Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Deliver Warm Hopes at Press Conference for tvN Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay

The press conference for tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay seemed to arrive super early, seeing as the drama doesn’t premiere for another week on June 20th. Or perhaps I’m used to the last minute scramble and do appreciate how on top of things this production seems to be. The cast got the black and white dress code memo and I love the little touches like Seo Ye Ji‘s most excellent gold dangle earrings and Oh Jung Se‘s pink underneath shirt. Kim Soo Hyun looks so handsome I can’t even, any worries that he would lose his mojo after two years of military service clearly wasn’t warranted, and he was also smoking hot in those few seconds cameo at the end of Hotel Del Luna last year. This is a billed as a healing drama but also with dark undercurrents so I’m looking forward to something different as from the trailers along I’m still not sure what to expect.


Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Deliver Warm Hopes at Press Conference for tvN Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay — 33 Comments

  1. Lovely smiles?
    They look so sweet together. I hope this drama entertains us alot. Wish them the best. Fighting!!

  2. His both cameos in Hotel Del Luna and CLOY were great! They make me miss him so much!

    Their interview looked fun and they seem confortable together. So if the scenario is good, I think they will be great!

  3. Ratings will bomb. 3% max viewership rating. this looks so boring just like A piece of your mind and weather something

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    • It looks like it’s just in the group pics she looks like she wants to be anywhere else. Anyway I just LOVE her smile and really like her style here, she’s such a cool lady. I can’t believe I’m already more obsessed with her than Kim Soo Hyun and the drama hasn’t even started yet.

  5. ‘Healing’ drama isn’t exactly what attract viewers these days. I like the cast and not worried about acting or chemistry, the directing looks amazing too, but idk the writer so i can only hope for the best. PBIO fighting!

  6. SEO Ye Ji has hit jackpot being cast as FL for KSH drama and this created havoc because initially Park Shin Hye was in talks but apparently she declined and I’m glad she did. SYJ character Go Moon Young is visually pleasing and fashionably dresses but a nutter. From the teasers she’s manipulative, conniving and sly and totally obsessed with Moon Kang Tae that she actually stalks and is rejected by him. That’s where all the fun starts. The PD said it was a nightmare trying to create GMY and he cursed the writer because on paper her character read well but trying to execute it was different. When SYJ morphed into character he knew he had chosen right. The ‘pretty witch’ was here. KSH said in front of the camera SYJ became GMJ it gave him goosebumps and he is motivated by her. So everyone who had doubts about her casting if the PD and ML are happy then she must be doing something right.

    • I read PSH agency statement that they never received the offer in the 1st place? and not to offend her fans but after what i’ve seen Yeji is really perfect for the role. From the teaser her MY could capture viewers’ attention and curious about her character. not to mention her chemistry with Soohyun in every of their scene ^^ the only thing i’m worried now is the script, please be good.

    • Park Shin Hye was never offered the role, that was a rumor created by koreans fans and published by a korean media but Park Shin Hye agency denied it.

      • @Geme Thank you for clearing that misinformation up I mean who goes out of their way to spread rumours like that? It gave false hope to PSH and KSH fans that this was in the pipeline only to have it refuted in public. Gosh the PD must have woke up to seeing PSH the FL mentioned for the drama except nobody told him. SYJ is the witch through and through and suits the part to a T. Like the PD said he chose right.

    • Never offered the role. SYJ was the pick from day 1. Both are from same agency. Not sure if people are noticing the trend these days is to cast actors from same agencies (lee joon gi/ moon chae won x 2). However for this drama I do think its the plan of Gold Medallist to push SYJ to Alist through KSH’s star power. All it takes now is to check production company behind this drama and if GM has stake in investment. Tada you have your answers. P.s – I am not liking this trend one bit as if it continues, not only will it stifle creative casting. Big agencies will use this to poach up and coming talents as well and in the end everyone will just end up in Kakao M.

      • Thats not saying I do not like Seo Ye Ji. I liked her in Lawless Lawyer and she has such a lovely smile. I just have this thing about nepotism that’s all but then again which industry is truly free from it? Will be watching it. Lets hope the script and directing holds up.

      • That’s why I also love PD Shim Wonho’s dramas. Top actors clamor to be in it because he is known to be one of the best storytellers who aim to deliver something unforgettable with a talented ensemble cast rather than star power actors. In his aim to do it well, he unwittingly created big stars as well – (park bogum, yoo yeon seok etc). He is known to be strict in his casting and left many big stars disappointed for his refusal to even consider them in his productions. His dramas are the epitome of a “healing drama”. Leaves you warm and fuzzy when it ends with memorable scenes and dialogues entrenched in your mind for a long time to come.

      • What’s is wrong with gold medalist want to push seoyeji to be A lister? That is the purpose of an agency. To take care their own talent career. Seoyeji also a very good actress and underrated so she deserves to be A list.

      • True true, Moon Ga Young and Kim Dong Wook in Find me in your memory are from Key East as are Jung Eun Chae and Woo Doo Hwan in TKEM. Then there are Ko Soo and Ahn Soo Hee from BH Entertainment (Lee Byung Hyun’s agency) in their OCN drama ‘Missing the other side’. So do agencies starting pitching to production companies as a 2 for 1 deal because if that is the case ah yeah I agree wih a@Lydia it will stifle creative casting. I mean The Ko Soo drama I don’t know a lot about Ahn Soo Hee as I have just seen her in Welcome Waikiki 2 as a bit character and she was funny in her role but unsure how she is going to be portrayed as the FL in the OCN thriller.

  7. Can someone give me examples of “healing dramas” (whatever the heck that means”. KSH and the whole team keeps calling this a “healing drama” except it comes across to me as a melo from the teasers (Nice Guy vibes). What exactly is a healing drama anyway??

    Anyway, I’m stoked for this! Everyone looks amazing and more than that, all four are solid actors. As long as the script is good, I’ve no concerns on the direction and acting part.

    • It’s drama when the ML and/or FL has a trauma from the past. The pace often is slow to show their healing little by little. The story is more focus on feelings than a complicated plot with a lot of events.

      This year A Piece of Your Mind or When the Weather Is Fine are healing dramas. In APOYM, the both characters lost someone and it still affect them. In the second, they discuss a lot of serious subject : abuse, abandonment, guilt, etc.

  8. SYJ’s character is even more interesting to me. At first I thought it would be more melo. The arrogant evil bitch traits will definitely bring in the fun and crazy. I’d much rather watch a crazy evil witch’s journey of learning to love than a damsel in distress any day. Of course in saying that as a viewer I need to be able to connect and care about her character to be able to cheer her on. Please be good! ??

  9. Healing or whatever I don’t care. I just want to watch a good drama. Looking forward to Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback!

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