Song Hye Kyo Confirmed for New Kim Eun Sook Drama, Reuniting 5 Years After Descendants of the Sun

Man, it feels like everyone was on vacation the last week of 2020 and have returned to work this first week of 2021 on crack levels of news dropping. K-actress Song Hye Kyo will be making her next drama return with the confirmed casting as the female lead in hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming project. There is no title or synopsis yet but no one cares because hello it’s the queen of writing hip K-drama crack. The drama is scheduled to air either end of 2021 or more likely early 2022, and will be the reunion of Song Hye Kyo with Kim Eun Sook after they worked together on the mega hit Descendants of the Sun. I had my doubts before DotS aired but goodness I loved that sucker so much live watching it. Looks like Kim Eun Sook’s last stumble with the comparatively low rated and critically panned The King: Eternal Monarch isn’t preventing her from landing A-list stars stills.


Song Hye Kyo Confirmed for New Kim Eun Sook Drama, Reuniting 5 Years After Descendants of the Sun — 91 Comments

  1. I don’t know what to think about this since I didn’t like all of his scripts and SHK is beautiful but his acting still makes me doubtful, but what strikes me is that before the dramas used to confirm the casting a few months in advance, now it is they do up to almost a year in advance.

  2. The writer likes casting the same actress who star on her other hits like kim goeun in goblin and now hye kyo from DOTS i hope she give other actress chance not always big names anyway i hope this drama will be a success

  3. Since she likes casting great actors to save her poor writing, Lee Jong suk is a great option for male lead…but I kind of want him in a slice-of-life drama instead for his comeback

  4. Would love to see Yoo Yeon Seok to act with her on this drama. O can just picture them lovely together:) But I’m glad she’s back!

  5. I read sometime back that KES was working on a project titled The Woman On A White Horse. Dunno if it’s that same project SHK will be starring in. But I hope they pick a very good actor around her age.

  6. Hoping that the male lead will be same age actors like Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Won Bin and Kang Dong Won. But the first 2 already starred in a KES drama. So, also hoping for a new face.

    • Let’s run thru d A-list actors:
      Hyun Bin is unlikely. He is likely focusing on movies after doing two back to back dramas, not to mention his history with SHK. Gong Yoo is very picky and already attached to the sci-fic dtama directed by Jung Woo Sung. Jo In Sung is also attached to other project with Han Hyo Joo.

      My bet will be Kim Ha Neul or Lee Jong Seok. Or maybe Park Seo Joon.

      • Why not? KES is known for making the impossible possible. It will surely break ratings and buzz record if it came true. So, SHK and HB pairing is still possible.

    • Because it will be too awkward for exes to work together in a drama.. in korea even couples couldnt take the same dramas/movies moreover exes..

  7. So who will be the male lead? I prefer Yoo Yeon Seok but maybe he’ll be busy with Hospital Playlist season 2. Maybe Gong Yoo?

  8. I don’t see why KTEM would stop her from gaining big stars when it well internationally. If I was already a top name in Korea my focus would be to gain attention with the western audience.

  9. KES tends to reuse her actors/actresses in her dramas as long as she likes them. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. Hmmmm let’s see her track record:

    1) Lee Min Ho. Heirs, TKEM
    2) Kim Go Eun. Goblin, TKEM
    3) Kim Ji Won. Heirs, DOTS, Mr. Sunshine
    4)Yoo In Na. Secret Garden, Goblin
    5) Kim Sarang Secret Garden, and I believe she was offered a role in Goblin but she declined.

    Am I leaving out anyone out from this list of double offers? To be honest, I don’t think SHK starring in another KES drama is necessarily a good thing. It would be hard to top the phenomenal success that DOTS was and comparisons between both dramas would be rife. Not to mention the risk that the newer drama may mirror the trajectory of TKEM (God forbid!) I’d have more respect for SHK as an actress if she would branch out of her comfort zone and try another genre for a change than a romcom, or a melo. Maybe she could even play a mom, or star in a thriller or slice of life drama. Something her counterparts like Jun Ji Hyun or Kim Tae Hee have done with varying degrees of success. Regardless, I’m rooting for her and am hoping her new drama is an enjoyable watch, because I found her last drama Encounter, to be pretty boring.

    • Kim Sa Rang declined Mr. Sunshine. Role went to Kim Min Jung. Due to schedule conflicts. She prob. regrets that choice let’s be real.

