Start-Up Episode 3 Sprints into Perfect Action in Emotional Beats and Character Development, With Much Humor and Hilarity

Episode 3 of Start-Up continues the pitch perfect narrative and strong directorial debut of the first two episodes last weekend, proving this drama knows how to tell a story and that it knows where its going. I love it even more for writing four strong leads, all different in personality and interacting in really meaningful ways. I thought I would solely ship Dal Mi with Ji Pyeong but the writer managed to up Do San immediately to the same level of shippiness. Do San’s tech nerd dorkiness and his first taste of a crush is so sweet, and Ji Pyeong is also adorable in his continued efforts to keep up the Nam Do San penpal charade yet insisting it’s all to repay a debt. I appreciate giving In Jae her own agency and story rather than making her a one-note bitchy older sister antagonist. This episode also had so many laugh-a-moment scenes and dialogue interspersed throughout culminating in the expected CODA Awards acceptance speak by Do San as editing by his cousin. It’s a MUST WATCH and even better with the reactions afterwards from Dad, Ji Pyeong, and poor Do San.


Start-Up Episode 3 Sprints into Perfect Action in Emotional Beats and Character Development, With Much Humor and Hilarity — 11 Comments

  1. Im liking Suzys performance in Ep 3. She really did improve a lot since the last drama I saw her in with Lee Jong Seok. Her chemistry with Nam Joo Hyuk is good too. I think as long as the two continue their solid performances and the supporting cast stays enigmatic. This will be a memorable production deserving of a rewatch in future. Good job! 🙂

  2. I actually like Start Up. This and 18 Again are good watch of those currently airing dramas. Though I’m curious about Private Lives.

    • Hi MistyEyes:

      Private Lives is good as well. Though the drama is more thriller and raw, gritty, slice of life in the tones of ‘My Ajusshi’ or ‘Heartless City’, there’s a bit of romance in it as well. I’d say Seohyun is doing a relatively good job; she emotes well: but there are some scenes where she’s just more idol-like than an actress. She’s yet to fully shed her idol persona and immerse herself in a role; the way Krystal Jung has been able to. I’d still recommend it. She’s got good chemistry with her costars; so if you’re into that type of drama – I’d say give it a try.

  3. This drama has my heart from the first scene! I’d already made up my mind to skip this one as I’d been burned in the past by Suzy’s acting, of which I’m not a fan of. But she’s surprisingly good in this drama. I say this as a skeptic and not a fan. She’s doing a decent job. So is Nam Joo Hyuk. But it’s apparent to me and almost everyone, that the heavy lifting is being done by the supporting actor Kim Seon Ho, who I fell in love with again, the actress who plays Halmoni; and to a lesser extent, Kang Hanna. I want to rail at the injustice of getting the audience to fall in love with the second lead, only to watch him sidelined in the end – unless this drama has surprises that doesn’t go the typical kdrama route. Love the strong script and good ensemble cast. If it continues in this vein; I’d say we have a winner, even if it never becomes a huge ratings hit.

  4. This episode had me ROFL, especially the acceptance speech. His cousin did Him dirty. I hope the writer keeps the pace of the story line like this all the way to the end. I didn’t think startup would be this comedic, love it.

  5. Oh, this drama is such a breath of fresh air with all 4 leadings having their own interesting arc and aspirations. Nam Joo Hyuk stole my heart last episode, so adorably shy and awkward, really convincing even tho we know in real life he was a top model lol, Kim Su-Ho is really charismatic and I hope he doesn’t turn evil and just go with his competitive kinda asshole vibe. Suzy has only grown with her latest projects and she always gives me very positive vibes, she also improved a lot on her emotional scenes so it’s really great to see. I wish Kang Ha Na will develop her story without getting on a love square dispute with her sister, but this is still a drama we’re talking about, so let’s see!

  6. Park Hye Ryun never fails to amaze me with her writing. And Suzy is THE actress of her generation and standard for young idol actresses. She proves here why she is so in-demand. I’m so proud of her.

  7. Oh they showed chemistry this episode! You go Nam Joo Hyun, he’s stealing the drama a little more this episode. I haven’t laughed so much in a drama for a while, the acceptance speech made my stomach hurt from the laughing. I like the directing of the episode too. Everyone is acting well. This is becoming my new crack!

  8. The writer is indeed inspired and this episode was great. And my boy Nam Joo Hyuk got more screen time and is already stealing hearts *-* His chemistry with Suzy is not bad and I like where their love line is going…I’m officially hooked and looking forward to see what happens next. Just hope they don’t make this a love triangle.

  9. Oh nice, yeo jin goo is the A1 voice in Sein Ho’s house. Like this drama they don’t media play. Good to see NJH acting good, he says he is somewhat like the character in interview.

    The writer made an actor/actresess out of her drama – writer wins, actors/actresses (everyone in the cast) win and pd win (include production crews). All her collabration with pd are excellent.

    For DOTS writer, she needs famous actors or actresess to make her win. For DOTS watch it becos of SHK and i kept wondering is SJK acting or for real wooing SHK cos she was at some point shy. Goblin watch it becos of gong yoo but skip a few eps to watch ending. TKEM drop it after 2nd ep as i see it didn’t do justice to LMH with bad writing n directing.
    Glad to have start up to watch n 18 again is good as well.

  10. From the overall vibe I’m getting, I don’t think the romance angle is even the focus of the show. I don’t think they’re even creating a love line between Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi. They didn’t meet when they were younger. Half of the things he said in the letters were not even true. If anything, he’s building a stronger brotherly relationship with Do San and the rest of SamSan Tech. Which I love. Ji Pyeong is my favorite character. And I want him to get all the love he deserves even if he’s grumpy.

    I really appreciate the rich world building of Start Up. All the characters are alive and interesting and charming. Even the Sandbox director is lovely. No dull character at all. I really really hope this one gets through the finish line strong. Fighting!

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