Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Reunited Dating Rumors Heat Up Again After Netizen Claims to Have Seen Them Out Walking Their Dog Late at Night with Blurry Picture Proof

Okay, pass the popcorn m’kay? I am soooooo here for the popcorn, and if this turns out to be another one of those “netizens eagle-eye knows it all from the beginning” type truth even if far-fetched imma have to bow down again. This week the persistent rumor, since earlier this year starting in February 202, that former couple Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin have reunited and are back dating again has hit the media headlines once more. It started with a K-netizen post claiming to have seen BinKyo (their former moniker so imma brush off the dust and use it) out walking a dog late at night. The location is close to the rumored place where they reportedly bought a condo together during the February rumors that they got back together.

The picture is night and blurry but we see a man and woman’s back and height and shape wise it “could” be them. He’s tall and she’s petite. BinKyo dated for two years back in 2008-2010 after costarring in the Noh Hee Kyung drama World’s Within but reportedly broke up after Bin went to the army, or supposedly he had a thing with Ha Ji Won after doing Secret Garden. I don’t know, BinKyo and BinWon shippers hated each other back then hahaha, good times good times. If it is true then I think it’s going to cause BinJin shippers to have an aneurysm, or they could believe this is all a front to keep the real BinJin romance under wraps. Seriously, this is the best tasting harmless gossip mill this year for sure. Anyhoo, if they reunited on the 10th anniversary of their breakup then whatevs, have fun my pretties.

I just have to say C-netizens were talking about the Song-Song marital discord super early like in January 2019 when they noticed Song Hye Kyo wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, and that was a whole 7 months before the couple’s shocking divorced was revealed with Song Joong Ki filed. Back then K-media and K-netizens didn’t believe it AT ALL and claimed C-netizens were stupid and noticing dumb things. Prior to this C-netizens really have a more than 50% (more like 70%) track record of ending up being right with some of their early rumor mill sharing of random gossipy developments. Stay tuned peeps, if this one is true it will be like Dispatch January 1 couple reveal level of insane news.


Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Reunited Dating Rumors Heat Up Again After Netizen Claims to Have Seen Them Out Walking Their Dog Late at Night with Blurry Picture Proof — 55 Comments

  1. The blurry photo was posted by HB’s stylist who’s also SHK’s long-time friend, Belmakang. It wasn’t taken by a passerby. She posted it on her IG and deleted it soon after, leading some delusional shippers to feel suspicious. Has it ever crossed their minds that it could be a photo of Belmakang and her husband? ??‍♀️

    Tbh I’m annoyed at how people keep saying that the C-media are always right. Yes, they got lucky with the divorce rumors but they were completely wrong with the reports about SJK and SHK getting back together. This isn’t the first time that UAA had to issue a statement against some false ones. I just wish we could all stop trusting the C-media too much.

    • I would say most of C media rumours are false. They range from ordinary dating or marriage rumor to vicious attacks on the personal character. C media churns out most sensationalizing rumours for super popular celebrities like Kyo or Bin. Last year I was reading an interview of Hu Ge and he hilariously asked the media that how many time he would be marrying this year. While rumours about popular female celebrities like Yang Mi are mostly malicious. Beyond media ocassionaly C talk show hosts too encourage such rumours.

    • Yes, exactly! C-media were just lucky with that one, but they’re wrong a huge majority of the time. Reminds me of that Psy and Yoona dating rumor back then lol.

      • That’s why I don’t understand why people keep praising them for being ‘reliable’.?

    • Say it louder! I just absolutely don’t understand why people trust Chinese media so much? They never get anything right. They talk so much crap about their own stars – randomly making up marriage rumours and what not. The sjk/shk divorce rumours was just them getting lucky. Just ONCE. Yet ppl trust them? They have made up more nonsense than one can count. For c media it’s just writing about anything random and then seeing what happens. They have no proof and nothing to back them up.

      Not a shk fan but the ones I’ve seen in the binkyo soompi thread are absolutely delusional. Getting to the level of binjin fans. It’s her own fans who cant leave her alone. Same with binjin shippers who are mostly syj fans – just cant leave the people they stan alone.