      • Thanks thanks for the correction, Pam. And you’re right! She probably does. It went onto become a local hit, though I’m not sure it was very popular with international audiences. I dropped it after the first six episodes because I couldn’t connect with some of its characters or the acting, which I felt was very stilted.

    • TKEM could perform better if she cast ML who can emote properly. I like her scripts but I’m not gonna waste my time watching her drama if ML sucks at acting. No idols, please!!

    • Always the same leads , sometimes i’d like to see her giving chances to another actresses but it’s her choice . See Scorcese with Di Caprio, Spielberg often with Tom Hanks,… just to name a few ones . But i hardly finish her dramas so i don’t mind . I don’t think either that Song Hye kyo is that great as an actress but she is beautiful . Beautiful faces are not enough for me , the script and the directing are very important too.

    • That makes me wonder why KES never recasted HJW or HB even though Secret Garden was a huge ratings success.

      To be fair JJH and KTH only became more adventurous with their roles after getting married and becoming mothers themselves. No I’m not saying you have to become a mother to play more diverse roles. More so their images went through transformations and they can no longer hold on to the image of being “first love”, “female actress you most want to spend the holidays with” or whatnot. Lol

      Didn’t SHK played a mother in that movie with KDW? A movie risks less damage even if it does flop. I guess what I’m trying to say is SHK can still hold on to that desirable female actress image and play it safe. Of course there’s nothing stopping her if she herself wants to start playing more diverse roles. However her counterparts like you mentioned, I think they are more pressured to play different roles after getting married and becoming mothers. If you recalled a meta line Song Yi said in YFAS, she didn’t want to get married because she will no longer get offered good roles.

      JJH has an advantage in that she can do action. I can’t imagine SHK playing a badass heroine though I would be pleasantly surprised if she did. I really want to see SHK play a villain or anti heroine in a thriller at least once. I look forward to this one anyway and hope it’s going to be engaging.

      • We never know if she already try to cast HB and HJW again, they might be the one who reject it. After watching CLOY, I think HB is really suit the soldier role, which lead me to believe he probably also get DOTS casting offer (since SJK wasnt #1 pick) but he rejected because the female lead is SHK aka his EX

      • @Haeki I think most articles said only four actors were offered the role of YSJ before SJK..WB, JIS, GY and KWB.

      • Hyun Bin was indeed offered the role of Yoo Shi Jin along with 4 other actors namely Gong Yoo , Kim Woo Bin, JIS and WB..There was an SBS article which stated sjk was the 6th choice.
        So here we go ..KES did intend to cast one of her former stars again..

      • Well, all the Korean articles I read didn’t mention HB as one of the candidates. Neither did this tvN show, Soompi and Allkpop.

      • DOTS was aired in KBS..As far as i have heard the drama was supposed to be shown in SBS like KES’ previous shows for exa Heirs, sega, etc.. but then something happened and the plan couldn’t be proceeded. Meanwhile Hyun Bin also turned it down . Thus at the end DOTS was broadcasted by KBS .

      • Son Ye Jin took a role as a mom of a teenager daughter in 2016 and she has not been married either. Same goes to many others such as Park Ha Sun in Two Weeks, Gong Hyo Jin in last year Camilla Bloom and so on. The list is long

      • I don’t know why soompi and allkpop don’t mention HB’s name because their source is also from korean articles..
        However as DOTS was supposed to be aired in SBS, so i thought the article that i provided must hold some value.

      • Even the Korean articles I read only mentioned 4 names. I doubt they’d purposely exclude HB’s name since he’s a top star as well.

      • @Nad ,the one article that i provided is dated 2018. I don’t know why some of them would leave out HB’s name when SBS itself put it there..I remember one long time HB fan told me , DOTS was supposed to be his military comeback drama..KES wanted him and it was going to air in SBS..But things didn’t work out between SBS and KES as well as HB and thus the plan got scrapped..That fan said that although he missed DOTS fame but got another chance to star in a blockbuster drama 4 years later.

      • Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather believe articles written in 2016, the same year DotS completed its broadcast. It’s fine tho. Everything’s in the past now. 🙂

      • One more thing, do you think KES would offer the lead role to HB knowing that the investors only wanted SHK as the FL? It seems weird coz afaik, exes never work together again in Korea.

