Hye Joon Becomes a Superstar in One Year as Episode 9 of Record of Youth Stays Steady with 7.404% Ratings

For audience members that love a good payoff then episode 9 of Record of Youth hit all the right spots, albeit purely on Hye Joon’s career and none on his relationship with Jung Ah. That’s what I wanted and this was the most entertaining episode in awhile, watching Hye Joon roll from his breakout supporting drama role to scene stealing a movie as the baddie and finally getting a plum sageuk King role and with it winning Best Actor at the network drama awards. ALL IN ONE YEAR. Talk about unrealistic lol, this is on par with fauxcest likelihood and suddenly developing cancer after all the obstacles are conquered and true love is found. This drama remains the Park Bo Gum show and his meta-rise in the drama totally looks like it mirrors his real life and maybe this was the screenwriter’s love letter homage to this talented young phenom who knows. Poor Jung Ah is relegated to even more boring plot developments and maybe she’ll find a further kinship with Hae Hyo as the two are left in the wake of Hye Joon’s explosive success.


Hye Joon Becomes a Superstar in One Year as Episode 9 of Record of Youth Stays Steady with 7.404% Ratings — 17 Comments

    • It has been meh since the start. Could have gotten a B-lister FL with enough experience and it wouldn’t matter, this is a PBG fan service drama through and through, the writer is probably a fangirl lol.

      • I totally agree. The drama is literally PARK BOGUM. It’s like his special gift for everyone especially for his fans. PSD’s company maybe agreed to do it despite of mediocre character because she will still benefited from it for being the FL and love interest of Bogum though. Kdrama fans particularly the international market will know her.

  1. they all did their best on thinking to making the ratings higher by doing a lot of top actor cameo but look at what’s happening still a flop looks like he’s nothing without kim yoo jung lol then all his fans are saying litm is successful because lol say that to my @$$

    • As they say, the show is not over until the Fat Lady sings Is this what you call a flop?

      Episode 10:
      10.1% in Seoul Metro area (went up as high as 11.7)
      8.2 in Nationwide (went up to 9.6%)
      Number one in its timeslot.

      This is quite high for a cable drama!

  2. Im kinds hooked to this drama excited to know the development of his career.. but the romance was jus ok..psd reminds me of kimgoeun..

  3. Casting Bogum and Sodam is all for business. Knowing the fandom of Bogum and Parasite hype, it is a return for investment for the producer. I think they revised the story to suit the fandom. After Encounter, i know those kind of kissing scenes from Bogum is part of the deal. He will be the national boyfriend in every drama he will do, even if those are not called for.
    Wonder why Sodam is casted, even if she is not suited for romantic drama.

  4. So hamyunghee is Park bogum’s fan? Lol hilarious. Btw I skip all Park sodam’s parts. For me the problem is not in her character, but in her acting. The girl cant emot, she is too flat.

  5. I couldn’t fully enjoy this episode knowing that it’s the calm before the storm. So many people just want to drag him down when he’s barely just started.

    For once I like a female lead who isn’t wallowing in self pity and is trying to make something of herself on her own.

  6. Record of youth is increasing in viewership and I know its a semi-autobiography of Park Bo Gum. Why not? He has a nice story to tell, a poor boy enjoying victories. He is the epitome of a real success story because of his hard work. And Its a fitting tribute for him now that he will be gone for the next two years!

    So Dam for me is good. She had her moments but her acting is really flat even in the dramatic scenes with her mom and dad. I can’t feel her characters pain through her acting. I hope she will breakout in the break up scene with PBG. I know she has what it takes. She is freaking Park So Dam fgs! Show it to us girl!

  7. PSD should do heavy or serious drama with ensemble cast if she’ll continue doing tv dramas. I bet her acting will be appreciated and she would shine more.

  8. This is such an odd drama for me, which is weird because with a title called ‘Record of Youth’ I feel like it should be more relatable. Idk what it is…maybe there’s too much Park Bo Gum in this drama? Lol I know he’s the main lead but this feels like such a biography of him that it’s too meta. Once again, I’m not too fond of his chemistry with Park So Dam. I think it’s probably because he looks so much like a puppy I feel like there’s not really any passion with his leading ladies.

    With Park So Dam, I like her character on paper. Hard working, spunky not too clingy but I don’t know why it feels so…flat?

    As for Byeon Woo Seok as Hae Hyo, not gonna lie, I found him to be a meh actor but I think he’s improving a little as an actor especially in episode 9 and his character has gotten more interesting.

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