill does not show up, even I keep reposting 4/5 times. I guess koala considered me spamming her blog ?

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