      I’m just hazarding a guess but I do think HB is attached just not to a celeb. Probably a non celeb from a good background.

      • Tbh quite a lot of SHK’s solo stans are against the idea of them getting back together. I’m one of them. Nothing against HB though. Personally, I think it’s gonna take a few years for SHK to start a new relationship and as for HB, he’ll probably end up with a non-celeb.

      • @nad yeah that’s true. The delusional ones I see on the binkyo soompi thread seem to be more her fans than his but they seem to buy more into the ship than anything else. I see them on youtube vids alot too. Kinda cringey.
        I’m a hb fan but not for them getting back tog either. I just think the chapter has long been closed and all parties have moved on. Neither would want another high profile celeb for a partner at this point.
        Shk I’m sure is super happy with her current singlehood and ppl should leave her alone. Hb…probably with a non celeb alr who knows – someone discreet n much younger.

      • I kinda agree with you there Ezra. He could be dating a non-celeb that the public is not aware of.

  2. Hahaha imma sit with you ready with popcorns.

    I usually stay out much of rumored dating news until its confirmed, ans wish them happiness from afar as a fan. but this is just too good to pass out. If this was a drama/movie, id watch top money to be at the front seats. This is either gonna be your romcom ‘worlds within a secret garden crash landing into you ‘. or melodrama ‘to all the girls ive loved before’ or thriller’ hide, and dipatch go seek’.

    But in all fairness, they are adults, so they can date and be happy in whatever and whoever they want to be.

  3. Poor shk got dragged into the fantasy and delusion of chinese fans n its really not good for her image.. she jus got divorced in less than 2 yrs.. pls leave her alone until she is ready..

    Meanwhile hb pls end yr bachelor soon ????

  4. I just think in this day and age of technology and in a country like SK there is no reason why allegations should be discussed as possible fact over a blurry photo. ? blurry photos shouldn’t count.
    If it’s true, cool it’s their life. Happy for them. If not, this is annoying me and my homegirls because dang, can they just be regardless.

  5. I am getting my kimchi ready, no popcorn. I suppose it’s the tenth anniversary of Secret Garden and SHK-HB breakup that C-media gossip stirrers want to take advantage of. The best way to end all the endless rumours plaguing HB, his exes and current rumoured co-stars turned lovers for past 10 years is to end his bachelorhood once and for all. I have deep respect for this guy in holding out for so long, denying rumours year after year. Time to do a So Ji Sub – quietly and without fuss.

  6. So happy to hear the denial on these lame rumors so toxic people can leave her alone. Especially delusional shippers. I see she’s looking very happy with her life now. So radiant and beautiful. She don’t need all the fake rumors to add more headache to her life. So unlucky to get dragged into all kind of baseless rumor to gain attention for stupid reporters.

    • Lol. It is false

      That picture was taken by shippers from HB’s stylist (belmakang) IG story and they started to write delusional stuff from that pic and it somehow got reported by the media. All these things are baseless

  7. I was not a “binkyo” shipper, but back then I completely agree their chemistry was off of the chart, more than “binwon” I would say. The world that they live in was such an underrated drama, so I think most of international fan wouldn’t understand.

    Anyhow, congratulations if they really become couple. Good gracious if they not. I hope shk find strength in this middle of relentless gossip.

  8. All of that over a blurry photo lol. C-media is obsessed with her. The price to pay for being the hallyu queen. I just hope for Kyo’s happiness and that the delusional BinJin shippers stop attacking her without doing research first. She’s not dating your oppa!

    • Omg they just can’t leave her alone. They can take their oppa and stop bothering Song Hye Kyo. I hope their ship come true so Song Hye Kyo can live her life without being name attached to all these crazy rumors.

    • Those rumors came from her own fans who shipped her with HB. You can check their soompi shippers thread or on weibo.

