Jo Jung Seok, Seo Ye Ji, and Hospital Playlist Top the 2020 Korean Brand Awards in the Drama Category

This seems like a random award but since there is a television category might as well report on it. The 2020 Korean Brand Awards (handed out by advertisers) highlighted who was popular or buzzy on television this year and boy are the winners just a motley crew. I agree with the selection but think others could have just as easily won, and in general I don’t see a criteria or even thought process because there is no commonality. Best Drama went to Hospital Playlist and Actor of the Year was Jo Jung Seok but that’s where the only consistency was. Seo Ye Ji won Actress of the Year, good for her totally. Actor of the Year (Scene Stealer) is Kim Young Min, Actress of the Year (Scene Stealer) went to Shim Eun Woo, and then there is Actor of the Year (Rising Star) going to Ahn Bo Hyun while Han So Hee won for Actress of the Year (Rising Star). Idol Actor of the Year winner was Ro Woon and Idol Actress of the Year was given to Lee Na Eun. Lee Jae Wook won Rookie Actor of the Year and Jeon Mi Do was Rookie Actress of the Year. And to cap it off, OST of the Year was for Jo Jung Seok’s “Aloha.” Well there you have it!


Jo Jung Seok, Seo Ye Ji, and Hospital Playlist Top the 2020 Korean Brand Awards in the Drama Category — 11 Comments

  1. I dont understand this award but I agree if it was decided by brands it was right to include Seo Ye Ji in this list. Everything she wore and her makeup in her drama was news fodder for fashion and beauty enthusiasts. The memes for some of her scenes were everywhere on social media and she is bagging endorsements left and right. She has been in several magazine spreads than usual. Kind of reminds of Cheon So Yi(Jun Ji Hyun) in 2014.

    I think she was the breakout star of IONTBO along with Oh Jung Se. She got a massive popularity boost. The acting highlight in the drama was Oh Jung Se.

    Jo Jung Seok is consistently amazing. He deserves all the acting awards they can give him. To date, I am still mad at “King 2 Hearts” for killing Eun Shi Kyung and its been 8 years already?.

  2. Not sure why all these random awards exist, beyond generating traffic for their websites. This one also has a ceremony, I think. I’m pretty sure there’s another brand award by a similar name (at least I remember seeing another brand something award last year lol). This one’s based on online voting by fans held over one month. The fans of Hospital Playlist really worked hard to make up for the Baeksang snub. Good for them, even if it is a random award. It’s an enjoyable show.

  3. What on earth is surprising? Seo Ye Ji trended for her scenes, acting, fashion choices, beauty, waistline, you name it during IONTBO. The other two also trended during World of Married…yeah they did. Ahn Bo Hyun was in Itaewon class. Its not off by any means.

    • Where exactly did koala say that syj or abh winning was “off” in any way? She’s just expressed how the winners didn’t have a commonality, which is partly true. Except for Hospital Playlist winning practically all it’s categories, the rest seem to be somewhat random. The only similarity is that they were trendy. The nominees in the major categories were all popular, and I agree with her that any of the others could have easily won if their fans spent more time clicking, since the winning criteria is just an online popularity poll on their website. Syj didn’t win because advertisers “chose” her due to iotnbo’s popularity or bcs she trended for all those things u mentioned, she won cuz her fans voted for her on the poll. Same goes for the other winners.

  4. The power of Extraordinary You, 3 actors won! After one year, they’re still winning different awards, I’m happy for them!

    I’m happy for Seo Ye Ji but if her character was super fun to watch, in fact it was the least interesting because the writer chose the trope “Love heals everything” when the 2 brothers really grew up with the help of a professional.

    I’m intrigued by the choice of Jo Jung Suk, Hospital Playlist is more about a group than one character. Jung Kyung Ho was great and for me his character was more interesting.

    Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee will have a drama together, won’t they?

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