Unexpected Steamy Kisses and New Family Unit Steal the Show in Episode 11 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.552% amd 5.681%

You can only get progress and catharsis from what is stagnant and seemingly hopeless, and episode 11 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay delivered tons of incredibly satisfying forward momentum without any of the usual K-drama tropes. Kang Tae and Moon Young’s breakup was as short as it should be considering how it solved no problems and allowed Sang Tae to stay in his comfort zone without thinking of the feelings of those around him. I love that the totally unexpected and way smexy OTP kissing in this episode didn’t come in the usual episode ender with a sudden smooth, it arrived like a flame and really let Kang Tae and Moon Young be the young, expectant, lovers they should be rather than two people walking around with emotional armor around them. The focus of this episode was on Sang Tae and he got a lot of chances to change his mind and try something different and it’s really sweet that he came around on his own pace and in own his way of understanding. When he saw Kang Tae’s dream smile of genuine happiness, when Kang Tae was dreaming of his normal life of a high school student with a normal older brother, ugh my heart just expanded with so much feels.


Unexpected Steamy Kisses and New Family Unit Steal the Show in Episode 11 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.552% amd 5.681% — 44 Comments

  1. My opinion, Worst drama of the year. No wonder the ratings are too low comeback project of Kim Soo Hyun. Forced chemistry between fhe leads. FL VOICE is annoying. acting of ML is meeeeeh.

    • Can we all agree to leave this “joane” troll and her multiple personalities be? It’s not like she’s here to participate in the discussion, just to stir drama as she does in every post she comments in. She clearly craves attention, so let’s not give it to her. Let her be delusional by her lonesome self.

    • Can we all agree to not give this “joane” creature and her multiple personalities the attention she desperately craves? It’s not like she’s here to participate in the discussion, she’s just trying to stir trouble, as she does in every article she comments on. I doubt she’s even watching the drama, she just lives to hate. Let her be. No point in replying to cuckoo people.

    • Joane is sad. Her bias is not trending at all so she is craving for attention elsewhere. Bubbles,, it is actually fun reading Joane because she has no comeback, her double-digits prediction never happens. This troll has been taken down!

    • Everything bout this drama is just fantastic! I’m head over heels with them two lovebirds and those supporting actors – they do add value as well. I have watched TKEM thinking the leads were good but these two here, ..omg, u can just feel the intensity, love, emotions.. good work KSH & SYJ.. it made me think they are real couple! Can’t wait for the next episodesss…

    • I don’t think this drama worst of the year. But I agree about bothering Kim Soo Hyun dissapointing acting. He doesn’t add complexity to his char.

      • @Katepie maybe you were on the other side of the parallel world if u think TKEM is better. That drama? I couldn’t even get past ep2.

      • Hahaha agree with mindy. Tge narrative was just disengaging ar some point but ut definitely didnt help that LMH felt so stagnant

    • Nowadays, ratings have changed in Korea because of Netflix. Some people prefer to watch it on Netflix rather on TV because anytime they can watch the series. I don’t know why you’re hating on the casts but in my opinion they’re doing great and giving justice to their characters.

      Also, I salute you for spending your time throwing hate on IONTBO because it shows that it’s getting your attention. 🙂

    • I believe your opinion is sincerely lacking authenticity. The actors and storyline is actually moving at a steady and almost realistic pace. To me, they are doing well. The ratings aren’t reflecting that.

  2. First time comment on this website because, well, I am tired of seeing comments trashing the drama, saying it doesn’t get high rating or the acting it not good.

    First of all, about the rating. One: rating doesn’t necessarily mean quality – if you think a drama is good because its rating is high or vise versa, then I doubt you truly understand what a quality drama is. Two, I don’t come from Korea but there are several issues contributing to why the rating is not high – which, by the way, has nothing to do with acting. One of the reason is, to be honest, about the drama’s mental issue. It’s not for everyone; they can easily be turned off by the theme even before they intend to watch. The drama is deep, but very dark and can be scary or troubling for the mind at times. Lots of broken people in different way.