      And don’t even get start dragging BinJin shippers into this and playing your victim card when it’s SHK’s own fandom on twitter who tweeted all the insulting tweets on Son Ye Jin by SS her movie scene and called her a porn star. Should we share the IDs of your twitter fellow fans who started all this?

      • Yes, what they did to SYJ was terrible and unjustifiable but let’s not act like those BinJin shippers are 100% innocent either. Some of them were already harassing SHK for being his ex-gf long before that. Calling her cheap, dirty etc. What I meant to say is both fandoms have toxic stans and sadly it all happened because of a fight over a man. Smh

  9. @Nad, you make a good point. All of this over a man… I ship BinJin, but what both camps are doing/were doing is not cool. SHK has enough to deal with from her divorce. Leave her alone.

  10. Price to pay as popular SK celebrities. Always in the spotlight by being the most buzzworthy. A no-namer post 2000’s like me will never generate any rumours.

  11. hahahha.. If he wants to have a kid and wants to mary three years from now, He must do what Ji sub did marry someone who is much much younger.
    Age wise, Kang sora is the best choice for him

  12. Oh my god…people need to stop projecting all these delusional stuffs.. It ultimately created a bad image on both the stars.. HB is shooting in Jordan amidst a pandemic in such a weather but back home such things got blown up..It is really sad. ..As far as I know ,the agencies were aware of all the rumours being circulated in International tabloids and C-media.. However they didn’t want to respond until it reaches Korea..Thus as soon as a reconciliation article was posted on Naver ..Vast responded fast and denied within an hour..SHK’s agenciy also responded and literally laughed at the crazy theories.
    The latest article was even more harsher stating that the people around the actors are also deeply hurt by such baseless things..

    Hope this chaos dies down soon..And wish them luck in the future projects.

  13. These shippers are so insane. so many ships.
    Shippers claim that Kim GO eun and lee min ho are dating
    Ji Chang Wook and Yoona/Ha Ji won
    Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon
    Hyun Bin/ Cloy Partner
    Hyun Bin & Hye Kyo
    Crazy crazy people.

    • i find shipping celebrities like
      kge-lmh, ksh-syj or whoever have sizzling chemistry on set is funny..but if u r caught grocery shoppin halfway across the globe then its a question mark, if they r really dating or not..

      • Ji Chang Wook’s rabid fans blindly shipped him with NJH for 3 years since their drama SP. Poor girl’s IG full of shippers linking them together all the time. Even claiming her cat Tancookie is named after Wookie. Cookie rhymes with Wookie, according to their fans so the cat daddy must Wookie. have they ever wondered Tancookie can rhyme with Gukkie too. Just saying. Lol.

      • The stupidity of shippers just doesn’t make any sense to me. You’re “shipping” real life people who you don’t know, have never met and will likely never meet. Good lord it’s incredibly moronic.

        I love IOTNBO but I never bother with Soompi or even twitter. The number of people finding “meaning” in real life interactions and even drama interactions of KSH and SYJ is just utterly baffling. Whether or not they date, whether HB or SHK/SYJ dates, whether LMH/KGE dates, who the fuck cares? Ship the drama, love the actors, cool. But to be obsessed with real life people who has never actually said they’re dating? Some of these people need to seriously get a life.

  14. Love her and wish happiness.. i really happy and pray pls be together in future.. really god made them.. love HB and SHK.. gd bless

  15. I think HB and SYJ also isn’t real.

    HB just has the most active delusional shipper since Secret Garden.

    I mean, what will they say if he ends up marrying an anchorwoman with 10 years age difference?
    Let the guy live, it doesn’t matter if he ends up with his co star or normal people.

  16. wow…what a superb eyesight…i can’t even know if those two famous people or not from the picture alone hahaha..they fit to be a detective, or maybe they are? haha

    for all those crazy shippers…get a life…-_-

  17. Fans from d PHILS they are truly FIRST LOVE of one another she has a GOOD and DECENT reputation, no movie wearing bra and panty unlike other actressess and also they are PERFECT MATCH….the POWER COUPLE of KOREA just like KATHNIEL here in the Phils, our POWER couple also

    • Is this really necessary? Don’t call yourself a fan of SHK if you wanna degrade another woman like that. She won’t like it.