    • Kim Ha Neul- On Air, Gentleman’s Dignity
      Kim Jeung Un-Lovers In Paris, Lovers
      Yoon SeAh- Lovers in Prague, City Hall, Gentleman’s Dignity


    Since SHK is the first comfirmed lead, I guess this time the story is revolving around woman (shk)? If so then I’m so excited!!

    I’m wondering who is the male lead, I wish it would another A lister

  11. 2021 is going to be so exciting. All my faves are coming back this year – SIG, PHS, D.O, NJH, JJH, PBY, JSM and now SHK. The guessing game for the ML has begun in earnest. I can see some A-List actors within the 34-42 age matching our queen visually and in acting chops. Please let it be a rom-com. SHK can pull off comedy. All her previous roles had been so serious/depressing. First choice is Gong Yoo followed by LMH, Yoo Teo, LJG (he was so lit in FOE), Kim Seon Ho, Joo Ji Hyun, etc.

    • Ooh nice male actors you’ve chosen! Gong Yoo would be amazing! Joo Ji Hoon would be my next pick too. But he’s very well this yr with the new tvN drama/film shooting too. Yoo Teo is good too, but not as known yet.

      Kim Seon Ho would be my choice here. He’s 34, so only 5 yr difference. Plus, he’s the hot new actor rn. And one Hallyu project away from being a star. Dunno if KES will offer him the ML though? Let’s just say, if he gets cast as the ML in this. His career is set, b/c people who are in KES drama always hit it big.

      • My guess is that KES will not offer KSH a male lead. He is still green to be given that opportunity despite being the current IT boy. And his look is not KES type. So, KES may stick with top hallyu stars with flower boy look.

      • @myrrana I wouldn’t link the term ‘green’ with Kim Seonho. He may be new to on-screen projects but he’s actually a very experienced actor with 10 years background in theater. Have watched all the dramas he’s in and it shows how captivating he could be even with smaller roles.

        Anyways, personally I find that Kim Eunsook drama would not be a good fit for Kim Seonho. Her dramas are always ‘on-the-surface’ type of story. There’s no depth to her plots and they mostly revolve purely on romance. Most pf the characters she’s written are also quite one-dimensional. I think Kim Seonho fits slice-of-life type of dramas more. I believe that he, himself, mentioned in an interview that he prefers and would love to be in a slice-of-life type of story. & I have also noticed how he mostly picks projects that focuses more on character growth and less on romance. Thus, hopefully someday he could be casted in a drama by the Shin Wonho-Lee Woojung duo. It would be such a perfect fit for him.

      • @myrrana Lol yeah. I know it wouldn’t happen either. He’s still green in drama land, so nope. Maybe in 2-3 yrs? Hope KSH can move away from being the current IT boy to bonafide actor.

        His look not being KES’s type lol. I thought KES liked manly guys? As for KSH, your right. He’s not a flower boy or masculine like Hyun Bin is. He’s more cute per say.

    • @SYR Grr…my long comment got deleted. Anyways: Back to KSH, he would be an inspired choice. Dude is an amazing actor, prob. one of the best ‘new’ talents in dramas today.

      I wonder if he might be forced by SALT to do a romance show to maintain his current IT Guy status? That being said, thanks for stating that about his works! Never thought that he chooses based on characters. Makes sense why he did Start Up as a 2nd ML, b/c the role was so rich.

      Mr. Hong seems like the slice of life show he wants? Although it feels it might do meh ratings wise. Ah, seems like its a matter of knowing what works best for him. Seems like you should be his agent SYR! You know what works best for him than SALT does!?

      Maybe he doesn’t like romance/dating rumors being attached to him, could be another reason why he focuses on character driven work thus far? I also think the Reply Writers are perfect for him too! Also Noh Hee Kyung does character driven work very well too. He would flourish and blossom if he was in their works.

      Only thing is, is SALT going to allow him to choose his next work, or make him choose something that’s fluffy/popular which would be a foolish thing to do for KSH’s career prospects long term.

    • My, my. What an interesting discussion my comment has generated. Thank you all for participating. I have looked all KES dramas from 2004-2020 and found most of her MLs have a certain type of image. Me throwing Kim Seon Ho into the hat is just for fun. He’ll never make the list. Most KES MLs have a certain Hallyu hit, masculine and manly vibes. The pretty boy exceptions being SJK in DOTS & LMH in Heirs. I have a gut feeling KES will pursue a really big A-List established actor rather than rising younger stars. Next on my list are Kwon Sang Woo, Jang Dong Gun, Jo In Sung, Lee Dong Wook, So Ji Sub, Kim Nam Gil, Nam Goong Min, Ji Sung. These actors most likely fit the SBS mould (70% of KES associated public channel). If KES deviated from SBS and aligned with tvN then her MLs would get more intriguing. Jo Jung Suk, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Seo Joon would fit the tvN collaboration.

