Duality is the Core of the Character Poster for tvN Drama Flower of Evil with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won

I was hoping Lee Jun Ki would be playing a wrongfully accused baddie in Flower of Evil running from his past but from all the posters including this latest one it just looks certain like he’s really the evil one. Sigh, there goes my happy ending but at least the angst will be through the roof since Moon Chae Won is married to him for 14 years and also a cop before realizing she’s literally sleeping with the enemy. I hope my heart can handle watching Jun Ki play a true antagonist but from his poster smirk he’s totally going to bring it and look good being bad.


Duality is the Core of the Character Poster for tvN Drama Flower of Evil with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won — 10 Comments

  1. In contrast,I love that if he is a true serial killer. Otherwise, it would be too similar to his character as Jang Tae San where he was accused as a murderer.

    The teasers released look good. With acting powerhouse in LJK and MCW, not to forget stellar line up of supporting casts, it’s now down to the writing and directing to come up with a solid good drama.

  2. Woohoo, the second drama in my to-watch-out-for list. I can’t wait to see their chemistry. Drama, pls be good. Don’t waste this chemistry like before, okay?

  3. It make me remember one of agata christie’s work. A married woman who didnt know that her husband is psycopat until they divorce.

    I find it interesting if LJK r

  4. the name reminds me of beauty and the beast!
    and literally no prblm if he is an evil guy,in other words, I actually love villain characters. I appreciate more if the main lead is a villain. of course not that kinda cheesy evil who goes back to light or dies at the end and blah blah blah. I think LJK can portray this character fantasticly. oh and, please give me an unhappy or open ending,tnx.

  5. Ohhh this looks good and I love LJK and MCW and JHJ plus it’s a thriller on TvN even better no holds barred. LJK just sent a foodtruck to SYJ on set at It’s Okay. What are the chances after LL both are playing psycho’s now.

  6. A power cast!!!from the director,writer up to the actors…
    Im 1000% sure that this will be one of the greatest drama of 2020.Cant wait on how LJK and MCW handle their characters…???

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