J-ent in Shock and Devastation as Top Young Actor Miura Haruma Discovered Deceased in His Home at 30 Years Old

I’ve watched J-doramas for over 30 years and this will go down as one of the most devastating events to occur in J-ent. Prolific and critically/ratings acclaimed young actor Miura Haruma has died. He was only 30 years old and that’s a stunning confirmation of how young he was when he started acting and how many doramas and movies he has under his belt whether as supporting actor, second lead, antagonist, and main character. He’s Eren in Attack on Titan, Jessie in Confidence Man, Kamatoro in Gintama, Hiroto in Last Cinderella, our white hacker in Bloody Monday, and ultimately He Taught Many of Us All the Precious Things through his countless different roles and performances. I am genuinely bereft and devastated right now. Apparently he was found hanging in his home after he missed a morning call to appear for work, and by all accounts he was cheerful in recent days posting on his SNS pictures to promote his already filmed and soon to air in September dorama Love Will Begin When Money End (Okane no Kireme ga Koi no Hajimari) with Matsuoka Mayu and Miura Shohei. That will now become his posthumus work along with next week’s premiere of J-movie The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess, and sorry I need to go cry some more now.


J-ent in Shock and Devastation as Top Young Actor Miura Haruma Discovered Deceased in His Home at 30 Years Old — 49 Comments

  1. I’m in utter shock. He was a bright shining star and so, so young. Will miss that smile of his. Screw 2020.

  2. RIP Miura Haruma & condolence to his family.

    The world lost a young and talented actor. Heartbreakingly sad ???

  3. A very shocking news. Have been following jdorama long before all this kpop emerged. Shun, Juri, Haruma and Takeru is my favourite. Lately didn’t really following but kind of read and catching up sometimes. To get this news out of blue is really heartbreaking. My condolences to his family and his love one. Omg

  4. Why??? What’s happening?
    He is the only Japanese Actor I love the most. He is used to be the most famous name in Japan, before the time of Kento.
    I know his popularity decreased recently. But, he is still popular.
    I heard he wass cyber-bullied a lot. Really?

  5. He started acting since he was 7 years old as a child actor. He performed every work so well. Still, he received a lot of hate and I am sure he struggled a lot. A whole Asian entertainment industry is disgusting, not just Bollywood, Kpop/K-drama, not even in Japan.
    Recently, My favorite Bollywood actor committed suicide. Now, my most favorite Japanese actor did.
    It’s already too much. Jonghyun, Sulli, Hara, Sushant and now Haruma.

    • I still haven’t gotten over Sushant’s death, only to receive another blow with Haruma’s death. I’m so devastated

  6. Bloody Monday, koisora, kimi no todoke, Attack on titan, Boku no ita jikan, Crow zero2, Gokusen. He had many good works. He is really talented. He was the most famous Japanese actor all over Asia. He even acted

  7. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I cannot comprehend this news, it is devastating, one of my worst nightmares happened. After one of my favorite actors,Heath Ledger, died I always dreaded the thought of it happening again and now my favourite japanese actor has died. I’m beyond sad. May his soul RIP, he has brought so much joy and happiness to many. I will always remember him ???

  8. This guy took my heart even before korean actors did. I began to love japenese movies after watching Koizora. I’ve watched all of his movies/dramas. I will never forget him. He was so talented and so handsome with full of charisma on screen.
    You worked hard, Haruma

  9. I think those who believe that suicide is a major sin and is scared of God’s punishment will have lower tendency to do it. While those who believe in reincarnation or is not religious may have higher tendency. Are you really sure there is reincarnation? What if there is not? I know life can be depressing, so search for sources that can make you closer to God, so that you can be more grateful, patient, content and happy.

    • Most Japanese people don’t really believe in God nor reincarnation. You don’t search for the source to make you feel closer to God when you don’t believe in God in the first place…

    • Religion doesn’t have anything to do with it. I used to work at a crisis hotline and when people are struggling to this extreme point, they are not thinking rationally. In their minds – it is about stopping unbearable anguish/pain (mental and/or physical) and they can’t see a way out of it at all. So trust me that they aren’t thinking of religion or consequences.

  10. Two of my favorite actors: Sushant Singh Rajput and Haruma Miura, those both from different countries but within this two month they give me the biggest shock.
    It is a reminder that the whole Asian Entertainment Industry is shit.

    • Yes I was just thinking about sushant too and how eerily similar this is. They must of felt so much pain. R.I.P to these amazing actors. Cyber bullying should be eliminated.

