Jo Jung Seok Revealed to Have Taken Nearly 30% Pay Cut to do Hit Drama Hospital Playlist

Success feels sweeter when it goes to someone truly deserving. The entire cast of tvN Thursday drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) has been INCREDIBLE, seriously I am only two episodes in as I want to savor this gem and love every bit of it. Now K-ent is reporting that male lead Jo Jung Seok took a nearly 30% pay cut from his usual drama rate in order to do this drama because he wanted to work with PD Shin Won Ho and he loved the script. The production didn’t have the budget to afford Jo Jung Seok but he lowered his salary for them and the end result is win-win for both, and win for the audiences. Love this story and a rare one of a top star being thoughtful and generous with his talent.


Jo Jung Seok Revealed to Have Taken Nearly 30% Pay Cut to do Hit Drama Hospital Playlist — 24 Comments

  1. One of my fave oppas!!!! I love his character, the sweetest ikjun!!!!!
    I love this kind of actor, acting bcuz of he loves the script and the pd. Not jist bcuz of high salary but bad script.

    This oppa jjang.

  2. I rewatched Jealousy Incarnate just for him! I really like him since What’s Up, he’s great artist : actor, singer and guitar player. I think JJS and JKH have the best comedic timing! They’re so funny.

  3. I love the touching portrayal of true, enduring friendship this series has. You really believe in the character’s portrayals of long time friends. Their chemistry is excellent!

  4. He has gone so far. From a supporting role in Architecture 101 to one of the most sought after actor of today.

      • Lmao let them be. He is a movie star as well as drama star. He is not mediaplay king like woozie. Aboutt fake salaries, how she isnpaid more than son ye jin gong hye jin song hye kyo etc anf on par with jjh????????. The paycut shows how highly paid he is bcoz they couldnt afford his actual fees. He is headlining movies on his own not being a flowerpot unlike that one. Wait for them to come with cfs list for popularity ???

      • Lmao Suzy became nation’s first love after that movie, baeksang best new actress, and CF queen, all at the age of Kim So Hyun now. Focus on her who only has a measly 4 CFs and didn’t ever appear in KOFICE hallyu report or Gallup in her career lmao. Irrelevant.

      • LOL, why is Kim So Hyun suddenly brought up in this comment? Honestly, Suzy is only a product of media play. Further, I don’t really care if Suzy found success at such a young age because at the end of the day, she is below KSH’s acting ability. Not to mention, she can’t carry a drama without a popular co-stars, which is something KSH can because hello, LA ranked higher than Vagabond.

      • @thylane lee young ae started her acting career at age of 22. Become big around 25 and 26 amd she is known as origonal cf queen. By maries logic woozie must be bogger than lee young ae lol
        Ksh has great career ahead bcoz she can act. Age doesnt matters
        Moon geun young was bigger than woozie as a star but time changes. Atleast ksh is not flowerpot

  5. His OST from the show even topped Melon. I’m so happy his show is successful, I haven’t started it but he really earned his success, working his way up from supporting roles till now.

  6. Love this drama as well, i watched the first 2 eps when it aired and have stopped because i wanted to binge on it! Its been hard not watching it as the eps air!

  7. What a nice attitude! This reminds me of my favorite actor Lee Jong Suk who gave up his entire salary to support the short drama “Hymn of Death”.

  8. He is the best in everything,he can sing,he cAn dance he can act ,he is handsome,he can play guitar, he is witty. He got what it takes to be a super star. Actually he is already a superstar ?????????

    • Plus his relationship with his wife is so sweet, and now he is close to embrace fatherhood! Talk about wholesome life,

  9. He is a versatile actor! I watched all his movies and dramas except for nokdu flower I can’t find it in Netflix and viki. He is really a good actor. I love hospital playlist because I like the story and the lead actor Jo Jung Seok and their OST. I am a super fan of Jo Jung Seok ?❤️

  10. One of my favorite actors…so versatile. Look what happened to his decision, the drama is so good and I love his character. I just love this drama,their wonderful friendship, their banter, relaxing. With the covid 19 news everywhere, this show is a respite, sad that it’s only one episode per week.

  11. I’m so glad he took that paycut and is in this drama. He is so good as charming Ik-Joon. So far, my favorite drama of 2020. All the actors are great and the nostalgia is strong. I’m almost about to call it Drama of the Year (at least for me).

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