Lee Min Ki and Nana Pair Up for MBC Rom-com Drama Oh! Master

Well this is certainly out of left field. MBC has announced an upcoming rom-com titled Oh! Master and confirmed the leads to be Lee Min Ki and Nana. I know Nana is working hard to transform from idol to actress but this will be her fourth drama in two years after Kill It, Justice, and the most recent Memorials. Lee Min Ki tends to have breaks between his works and this drama role does sound up his quirky alley. He will play the top suspense drama screenwriter in South Korea and ends up living with a top actress. He refuses to fall in love and she can’t fall in love. Of course……. It’s from the screenwriter of Fated to Love You and the PD of You Drive Me Crazy.


Lee Min Ki and Nana Pair Up for MBC Rom-com Drama Oh! Master — 9 Comments

  1. Yay. There is something about K artistes from Busan/Ulsan that I love. Lee Min Ki is one of my faves apart from SIG, Jung Eun Ji, Jang Hyuk, Jang Ki Yong, Kim Tae Hee and Han So Hee. Love LMK in BTIMFL with Jung So Min and TBI with Seo Hyun Jin. Would love to watch this one as well. Sounds interesting and fresh.

    • Nana….? She seemed to have an air of desperation around her during that house share reality show, sucking up to Park Bom (pre scandal) and 2ne1. Kinda seemed pathetic to me and so have avoided her since.

  2. K-version of Fated to Love You was terrible. The screenwriter gets no street cred from me with that one. I have high hopes this new drama will be much better.

  3. If you sit through Memorials patiently, you’d probably gain respect for Nana as an idol turned actress because she totally broke through her stereotyped image of sexy cool idol. She plays a naive dorky loser who is at the same time a source of strength for friends and family. Will hope that the script for this new drama is good and the chemistry between the leads great

  4. Tbh, the performance Nana delivered in the role of Goo Sera in ‘Into The Ring/Memorials’ was no surprise to me.
    To her credit, I think Nana did a great job balancing her ‘sexy cool’ image in the group After School with her ‘quirky cute’ image in After School’s sub-unit Orange Caramel. Nana’s last promotions as an idol were with Orange Caramel with After School pretty much put on the back burner. Orange Caramel had one of their most popular releases before she focused on acting. It’s very possible the back to back serious roles and dramas she took on was an effort to shake off her Orange Caramel image so she could be taken seriously as an actress. With ‘Into The Ring/Memorials’, she finally gets to tackle a comedy, with skills I believe she had all along. I think she’s a rom com natural and I seriously can’t wait to see her paired in this upcoming drama with Lee Minki after watching her amazing chemistry with Park Sung Hoon. Here’s hoping they get a good script. The screenwriter wrote ‘Soulmate’, which I absolutely loved, so that’s a plus.

  5. Nana, yes. Lee min ki, a no-no. People really easily forgets. After the sexual assault case, I find him shady af esp with those previous news abt him.

    • He was acquitted after investigation. She dropped the charges and apologised. If he is really guilty, the truth will eventually come out one day and he will be judged for it before men and God.

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