Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon Lead the Script Reading for jTBC Romance Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick

One of the first K-dramas to arrive in 2021 will be jTBC romance drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick, taking over the Mon-Tues timeslot from high school broadcasting drama Live On. I’m still majorly enjoying the last bits of the 2020 dramas so haven’t been too focused on next year, but Sunbae is one of those dramas that feels wholly hit or miss. It’s based on a manhwa that has the same vibe as Why Secretary Kim, but of course that adaptation into drama worked because of the leads chemistry and here Won Jin Ah is not consistent and Ro Woon still feels green despite his really strong onscreen presence in Extraordinary You. I always have a soft spot for the well-cast noona-dongsaeng romance, especially now it’s not de rigeur and in every other drama. I’ll keep an open mind still with this one especially with how compatible the cast looks at the script reading.


Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon Lead the Script Reading for jTBC Romance Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick — 9 Comments

  1. This WJA has good connections to be able to land starrer roles. She is a bad actress and no star power at all. She will not last long if she don’t improve.

  2. Both leads have no talent in acting. I feel bad for supporting actors. Second male lead actor is very good, I’ve seen him earlier in Search. I hope SML actor can stole spotlight from ML, like in Start-up.
    WJA is a bad actress we know that. Ro Woon has only a plastic beautiful face, his idol group is only in C-list in Kpop. So, he does some acting jobs to save himself. Too bad, his acting is very wooden in EY, all supporting actors overshadowed him.

    • who hurt you girl?
      but nooo, in EY not all supporting actors overshadowed him. even with low ratings but cast in EY get more popular, look at Rowoon got many CF deals, KIHY got role in movie, LJW with his first lead role. get that fact first before you throw an insult

  3. The issue with webtoon it’s the story is interesting in the beginning but can be boring at the end. Rowoon already had a noona romance in About Time and they’re cute. So I think he can make it. He was good in Extraordinary You when his character had no background or anything to help to understand him. He has chemistry with his costars too.

    For WJA, for now, I prefered in serious roles, her last one was bad. But she’s good as an actress.

    Search was one of the worst drama I watched this year, so I hope for the second lead, his character will be more interesting to watch and to act.

  4. won Jin Ah was a mess in her last drama with Ji Chang wook (both of them were horrible in that melted drama). She’s lucky to land lead roles. She’s charmless, boring to watch like Chae Soo bin and Park Do Dam
    Perfect pairing, both are so so actors.

    • Agree. I don’t know why she still being cast despite of her pitfalls. She maybe has strong connections within the industry. Luckily, her dramas are not big profile.

  5. Rowoon is very charismatic when he allows himself to shine. The poor giant had suppressed his fiery and sexy personality for years. He is too tall and visually striking, so he had to shrink himself in the back of his group in order to give others the screen time. Smart guy. The same when he had minor roles in dramas. Different when he is the main lead. I watched Extraordinary many times just for him and the main leads’ chemistry. Of course he is young and unexperienced. But… His eyes. OMG. The guy talks just with his eyes. How many actors can do that? Hope this drama’s script is not too stupid ( looking at you, Start Up) and the director knows how to use his actors’ potential to the fulllest.

  6. I feel bad for WJA with all the critism. But I haven’t watch her other dramas after Just Between Lovers which I really loved,so I can’t say anything about hee characters or acting on those dramas. Wish her luck with her latest drama.

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