Kim Bum Wraps Filming on His Scene Stealing Little Brother Role in tvN Drama Tale of Gumiho

All the early feels that Tale of Gumiho could be harnessing all the good bits of Goblin and Hotel Del Luna feel apart pretty early on from lack of OTP chemistry and failure to write interesting vignettes to surround the central mystery. I’m still so happy I checked it out because I got to see the triumphant post military return of Kim Bum, who is singlehandedly the sole emotional lynch pin of this drama and definitely a total scene stealer. He recently posted on his SNS a picture celebrating the conclusion of filming, and I’m not expecting any happy ending for his poor abandoned and emotionally stunted little brother half-fox so I hope he goes out at least with full forgiveness of his brother and satisfaction that he was indeed loved and not left behind. I’m thrilled Bummie chose this role and drama as his comeback project because it’s definitely a positive for his career.


Kim Bum Wraps Filming on His Scene Stealing Little Brother Role in tvN Drama Tale of Gumiho — 11 Comments

    • If I’m not mistaken, the whole cast already wrapped up filming. But I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Rang dying…

  1. I don’t want to offend any fan, however, I can’t help it. After all these years since BoF, I’m still not fond of him. I’m trying to like him, but I can’t. It’s like I can not trust what he is saying in his roles. Always suspicious, if he has any ulterior motives. That’s not fun to watch.

    • I agree with you… I’ve never liked him in BoF and I still don’t like him. It’s not about his role in the dramas, there’s something about him that just doesn’t make me like him. No hate on him though

    • Every celebrity has anti-fans who never like them. That’s the way it is and no big deal at all. To each their own. It’s a good thing most people recognize KB’s talent as a great actor, his gorgeous looks and hotness. Tale of Gumiho is successful thus far and he is shining bright. Same thing for Lee Dong Wook. He’s doing well, easy on the eyes and delightful to watch.

  2. I love him. Have since Boys over flowers. So happy this was his first back into business since military. Will follow him forever.

  3. Just don’t kill him please..I really want him to have a happy ending..yeh his role was dark..did many wrong that guy is badass..every emotion he depicted marvelously..I want all of them to have a happy ending..

  4. I love you Kim Bum…hope to see and watch you in some dramas again. You are the best and a handsome villain to portray for.

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