  11. Lol, now you should also really chill while writing articles about certain dramas or actors koala. Sometimes you go really overboard and it seems like you hate that actor or all the effort they put into their works. For example all the unique comments you wrote about lee min ho or the king in recent times. :/

      • I sometimes want to ask this question too. A post about someone’s tragic death is NOT the place to air your persecution complex about a fave’s drama getting criticised.

    • Koala doesn’t like the King drama. Deal with it. If you can’t accept criticism, go elsewhere.
      Meanwhile, Miura’s dramas were good and he acted exceptionally well.

    • Really? A man died and all you can do is start your comment with lol? Then make it about another actor not getting the review you wanted? What is wrong with you?

    • @lilac I think you need to chill. This is the wrong place and time to be talking casually about someone not relating to this post. This is rude of you.

    • Lilac, are you trying to imply that Koala might drive LMH to suicide because she criticized his drama? If so….yikes….

    • Wow! This is a blog post about someone’s tragic death, and @lilac, you have the audacity to make a comment like this? You are not doing your bias any favors by doing this. It just makes you and your bias’ fandom look like lowlifes.

  12. No!!!! He was one of my favorites…. even if he wasn’t, what a precious life gone. He really had one of the most beautiful smiles… goes to show that behind every smile is a story and not every smiling person is actually happy.

  13. Oh no….this is utterly devastating, I feel so sad for his family and friends, and also his fans.

    I don’t think there was anyone who followed j-ent in the last decade who didn’t know his name, he had a lot of well known works. Whatever caused him to take his life, the only thing we can hope for now is that he rest in peace.

  14. Koizora was the first movie I ever watched with him. Now I will think of him whenever I see a clear blue sky. I hope you are finally at peace.

  15. omg! This is devastating. Just a month ago a bollywood actor committed suicide in the same manner at the mere age of 34. And now Miura!!!!! Goodness!!!! This is horrible!

  16. Oh my god. What is going on? This is so devastating. Miura!! You really can never know what someone is going through. 2020 is too much 🙁

  17. RIP Miura-San. May you be finally at peace and I hope his family and friends will be okay too. It’s hard for everyone when this kind of tragedy occurs.

    If anyone is struggling – please reach out to someone. In some countries there are anonymous hotlines, or crisis centers and/or other options. Help is available even when you don’t think there is.

  18. There is a rumour that he committed suicide because of cyber-bullying.
    Anyone know why he got many hate comments?
    He was used to be the most famous Japanese actor in all over Asia with massive fan following and well-received works. He also lost popularity in recent years. Anyone knows what’s happened to him?

    • No one knows exactly about the cyber bullying he got. The rumor arise because Kaku Kento wrote about it today shortly after the news broke. As far as J-ent fans and casual fans in Japan know, he had a very good image. No one really criticised him for anything be it talent, looks or behavior, so it’s a big shock to everyone when this happens to someone this loved and seemingly bright.

      He was never *the* most famous Japanese actor in Asia at any point though. He was super popular and well-known yes. He had always been an A-list and was in a lot of diverse roles and productions right up until today. I don’t think he’s lost popularity, the audience that used to be teenage girls just grew up with him.

  19. This is a gut punch. He is one of my favorites. Back when Dramafever was still up and running, they listed their 10 most well-reviewed Asian dramas. Haruma’s The Hours of My Life was #1. I went from Last Cinderella to The Hours of My Life and Haruma was stellar in both productions. (silly rom/com to melo) I’ve seen other shows since then, and I was hopeful that eventually, his J-drama adaptation of the kdrama Two Weeks would be available so I could check it out.

    Thoughts for his family and friends. I just still can’t wrap my head around it.

  20. I’m so shocked and don’t know what to say. RIP Miura Haruma, i’ve watched many of your works and you always deliver. Thank you and hope you find peace whenever you are now. May his family and closed ones stay strong 🙁

  21. This is very heartbreaking 🙁 he was the very first jp actor I discovered. I remembered watching Koizora back in school with my friends and I remembered all of us being struck by his beautiful smile. He became one of my favourite jp actors and one which I can proudly say that I’ve watched many of his works. He was so young and has such a bright future ahead but unfortunately it was not meant to be. I never knew of the possibility of depression because he have always had that bright smile on his face. May he rest in peace. & because his role in Koizora left a really big impression on me, I can say that he has now really became a part of the sky.

  22. What a shocking and sad news. I’ve watched a few of his tv series and movies. I hope he find peace whenever he is and no longer in pain.

  23. Rest in peace, Haruma-kun! I’ve always loved your works and will be sad that we will not be getting anymore. 🙁 You began my journey in the Asian dramas and for that I thank you. I always think back to the first drama that I have seen you in.

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