Record of Youth Episode 13 Gets 7.760% Ratings But the Relationships Stagnate in Career and Life Complications

Okay, I’m officially so bored by Record of Youth, even the Park Bo Gum magic charisma isn’t enough the save it at this point. Episode 13 stayed steady in ratings from last week at 7.760% but honestly fell off a cliff for me on narrative and relationship development every which way in the main storytelling. Maybe Hae Hyo’s mom inching towards a comeuppance or epiphany was nice to see and of course Hye Joon’s family all coming to a new normal in their own lives around his sudden superstardom. But nothing happened with Hye Joon and Jung Ah and I’m not even rooting for her to get with Hae Hyo but those two are actually getting meaningful scenes as he seeks her out as the friend when he’s battered from the realization that his mom has been buying his SNS followers. Honestly, it’s no more than the golden spoon leg up he’s had his entire life and it’s time for him to wake up to reality. I liked seeing Jung Ah’s incremental little wins in her makeup artist career but it just doesn’t flow with Hye Joon’s career rocketing in 1 year and now being threatened with a dead ex-gay sugar daddy fake news. It’s like two different dramas awkwardly stitched together.


Record of Youth Episode 13 Gets 7.760% Ratings But the Relationships Stagnate in Career and Life Complications — 28 Comments

  1. Sounds boring. I didn’t started it and was waiting to see if people were liking it or what. Love Park Bo Gum to bits, but lately he’s choosing boring and bland characters, like the good boy from Boyfriend or even the prince in Moonlight, and now this…Maybe if they would have left the romance out, it could have been an interesting watch. I miss to see him in less vanilla roles, like the psycho in Monster or the go player in Replay 1988. He shines more when he impersonates complex and dark characters.

  2. Nothing much to expect with ROY but it’s good to pass the time. I find the arrogance in PBG facial expression. I am not quite sure if he’s meant deliver that way or was he supposed to deliver the character who’s struggling inside with low self esteem and full of bitterness and disappointments inside. The arrogant facial expression was just one dimensional. I am for rooting Hae Jun and his journey though with FF in most parts. Overall, this drama is still a good watch.

    Best Mon-Tue drama is 18 Again. This is more engaging, emotionally and for it’s entertainment value, IMO.

  3. Whoa, More Than Friends started already? Man, there’re so many new dramas it’s hard to keep up!

    Is anyone here watching either Private Lives, Zombie Detective, 18 Again, Search or that Do Do La So drama? What are your takes on them?

    • For me, More than friends is not that great but it’s okay and watchable. Maybe I was just turned off by the character of the ML. It’s not the actor but the character. Still, it’s a good watch esp for 20s to early 30s who are struggling for their career, love life, family and future.

      I am loving Search. It’s suspenseful though but very intriguing. It’s fast paced and all the cast are great. You better not watch it at night.

      • @Jamie

        Thanks for sharing your perspective.

        Does Search have horror elements? Sounds like my kinda jam then. Scarier the better. Haha.

        Thanks again!

    • Yes, More Than Friends has had 6 episodes so far. For me, its surely brings back the old-school K-dramas feelings. With its triangle love story, kinda cold male lead vs really caring second male lead, miscommunication between ML and FL, and so on.

      The cinematography is so good. And so far I like it.

      PS: The second male lead really looks like Han Ga-in, I cant help but say “Han Ga-in’s twin” every time he appeared on screen.

  4. ROY is a huge bowl of ‘meh’. I think the final three episodes include a breakup for the OTP, a time skip, and the inevitable reunion of the OTP. I don’t get the vibe from this show that it would leave the OTP apart and I don’t think they’d make Jung Ah wait for Hae Joon while he’s in the military. That said, has anyone else felt like the show is endorsing male celebrities postponing enlistment in furtherance of their careers? I genuinely thought that was frowned upon?

    • I love this series very nice story there no way to say is boring I would to see to the end of series hope make me happy to wacth

  5. I somehow find RoY is more interesting than iotbo or the king.. sorry cant help but compare as roy is also anticipated drama jus like ksh n lmh’s return.. but yeah its preference..

    Yes the chemistry is v bleh.. but jus love to see how he became successful..

  6. I still love Record of Youth and can’t wait to see the last 2 episodes. I hope it’s a happy ending for all the characters especially Park Bo gum and Park So Dame. Brilliant acting again by Park Bo Gum.

  7. Sadly I stopped after episode 6, [it was just not that engaging for me sorry], then watched the last 5 minutes of episode 14. I plan to watch the last 2 episodes just out of my personal opinion that PBG and PSD are both nice earnest people (so I want to support them lol) who hopefully will land better acting projects next time.

  8. Tbh i like this drama. Contains a lot of nice messages n the lovestory is actually logical. It may not apply to many ppl, but that kind of relationship does exist. IT isn’t perfect but they’re actually polishing it in a good way. Also this drama strives ppl to do better. Ppl nowadays give up dreams bcs of reality n that is actually sad 🙁 n yes, the heartbreak where your fam doesn’t support u n r talking behind your back :’) what i’m saying is this drama is actually logical n contains good messages :3 but that’s just roughly my opinion. Everyone have different taste so yea XD

  9. 18 again is best drama forever.
    We can feel parents’ lovingkindness and main lead lee Do Hyun is amazing with My idol Kim Ha Neul.
    The message is very precious and korean have to watch this drama also like the others.

  10. I agree that the contrast in stories is a lil much, the reccuring reporter threatening to mess up his career with the same old ex obsessive gay fashion designer is getting old. Hopefully it will still have a good ending in these last episodes

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