    Secondly, the acting and chemistry. Damn, the chemistry between the two ML and FML is off the chart and does not have to be sexual all the time; they simply shine together onscreen. And I am no fan of Kim Soo Huyn and never really interested in his acting before but he brings the character of KT to life; like how Seo Ye Ji does with MY. Can’t image anyone else plays these parts.

    I don’t like everything about the drama. I have my preferences and there are scenes that don’t really sit well with me. But as a whole, I truly appreciate it. And I know there are people who can also get the drama’s healing message and feel connected with it so much, they also love the rating. For those who dislike the drama, how about not wasting your time on its topics and leave it for those who truly understand this wonderful piece?

    • Totally agree on this. People do not realize that higher ratings do not equate quality. Consider also the platform to which movies, series are now being shown. Who are mostly TV reliant now a days? Age demogs above 40 or 50 yrs old. Lower than this age bracket are mostly online or streaming online. Social media active. IOTNBO is mostly rated in top spot in countries where NETFLIX is available. Honestly, this story is so good, so diff from typical Kdrama. This type of story is actually hard to pull of but they did amazingly. To discuss a serious topic like mental disorder in a light, comedic, combine with dark satire, mixed of fairytale rom com is really refreshing and genius. Kudos not only to the writer and director but the entire casts. KSH is brilliant as ever but let me say SYJ is phenomenal. This is the first time I have known her but she is perfect for story. She flawlessly delivers the personality of an ASPD without going overboard. Overall i find the story well-written, relatable and refreshingly good.

  3. Wait, i read on Soompi, it said that ep 11 got 6.4%

    Which one is the correct one?

    It got trending on Naver and twitter last night. Numero uno on twitter worldwide and naver no 2.

  4. I am totally never a fan of KSH and started watching because I was interested on the psychology theme. But oh boy….what a drama. The writing is brilliant!! None of those old tired cheesy and corny tropes, each episode bring out different type of emotions but satisfying, acting are superb, OST is beautiful, directing is flawless and cinematography is gorgeous. I applauded KSH’s taste and great head on his shoulder to chose such outstanding drama.

    Regarding ratings on TVn, I won’t say it’s sky high but it’s good. There are many TVn dramas that I watched recently that helmed by big stars received similar ratings.

  5. Even a drama like stranger did not do amazing in ratings (although it was good!) and yet it won so many Baeksang awards. And feels like it will follow in similar footsteps. The drama in not only incredibly written and acted, it’s so well directed. The PD is a magician and each scene really brings out the true emotions of each character.

    Today when Sang-Tae was in the bus and the whole war scene played out in the eyes of that patient – it was simply a brilliant way to not “tell” us but rather “show” us exactly what the person is going through. So many times this was done – with Gi-do, Sang-tae, Moon-young, and now here. It’s cinematography, artistry and creativity at its very best.

    The acting too is out of this world amazing and specially the two brothers are just knocking it right out of the stadium. Sang-tae realizing Kang-tae was truly happy, or today Kang-tae breaking down in front of the doctor. It’s some powerful performances, powered by outstanding direction and writing that’s pushing this drama. Ratings is one thing, but this drama is an obvious for a lot of categories in next year’s Baeksangs and other awards. It’s a rare one for sure

  6. @Koala,

    This article gives some insight on TV ratings these days:


    Also, according to my Korean pals and k-netz’s interactions on Twitter, Naver, etc., Koreans are indeed watching and loving the drama. But most of them prefer to watch it on Netflix (I read it was #1 in SK and other countries) while others watch it on TVing where episode 11 apparently got a peak of 74.1%. Few are watching on TVN.

    • Just read on Twitter (with receipts) that episode 12 got 78.2% on TVing and that the family portrait scene is trending at #1 on Naver.

  7. Finally an episode that was satisfying. Been waiting since ep 4. SangTae toutched me this episode. It was so heartwarming to see him be a big bro to Kang Tae. Still loving the acting and chemistry. The kiss was so steamy, I wasn’t expecting anything less and they delivered.

