Flower of Evil Goes From Good to Great Starting in Episode 3 as Ratings Go Back Up to 3.116%

This past weekend I caught up on Flower of Evil, and all that kissing and making out between the OTP aside, the first 2 episodes were merely good. A lot of stage setting and hints but we don’t get to form an emotional connection right off the bat with the characters. Lee Jun Ki‘s Hee Sung is too “acting evil” and Moon Chae Won‘s Ji Won is too “cluelessly devoted”. All that changed starting in episode 3 as this drama finished stretching and took off running with confidence.

It all starts with humanizing Hee Sung, letting us know he’s NOT the serial killer (though he may have killed someone in the past for reasons likely to be justified), showing us how Ji Won and Hee Sung got together years ago, and most importantly releasing reporter Moo Sung from the cellar jail and having him assist/play off Hee Sung. The ending reveal that the real Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon, natch!) is alive and in a coma hidden away by the cold parents was nicely done early to raise the stakes further. This drama reminds me of a darker, more thriller(y) sibling to Nice Guy, which is a high compliment.


Flower of Evil Goes From Good to Great Starting in Episode 3 as Ratings Go Back Up to 3.116% — 15 Comments

  1. Love LJK and am waiting for more episodes to release before I jump in but as an aside I have been fan of Kim Ji Hoon ever since I saw him in Stars Falling from the Sky…years ago. I usually skip the long weekend dramas that he is in but he seems to always play side characters in the 16 episode dramas. I wonder why he doesn’t get cast more in main roles. He’s gorgeous and can act well. I get he’s older now but meh. Maybe because he is shorter than most leading men? Lol. Anyway, looking forward to diving into this one.

  2. I feel tired of the fake premise in Kdrama,
    She has Aspd (oh , she did not)
    He is a serial killer (oh, he is not actually)
    He is a psychopath (no, he isn’t)

  3. I actually thought the first two episodes helped set up the character development. Am looking forward to the next two but do think maybe 12 episodes would have worked better. We will see.

  4. I love the last 2 Ep. Brilliant acting from both leads. And the mystery is just right. And I really don’t want him to be so evil ?. Their chemistry is so good too very convincing that they’re in love.

  5. I’m seriously enjoying the show. Thought EP3 was a drag when they decided to answer all the lingering questions in the first 2. But I realized in EP4 that this show knows what it’s doing and it’s one of those rare few where the plot moves in lightning pace.

    I think the main gripe of some who came to watch the show is that they expected a psychological thriller when in fact it is not. (Guess it’s PR’s fault?) I think it’s oversimplying it too if we say that it’s just the opposite. He’s just misunderstood. I feel like it has a much bigger message than that.

  6. I am liking this drama! (I didn’t think I would when they were doing promoting this at first). The story got me hooked, and the 3 leads have great chemistry. I don’t think there are unnecessary characters. I was pleasantly surprised that this is drama is more engaging than the more expensive and highly anticipated drama that was recently shown. Goes to show how tight writing, directing and editing goes a long long way.

    • Yes! And I can’t get over the fact that they go way and beyond with their casting. Young Do Hyun Su? Not only does he look like him, he’s also an exceptionally talented young actor. I believe they also found a similar looking actor for his sister. I appreciate all the details they’ve put in those show.

    • Agreed. I think being expensive means nothing to the viewers without good chemistry, story and tight directing. If you have all 3 tripods above and do them strongly, you will have a winner.

  7. I’m following this drama and liking it, it’s making me rediscover Lee Jun ki. I forgot how hot he was.
    Ep4 had me on edge!
    I like that the female lead is strong and is not a pushover – esp as a cop, her character behaviour is on point.
    For a while I’m thinking the male lead may or may not have feelings for the family (wife and child) but after the fight in ep4 I think that’s a goner – he loves them but I don’t think he knows what love is to know. Ep5 looks intense, So much in just 5 episodes, way to go show! It’s got potential, I hope they continue this throughout

  8. The last 2 episodes are just so good! I’m so glad Mr. Reporter didn’t get killed off, and is now a sarcastic sidekick/accomplice. And from the Ep. 5 preview, I can’t believe we are already revisiting Ep1 future premonitions. The plot moves so fast yet there are still many questions unanswered. Simply can’t wait for next week !

  9. Episode 4 is even better and the ratings starts to rise despite being air in late and face to face with that super popular show.

    I have to agree with Koala that it has the Nice Guy feel to it. Have seen many shared the same sentiment and from what the PD and cast have shared, seems like we are going to have amazing ride starts from next week where the melo part starts

    • Yes despite its being aired quite late on weekdays, the rating keeps getting better, eventhou its not in Neflix like that other drama ( if not wrong, its almost ending, rite? I didnt watch that drama ). I wish FOE could have been in earlier slot time. But I’m confident the rating will go up & up coz FOE has a great storyline with great leads, directing & writer. This kind of storyline is the FIRST in Kdrama I’ve ever watched. Its different & very unique.

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