      • 100% on Kim Seon Ho. He’s likely not even her 100th choice frankly.

        The drama will definitely be on tvN. The PD has done only tvN dramas and her last two dramas before the disastrous King were massive tvN hits (Goblin and Mr Sunshine). The 70% you’re quoting is going back to when cable tv wasn’t huge whatsoever. It only started becoming big when Reply 1997 came out which was merely 8 years ago. KES’s first drama was in 2003.

        I don’t think this affects the male lead equation whatsoever. Not sure what “tvn/SBS fit” means lol. From the ones you mentioned, JS and KSW are definitely NOT A-listers. I wouldn’t consider NGM one either despite his pretty terrific track record. He doesn’t have the star power yet. And for the remaining actors, only SJS hasn’t done a cable drama. Everyone else has worked with tvN already so there’s really zero reasons why even if this drama wasn’t on national broadcast, it would make any of these men less likely to be casted.

        Lol this comment is really long. I really hope it’s JJS because he’s such a great actor and would likely have great chemistry with SHK. But I do like the idea of any of the other actors too – A lister or not.

      • @Butterfly, who is the PD directing this drama? I’m very intrigued now. Once the synopsis, PD and broadcasting channel come out, I will revise my ML list again. This is going to be so much fun.

      • KSW used to be an A-Lister in the 2000s but not after he got married in 2008. I consider him old school a semi-retired A-lister, lol. He was the ML in Stairway In Heaven that was famously parodied in CLOY with a cameo from his FL Choi Ji Woo. That drama propelled KSW into a regional Hallyu star status along with CJW. He starred with Ha Ji Won in Love So Divine, acted with Cecelia Cheung and Jackie Chan of HK and even acted in a Chinese drama Wind Flower Snow Moon. Not many k-actors have the chance to act or get offers from C-drama productions. His filmography is quite extensive but he no longer have that star status now.

      • JS could almost be borderline A-List. He was mentioned as a Hallyu star in Wikipedia but I wouldn’t put too much weight on it. However, judging from his popularity in Soompi (Aug 2019-8 times JS proved his acting skills with quality k-drama characters), JS may just slide over a bit, lol. Anyways, A-list or not, they are very subjective but I’m glad we can spar over it without toxic toddler tantrums fanatic fans style. We can all agree to disagree in a fun mature way.

      • Not sure about Hallyu star, I did hear KMHM did well in China.

        As for A List, Ji Sung is absolutely A List lol. Maybe lower tier A List. KMHM helped give his career new life again. NGM is also lower their A List. Of course, tv actors have a diff. ranking than film actors. But Ji Sung is doing another drama rn, so nope.

        Also on your KSH comment, lol. Maybe not now, but maybe in 3 yrs from now?

      • @Pam, regarding KSH, he may not make KES list now but I have to watch my Good Boy over the next three years to see how he fares. Every year, there is a rising IT star but many will also crash and burn. It depends on how terrible or savvy they are in choosing their roles. Since KSH is a late bloomer on TV-land but with solid theatre background he may go the Yoo Ah In way. Hope KSH doesn’t end up like JCW, he used to be on the verge of A-list stardom but just regressed over the years. Ha Ji Won also used to be A-list but is hopeless since 2015 in k-dramas. The Time We Were Not In Love, Hospital Ship and Chocolate all bombed. Goes to show the showbiz industry is full of success but also equal amount of failures.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma Hey! He does a lot of stuff now, so clue whether 2d1n will fit in with his future career?

        As for your reply. For sure, he’s the current IT Guy rn. Someone new will come in and sweep that title later. What we have is someone who has the chops, star, charisma, looks to be an amazing long term actor. Good call on the Yoo Ah In route! I also think Cho Seung Woo/Ju Ji Hoon route is something I want to see him go towards. Do films/tv, but don’t stick to one genre, and mix it up.

        Regarding JCW, I’m also afraid too. I hope SALT chooses wisely long term wise, and not short fame terms. I do think as @SYR said, he chooses more character focused works than romance focused, of course not sure if SALT might choose short term fame projects, hope not.

