First Teaser for Sci-fi Korean Movie Space Sweepers with Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri

Okay, I legit have sooooooo many thoughts on this. The first teaser trailer is out for sci-fi swashbuckling Korean film Space Sweepers (Korean title Victory Ship) and I already hate the stupid English title. It’s so hokey and I’m sure the movie is not intended as tongue-in-cheek entertainment so bad its bad Starship Troopers so the name could just stick with the literal translation of the Korean title which is the name of the junk jalopy spaceship that leads Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri fly around in gathering garbage and debris in the year 2092.

The teaser evokes every swashbuckling hardscrabble type of sci-fi Hollywood movie and TV show, taking pieces and visuals from Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Guardians of the Galaxy and even the latest central premise from Picard about picking up an AI robot that is a humanity killer. Haha, in case it’s not clear I watch A LOT of sci-fi and read even more of it. All the borrowed elements aside, Song Joong Ki looks like he’s having fun which is important because Arthdal Chronicle was the opposite of fun, but it’s going to be hard to deliver a finished product that stands alone without immediate references to other similar movies/shows and that’s where Space Sweepers better be damn certain it’s well-made and worth putting on the big screen.

Teaser for Space Sweepers:


First Teaser for Sci-fi Korean Movie Space Sweepers with Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri — 14 Comments

  1. They are releasing it soon. It is risky. Either the final product is not expected and they must have made profit from channel rights etc bcoz i doubt people will go to theatres anytime soon even if korea has tackled the crona issue . Scare in heart and mind is still there. If the movie is good, producers must have lost it.

    • Actually Korea is really on top of it, and most people are living as if the coronavirus never happened. My friends living there are telling me it’s business as usual for the most part. —people don’t even respect 6ft social distancing, kind of tragic.

      • Damn social distancing is what we need today. We have to make our life around crona sadly. But without social distancing it won’t work

      • Yeah! No! I don’t think so when it comes to Cinema. Only for essentials they will exit the door such as work etc etc to make a living but anything else they will view as unnecessary risk

  2. It actually looks like a fun, escapist movie. The cgi is better than I thought it would be for a sci-fi flick from Korea.
    —it can go either way, entertaining or a snooze-fest. I hope it turns out to be decent

  3. Let’s see if it’s hit or miss because SK avoid this genres.Not gonna judge only 36 seconds trailers.Anyway, all the best SJK,KTR and everyone.

  4. Teaser looks dope. Anyway korea is in top of game. Yesterday alone it sold 104000 tickets. Highest in last three months due to pandemic. There are barely 3 to 4 imported cases in korea and no local transmission.

  5. SJK lookin’ soo fine! How I miss that snicker and mischievous smile! Seems like he is in his element (I love his char in Arthdal tho) . KTR lookin’ sleek, wow I never thought she would look so mature. Teaser looking good too, but hopefully the quality is tight to the end. Best wishes.

    • Not a bad company. Top tier s tier actresses of their gen who switches effortlessly between mobies and drama

  6. the movie is release at the right time for me. Unlike when He filmed arthdal, where I’m not a big fan of game of throne kind of genre. I’m watching movie about a scifi marathon as of late Like Gravity, Interstellar, and some space/universe documentary or education. Hopefully it will be have more substance and more than just entertainment. But even if it’s just entertainment, I don’t mind.

  7. it came out better than what i actually expected so i guess that’s a compliment. Its nice to see SJK looking just like that one in the picture – a confident boy with his smirk.

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