Hotel Del Luna Confirmed for Remake as Hollywood Show by Skydance Television in Collaboration with CJ E&M Subsidiary Studio Dragon

I love serendipity and on the same week that K-drama premiered a new show that reminds of the best part of last year’s hit fantasy series Hotel Del Luna comes news that there will be a new life for the story. Call it reincarnation if you will, apropos of the theme of the drama, with Hotel Del Luna moving across the Pacific and being remade as a US show by Skydance Television in collaboration with CJ E&M subsidiary Studio Dragon. I think this drama could work as a remake because the broad strokes of the concept could be applied in the US setting and with a different directorial take. Leading the remake is the producer of the show Altered Carbon and this remake is the second in the recent year as the movie Snowpiercer has been remade into a US series.


Hotel Del Luna Confirmed for Remake as Hollywood Show by Skydance Television in Collaboration with CJ E&M Subsidiary Studio Dragon — 9 Comments

  1. I have nothing against remake, it can be good or awful in both sense KO==>USA or USA==>KO.

    But this drama rests on the mythology that doesn’t exist in USA, so I wonder how they will adapt this part.

    • It doesn’t have to be a mythology from USA right? Just use Greek/Roman mythology, the most popular mythology in western world.

      • It will be weird with ghost… Greek-Roman mythology doesn’t have the same use of ghost.

  2. I wonder how they are going to ‘translate’ Hotel del luna itself as a place. Hall of Hades maybe? Curious who’s going to play as fab JMW and what she’s going to wear. The fashion that corresponds with the time period in Western hemisphere will be different. I hope they won’t give the Lee Dohyun character as typical man fron sparta?

  3. On one hand, I feel that the original show is already incredible and worthy for the US audience as it is. By doing a US remake, it continues the assumption that Americans doesn’t like Asian shows when it isn’t true. They just haven’t been promoted or distributed mainstream etc. It can also help them learn so much about Korean culture and mythology. On the other hand, I am ok with remaking it if it is more like a homage to the original (which seems to be the case – in the US, there are plenty of supernatural folk tales that they can adapt from the goddess, witch and fairy lore) and maybe it will be an advertisement for the original if it does well. The producer worked on Fringe, which was a great show – one of my favorite Sci-Fi series but then season 2 of Altered Carbon was weak. So I dunno but will give it a chance first.

  4. so many people are mad.
    But honestly, Hotel Del Luna is not on Netflix in most Western countries, no one cares about VIKI. Also wheres the dub, its not only an americans who watches dub. Here in Brazil for example the spanish series are a success thanks to the dub

    tbh they should cast a native girl and use the native mythology, insthead the typical greek or viking thing
    something totally different

  5. I am not totally upset. I just wish they had chosen a different series to remake since so much of this will not properly transfer over. I almost wish that they will only keep the hotel for ghosts idea and change everything else. If they treated it as a 2nd season instead of a remake of the first season it would be better. In other words, change the characters and the mini stories so that it will feel like the hotel for ghosts in America and not just a remake of the hotel for ghosts of Korea. I think if they did that I would be less opposed to this remake. I want to be able to watch because I don’t know what will happen, and yet it is just as intriguing as Hotel Del Luna. I want the woman running the hotel to not be trying to play Jang Man Wol but instead to be her own character and thus less people will be comparing the two and saying one played the character better.

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