        I don’t think he would do the JCW route in terms of projects as he’s in his mid 30s. I just hope that he gets an amazing career changing/life changing role that is an excellent character arc+story wise too. I would love to see him in something like Nine, Stranger, or All In type of roles where he’s supported by super strong writing/cast, but alas a main role that allows him to stretch his skills/talents to the potential we know he has.

  12. the drama that song hye kyo and lee jung suk romoured to be act was from hong since she choose kes drama the hong sister will be pass tp another one .i really wish kes will pairs he wth someone around her ag.gong yoo or meby someone fit her age

  13. I have to add Lee Min Ki. His style of acting especially in a rom-com may generate interesting chemistry with SHK if she were to play a light-hearted role like in Full House. I miss that flirty fun side of SHK. Hopefully KES won’t pull off another turd in terms of storyline, jebal.

  14. I personally didn’t like DOTS but hope this project does well..
    TKEM was a mess and mentioned as one of the worst dramas of 2020 in S.K.. However, thanks to LMH’s star power , it did well outside Korea..

    I remember some comments from K-netz when TKEM was airing..They said KES should stop writing Cinderella type stories with cringey dialogues..It used to work in the past and not now..

    I m afraid if recasting one of her former drama actor results in the same way as it did with TKEM.

    As for SHK, this would be a new challenge and i m eager to see what type of role she would be playing after being in hiatus for 2 years. Let it not be another melo or rom-com.

  15. I’m glad she’s back but at the same time I’m disappointed that she’s reuniting with KES. I dislike most of the writer kes portfolio. I personally liked only city hall and goblin (I didn’t watch mr.sunshine)… and that’s it haha

  16. Idk why shk choose to work with kes again when most her drama is a miss and cringey. Tend to belittle women, not giving power women story. Always the cinderella or dimsell in stress. All I can hope this drama wont turn out to be epic failed.

  17. I’m tiring that the big writers always chose the same actors… I understand the “big names” utility to gain investors and etc., but Shin Won-Ho PD showed that you can take less famous actors and have success too. There are a lot of A list actors she didn’t work with yet. Working with LMH a second time was a bad idea…

      • We don’t know if there’s a specific reason why KES only works with the actors she’s worked with in her previous dramas. And besides, SHK has huge star power. After her casting news was released, she’s been trending on Naver. Whatever the writer’s intention was, she’s succeeded in getting all the attention.

      • That’s true too. But the other issue is, how are you going to create new stars if they’re given the chances to do so? Soon, in 5 yrs, these top stars are going to mid 40’s-late 40s.

        You can’t sustain an industry on relying constantly on older talents. Speaking of, I’m going to miss seeing top stars begin to decrease their work load by then when they near that age 🙁 Can’t fault SHK for doing a KES work, even though I feel like she could do better.

      • @Pam I don’t wanna sound harsh but it’s not really the big writers’ job to prepare a platform for less famous actors, is it? They wanna make profits with their dramas, they wanna attract they need to cast well-known actors as leads.
        Of course, there were cases where you could still sell your dramas despite not casting top actors. I don’t deny that. But not many are willing to take the risk.

      • All those top stars..they’d also worked with ‘unknown’ writers when they were just starting. I don’t think many were given an opportunity to work with popular writers for their debut. Eventually, the younger and less famous ones will also get the same opportunity. It’s just a matter of time.

      • Why do people always blame KES for only casting big names when even the writer of Kingdom, W and Dear My Friends does the same. Even rookie writers prefer to only cast big names. Look at Sisyphus it’s written by rookies but they cast CSW and PSH. All writers want to cast top stars none of them want to cast rookies if possible.

      • I said she could change. There are a lot of big stars she didn’t work with.And big names can help with smaller productions like Kim Tae Ri for Little Forest.

      • KES must have her own reason why she wants SHK again to be her FL. Perhaps other big stars will get their chance in her next project. I’m sure it will not be a long wait since she pretty much makes a drama every year.

