SBS Expected to Have Tough Decision for the 2020 Drama Daesang Between Namgong Min for Stove League and Han Seok Kyu for Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2

At this point among the Big 3 networks it’s only SBS who had a good year, MBC and KBS may have delivered some good dramas but never got any ratings traction. That leaves SBS with the biggest decision to make on who gets the year end Daesang at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards. Pundits say the decision is between Namgong Min for Stove League and Han Seok Kyu for Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2, and I say Namgong Min ALL THE WAY. He’s not just long overdue, the drama was fantastic and Han Seok Kyu won the SBS Daesang in 2016 already for the first season of the drama. Spread the love SBS! There is also talk about the three ladies in currently airing hit makjang drama Penthouse, which is poised to break 20% ratings but then who among the three leads Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, and Eugene should be credited with its success? Decisions, decisions.


SBS Expected to Have Tough Decision for the 2020 Drama Daesang Between Namgong Min for Stove League and Han Seok Kyu for Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 — 12 Comments

  1. They better give it to Nam Goong Min. Han Seok Kyu already won the SBS Daesang for that role. It makes no sense to give it to him twice for the same role. Not only is Nam Goong Min long overdue, the fact that he was doing Stove League the same time the Drama Awards were airing last year meant he had to make an appearance at the SBS Drama Awards and be a no show to represent ‘Doctor Prisoner’ at the KBS Drama Awards which aired the same day. Whatever possibility he had of walking away with an award from KBS that year was lost. So given all that SBS better give it to him. Penthouse leads pretty much cancel each other out, I can’t see how they can just pick one.

  2. Knowing SBS, they will probably create a random award like “Producer’s award” or “Special awards”. They are notorious for being indecisive when giving out awards.
    KBS is better at this but too bad they got no stellar drama apart from their weekend dramas.

    My vote would go to Nam Goong Min.

    The real bummer is tvn not having end of year awards. Most of the year’s hits and quality dramas have come from them. JtBC too.

  3. Namgoong Min. So far I’ve only seen him in three (complete) dramas: Beautiful Gong Shim, Good Manager, My Secret Hotel. But his roles in all three seemed similar — the “unfazed, few f#cks given” male lead. His role in Awaken so far also seems to follow that pattern.

    This is by no means a criticism. I’m sure he’s great and all. And I’ll be watching more of his work to see his versatility.

    Would those who’ve watched Stove League say it’s his best role to date?

    • Stove League is one the best dramas that aired. You don’t need to know anything about baseball to understand the drama. It was really well-written and perfectly executed . NGM was in his best for this drama! I already watched it twice and I still love it. ❤️ Hoping for daesang to NGM. He deserves it.

  4. Stove League is the only Korean drama i liked and watched and finished this year. So yes, give it to NGM please. All other dramas in 2020 are all meh. Same plot, same story, same whatever. Can Korean drama reboot in 2021 and give us something fresh and relatable, realistic and without the usual focus on eye candies and unrealistic cinematography? I want a good drama! (Sorry I lost it hahaha)

  5. Namgoong Min all the way. Not to mention how refresh SL being as a drama. I’m so use with his loud and angry act but here he town down everything but it work pretty well. He become another character with a silent type but we can read his feeling. All bc his performance.

  6. 1. Namgung Min
    2. Han Seok-gyu
    3. Eom Gi-jun

    That’s my choice. They should give something to U Do-hwan and Eom Mun-seok too.

  7. Uhmm what? Aren’t the KBS dramas Once Again and Homemade Love Story the highest rated dramas of the year? I don’t think you can call that “never got any ratings traction”. I think both Cha Hwa Yeon and Jeon In Hwa will win the Daesang in the KBS Drama Awards. For SBS Drama Awards, I don’t think Han Suk Kyu is a contender this year since he already won the award for the same drama. I think the main contenders are Namgoong Min, the 3 ladies of Penthouse, and Hyena’s Kim Hye Soo and Ju Ji Hoon.

      • Yep and unless things have changed, KBS weekend family dramas have no drama competition from the other Big 3 networks in it’s timeslot. Their shows have a captive audience that just travels from one KBS weekend family drama to the next. And on that note, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2 also had a captive since both MBC and KBS weren’t airing Mon-Tues dramas at the time the show was airing. Even though it probably would’ve been a hit given the success of season 1, with no drama competition from the other networks, no other show could steal viewers. Stove League on the other hand had direct competition from an MBC weekend family drama and
        had to deal with Crash Landing On You episodes still running as each episode of Stove League began and Itaewon Class episodes starting before Stove League episodes were over. Given all that Stove League still managed to pull the ratings it did. I hope Nam Goong Min gets his due with the Daesang this year and not some special award.

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