  8. For the last six months I had watched a lot of Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean dramas. A few had got in my favorite list. IONTBO just got into my list from the start. Each episode is like a work of good art: acting, chemistry between the actors and good direction as well as production. I like to watch dramas mostly when all the episodes all done so I could watch them all in a roll and not be feeling anxious about next episode; with this drama I am willing to wait for the next episode as far if they keep the quality they have show so far.

  9. For me this drama is a work of art, appreciated in different ways from different angles. The kiss scene was very well done, no bug eyed, fish gaze kiss, just two youngsters expressing their healthy passion for each other; but what really got me was the fight scene between Kang Tae and Sang Tae (long overdue), the conversations between the brothers, and Sang Tae stepping up to be the adult in the relationship, taking his dongsaeng out to lunch, paying for the meal and giving him an allowance. Episode 11 had all the feels and episode 12 destroyed my heart (I could see it coming from a mile away, still, the reveal was shocking). This drama has got my heart in the best of ways, I will feel bereaved when it is over. It’s truly a gem – sizzling chemistry, excellent performances from the cast, well written script, great editing, directing and cinematography – what’s not to be praised?

  10. I get that the ratings locally aren’t the best, but there are actually trolls on here bashing the acting, which is superb by the 3 main leads? Just say you are jealous of the critical acclaim the drama is getting. Hoping this will win big at Baeksang next year.

      • Fans of other hallyu actors are just jealous of the critical acclaim and good reviews despite the underwhelming local ratings. This drama really made me a fan of the 3 main leads.

  11. I don’t dare to call this best kdrama of the year in fear of jinxing it, but unless they mess up royally in the last couple of episodes it’s definitely a top candidate for that! It has been a while since I felt truly addicted to a kdrama (not since The Guest) and that in itself speaks volume. I hope the drama is getting enough domestic love because it totally deserves it, but as mentioned so many times before ratings does not reflect or mirror high quality production. Anyway, it’s beautiful how everything comes together in this production, from storyline to acting to visuals! Totally in awe of this fantastic drama and how they handle the topic of mental illness. Chemistry is off the charts between our OTP but also between the brothers, I have always loved Kim Soo Hyun’s acting and he’s better than ever. This is a really good comeback project for him imo!

  12. Koala did not like Arthdal Chronicles, TKEM, and BR so their fans will bash any drama she likes. So funny how they need to get her validation.

  13. It is a good drama and it shows how people in real life mental health issues struggle, some with no help. I am glad I watched it. Although I work with children with Mental health issues, there are very many things I have learnt from it. I personally think those ratings none issues. The important thing is what do you learn from the storyline.

  14. It is a good drama and it shows how people in real life mental health issues struggle, some with no help. I am glad I watched it. Although I work with children with Mental health issues, there are very many things I have learnt from it. I personally think those ratings are none issues. The important thing is what do you learn from the storyline.

  15. i’hve never niether minded watching low-rated dramas nor hesitated dropping a high- rated one cz im sure on this point that rating is by great part a personal taste and although gives an idea, dzn’t necessarily equate quality.
    i started it like this to impress how i feel about this drama and that it has nothing to do with rating process out there:
    about this drama the PD and the cast has meticulously played their part: the cast is amazing; even the side cast is doing great job,
    the characters personality unravelings and developement has logical natural flow

    but there is sth off about the main theme which is:”cliché”

    i know it’s a part and parcel in dramaland but i don’t like getting overwhelemed with it

    the childhood love》》accidental reunion》》initial repelling》》final bond》》and now revelation: one side’s family has committed sth unforgivable and so on..》》》

    i personally have already got enough of this on my dish,
    it would be tolerated if it was not the main theme but in my view it’s the main storyline…

    the other running drama “memorials” :this childhood love and one traumatized side is added as a flavor but not the main ingredient.

  16. Esta série supera todas de 2020 até aqui. Fantástica , texto e roteiro maravilhoso. Encantadora, uma poesia do amor.Atores incríveis. Muita emoção. Gratidão! A Produção ,roteiristas e elenco. Uma lição para a vida.

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