Flower of Evil Makes Huge Ratings Leap in Episode 12 to 4.729% as Real Hee Sung Goes Serial Killery to Bring Back the Big Bad

The one episode last week ended up being the adrenaline shot needed for tvN drama Flower of Evil to finally get the notice it deserves. Last week aired only episode 11 due to the production shut down to slow COVID-19 and this week’s first volley of the night was episode 12 which pulled no punches. We see real Hee Sung being the seriously freaky serial killer he was/is, complete with souvenir nails from his victims and digging a rainy night grave pit to bury the still alive Hyun Soo. Thankfully our OTP is beyond strong, with Ji Won even chewing out noona Hae Soo for thinking Hyun Soo is still all alone and needs noona protection when now he has wifey Ji Won. Our Hyun Soo gets a reprieve from the slammer thanks to sunbae pausing on his police ethics (for now) and realizing this case is just wayyyyyy to crazy weird to follow straightforward protocol. I want the fake parents to burn in hell along with Hee Sung in the end and cannot wait to see how they all get their comeuppance.


Flower of Evil Makes Huge Ratings Leap in Episode 12 to 4.729% as Real Hee Sung Goes Serial Killery to Bring Back the Big Bad — 10 Comments

  1. disapointing about the execution episode 12. I was expecting it they will go to that road, make real Hee Sung the total villain. But I expecting it will be more abit more cohesive. abit too convenient, make almost all the blame goes to him and his family. And suddenly Hyun Soo having so much emotion.so that means, he is misdiagnosis? I hope they will confirm it.

  2. tvN has been doing poorly for FOE. With that late timeslot (they changed the timeslot for their next drama to be earlier than FOE) and sudden cancelled of ep 11 re-run yesterday. 20 min before the airing time.

    • Regarding the timeslot, I cannot see how TVN could broadcast this show otherwise. I mean, there are grown-ups who categorize this show as a horror because of BHS… Putting it earlier will open it up to criticism and we will see a watered-down version. I think TVN has done FOE justice. It would be much easier for them to pass on the show and go for a safer route.

      • You got a point there. But if only they change it to weekend with the same airing time, it would def better in terms of ratings

  3. Wow ratings are up almost 5%. This is so much more impressive than currently on air dramas on weekends at 9pm… consider its air on weekdays at late night time slots and also face to face with popular trot show with ratings over 20%. A big congratulations to FOE team.

  4. I’m seriously a fan of this drama 🙂 Impressed with how they keep the storyline not boring (at least for me) and how they have many cliffhanger moments when you think one character will act one way but acts conversely (like sunbae) which helps keep each episode interesting.

  5. I’ve yet to catch up to this drama.

    Was the real Baek Hae Sung on induced coma and not really on coma due to accident? How come the new Baek Hae Sung(Lee Joon Gi) didn’t know or did he know? This drama is getting creepier.

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