  18. Ok,again Hyun Bin should be able to choose the woman of his choice. People please leave him alone.We don’t pay his bills he do. Some of you can’t even take care of the person you have, we really need to start minding our own business.Hyun you take care.

  19. Lol while all these shippers fight over Binjin and Binkyo. I see sparks in Hyun Bin eyes when he look at Seo Ji Hye. Action don’t lies. I’m not his fans or both SHK and SYJ. Neither is a fan of this whole love Sega. But when watching Crash Landing On You, I see Hyun Bin eyeing Seo Ji Hye not Son Ye Jin. Hehe I might get slandered for stating my opinion and observation.

    • You’re not the only one who detected that! Especially in bts in Switzerland, HB eyes seem to spark reacting to Seo Ji Hye and he was in his charming mode. I don’t see it far fetched that they might be dating.
      I think HB was attracted to SYJ during their movie promotion period back in 2018, but I don’t know what happened there. They might have had a fling then changed decided just to be friends… maybe the rumors about SYJ being more interested in women is true.
      Anyway, HB makes me uncomfortable. Charmers might try to woo anyone and he fans the fire when it comes to rumors.

      • Interesting. Am a huge fan of SJH and I think shes really pretty. Was way more interested in the seo dan junghyuk pairing than jh/sr. Anyhoo. Going by her real life character shes pretty spunky and blunt. Kinda doubt she would have any interest in someone like hb. But who knows. Also saw zero chemistry between hb and syj during negotiation promos. During their filming he was apparently dating ksr – so if he did show syj any interest – and I kinda doubt it – it’d mean he wasnt especially faithful to ksr. And why would anyone want a man like that for the actress they stan?

        I also find it funny ppl think all these actors are single and dating each other when they highly likely have significant others that you and I dont know about.

        Hb has some of the most delulu fans it’s true. That and his constant media playing about his “relationships” to promote his work and himself has made me like him alot less over the years. You gotta wonder what his true motive is by always playing up rumours.

      • Apparently he announced his break up with KSR months before the movie promotion. BTW, what did you mean by saying you doubt someone like SJH being interested in HB? Just curious to know. I’m not anyone’s fan.
        I don’t know about HB’s motives. Some people say he’s gay. He might be. He seems evasive and a charmer at the same time. He could be gay or simply enjoy being worshiped by his fans. I think you need to be some sort of a narcissist to actively seek being an idol to many people.
        Shippers are astonishing! They don’t seem to be right in the head. The way they overanalyze everything and come to weird conclusions boggles my mind and there are so many of people like that. HB and SYJ are enjoying benefits from all the CFs and stuff from this delusional crowed.

  20. I think HB and SYJ make a visually appealing couple, but a part of me does think it’s mostly mediaplay. Both of them having been doing one CF after another since CLOY ended. All of the cutesy stuff they did was in front of the cameras. There hasn’t been any private sightings of the two of them since the LA groceries days.

    I’m not very familiar with k-ent, so I’m curious what happens to their reputation if it turns out HB is back with SHK and SYJ was just a smokescreen? HB and SYJ are endorsing the same product in the Philippines. Is knetz gonna be annoyed with them for playing up a relationship that turns out not to be real?

  21. I feel this Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin dating rumors is all CF milking strategy for both actors because they are now a hot topic after their hit drama CLOY. It’s a win for both after their fail movie Negotiations. They seem to love it very much all the attention from the crazy shippers. Same here don’t see the sizzling chemistry people are dying for from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I did notice the steel glance Hyun Bin had for Seo Ji Hye too. He blush most of the times. Those shy smiles when Seo Ji Hye look at him don’t lie. Been their, done that! He’s probably with someone else who’s not in the spot light but no know. Media play from the Binjin couple is what I smell instead of real dating couple. With Song Hye Kyo is probably a higher chance it’s true. Anyway it’s none of anyone’s business. Best of luck to all.

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