Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Tug at Modern Romance Heartstrings in First Poster for City Couple Way of Love

Gah, I love this poster so much, thank you City Couple Way of Love! In my twenties I would have framed it for so magically capturing that ephemeral young girl dream. That I could have that perfectly framed moment, and look as radiant as Kim Ji Won, and that a man as handsome and adoring as Ji Chang Wook would gaze at me just so. This is the homerun effort of a good K-drama romantic couple pairing, utilizing their visual compatibility and acting strengths to sell “a dream”. I feel like both leads have been wasted in this last dramas so it’s really time to get back to basics. Let them be gorgeous, and sparking, and just fall madly in love. It need not be realistic as it need be statistically possible, lol. That one in a million chance, and that’s why K-drama viewers keep coming back for more.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Tug at Modern Romance Heartstrings in First Poster for City Couple Way of Love — 13 Comments

  1. This is an upgraded pairing from Kim Yoo Jung, for Ji Chang Wook. Kim Yoo Jung still have the child actress image so I cannot take her seriously when she do romcoms.

  2. what a downgrade for Ji Chang wook Female lead. from a great actress and charming FL in his last drama to a charmless FL in this drama.

    Btw, is JCW playing a role of a grandfather in this drama. He looks 50 in the poster. while kim Ji won looks is so so. No X factor. No appeal, thats why her career staled.

    • I think u need glasses. Haha. The visual couldn’t be better.kjw is not ur average beauty.the more u look at her the more u find her beautiful. So i approve this pair!

    • @Joane lmao you’re blind AF. Your girl is the one who has so-so looks with her flat face and nose and wide-ass jaw. Kim Ji Won is a goddess with doll-like features, and has been listed in a lot of beauty lists, and also an ideal type of some Korean celebs, unlike your girl, so sit tf down. This is definitely an upgrade for JCW, prettier and better actress.
      JCW is nowhere near looking 50 either, you just need glasses.
      lmao no one takes your comments seriously anyway ?

      • Lol. I found myself looking for Joane’s comment because her delusions are really funny. I’m also amazed how she never gets tired of mocking every actors and actresses that is not her fave.

  3. I want this so bad for the two of them. It could be a gem like ‘The Package’ or ‘The Ex-girlfriends Club’ but I just want it to be great. They deserve it.

  4. It looks nice and warm.

    I don’t think JCW was wasted in his last. It’s pretty hard to act a very simple character without any specific talent. But he did well. His character was really warm.

  5. What’s with the potshots at both Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook in every single article even remotely related to them. They worked together, moved on and now are doing different things. Give it a rest. I am looking forward to this, the pairing, the story and both the actors. Maybe, this will finally be that Ji Chang Wook project I can enjoy. Its been so long since Suspicious Partner.

  6. Whoever is dissing other actresses by making use of KYJ or any other actresses is seriously not a real fan. He/she is purely trying to ignite a fan war. So I hope people here can just ignore these cowards and just concentrate on giving kind words to whoever you support.

  7. @joaneisaclowm

    When u knew no one takes joane seriously why did u have to describe yoojung in such a bad manner
    Or mayb u were describing urself lol

  8. Ji chang wook has so many rabid and toxic fans. The most annoying and disrespectdul fandom thag i have ever seen. His fans are SHaMeleas.

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