  18. Please not a damsel in distress type character for SHK…although her Kang Mo yeon character has some spunk! Please cast a male lead within her age range…I love flower type guys but not this time please:) Drama gods, make it Won Bin or Gong Yoo and I wont even complain:)

  19. Looks like Hwa & Dam pictures is so excited that they didn’t give Song Hye Kyo’s agency a chance to announce that she is confirming to star on the drama. They were the first ones to spread the confirmation news. I’m quite skeptical about Kim Eun Sook. I thought she would take her time like a year or so, to create script after she received domestic backlash on TKEM. I hope she’s not forcing Kyo-sshi to take the drama. Coz pretty obvious she’s securing the female lead cast without any certainty of male lead and filming date. Also, Kim Eun Sook should balance the characters. I can’t believe she’s stuck on always making male lead more superior.

    • LMFAO no ones forcing “Kyo-sshi” anything. We’re talking about adults here, not some 5yo kid who’s being dragged by her mommy.

      The level of ridiculous comments is bananas sometimes ???

  20. Why why SHK, why did you choose this writer to come back, her female characters are always absurd and freaking my annoying!!!
    In the most recent interviews, you said you want to act in rom-com and you said you are very confident now because in the past, you were shy…… so pleaseeee hopefully it is a rom-com….
    But anyway, I’m glad you come back, it’s been so longggg….

  21. Ahhh, such a good news. I’m just crossing my fingers that this will be a female-centric drama and not a damsel in distress one. And with a good script this time. I’m not too concerned with the male lead as long as he is older and a good actor.

    SHK’s comeback is very much welcome especially in these difficult times. He presence on screen gives so much positivity to the ailing entertainment industry brought down by the pandemic. This casting news feels like a light at end of the tunnel.

  22. Wow it’s funny how everytime Song Hye Kyo accept a drama or is doing something in her own well. People seem to be so bothered to keep bringing up their biased in comparison. Or bring up Hyun Bin in a way to annoyed others. Y’all need to grow up man! So tire of see Hyun Bin this and Hyun Bin that when it’s about Song Hye Kyo. Please let it not be this guy or any actor with itchy fans and shippers. Let the woman be. She can pick whatever scripts she want. I hope the lead is Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung or YAI.

    • These people must be so bored or bother to keep attaching Song Hye Kyo to their Hyun Bin oppa. To be honest I’m so glad he finally found his true love so those absurd fans of his and shippers will leave her at ease. Somehow I’m wrong because his shippers are still crying to compared her to him and his love story. Sadly she also has delusional fans shippers like her Binkyo fans who always bring shame to her. Omg give the woman a break. I’m a no Hyun Bin too please. Anyone but him because i don’t see the hype about him to the point of downgrading everyone to lift him up.

      • I’ve been a “real” BinKyo shipper for the longest time obviously after seeing their undeniable chemistry in Worlds Within and how HB seemed so vocal with their relationship back then. But with toxic fans I switched ships to the “reel” BinKyo (WB). So HB for ML will be very dreadful from the wrath of all BinJin shippers. I’m even surprised (but happy, too!) that they haven’t made a brouhaha that this news came out just few days after the Dispatch news.

      • Well lee jun ki is definitely an A lister and has always has been since 2006-2007. I dont think why people think other wise. Dude has been lyingg really low all these years due to political and many other industry insider reasons. BUT one thing is sure he is definitely an A lister. BUT i dont think he will be given this role because lee joon gi and romcoms or even pure romance dont go well together. Well it never happened before.

      • Lol yep. He’s definitely, without any doubt NOT an A-lister. He has legitimately no real ratings hit his entire career. Wasn’t the last one like Iljimae with HHJ?! That wasnt even in the last decade LOL. Neither does he have any significant awards. He’s nowhere near so many other actors his age. He’s probably at Park Hae Jin’s level tho the latter had just recently gotten a Daesang at the very least.

      • I’m so confused. See I thought that too about LJK being a former A List star. But he’s still a big name, not to the extent of before tho.

        Aren’t there differing levels for A List and what not? Very confusing. Because in Drama Land, I consider. A-Listers people who consistently work in quality projects, won Daesang, and get Main’s. As in longevity too, if your still on top a decade plus later, your good!

        I would say Lee Jun Ki is more on par with Jung Kyung Pyo? Both men who had better/bigger hits back in the day, but respected for their talents/still get work! B List career wise, but A List in name recognition.

      • We are in 2021, I dont see how LJK is A lister. A lister for example : Kim Soo Hyun, Hyun Bin, after DOTS Song Joong Ki definitely become A lister, while LJK I dont see any memorable work from the past years, I dont see him in same category as KSH, HB, or SJK. He also dont get top star treatment when he is casually went to variety show

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