Epic Collab as Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Confirm K-drama That Night Based Off BBC Show Criminal Justice

So one hand declines one other and the other hand signs on to another, thanks for not letting me wait for news Kim Soo Hyun-sshi! The top actor recently passed on Netflix drama Finger but is sticking with the thriller genre and has accepted his next project, the K-drama That Night. Joining him in the dual male lead role is Cha Seung Won, who I thought was solely the hyung property of Lee Seung Gi and Son Ho Jun but lol I guess not. OMG this sounds so awesome and I’m way more excited about this than Finger. Kim Soo Hyun will play a college student who after an event one night becomes the suspect in a murder case. Cha Seung Won plays the third rate lawyer who is the only one who extends a helping hand to him in his hopeless straits. The drama is from the PD of Backstreet Rookie, The Fiery Priest, Whisper, and Punch, with the screenwriter of The Royal Gambler, Goddess of Fire, and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. It’s scheduled to air in the second half of 2021 and doesn’t yet have a network.


Epic Collab as Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Confirm K-drama That Night Based Off BBC Show Criminal Justice — 21 Comments

  1. I adore CSW but gosh, every time he does a co-lead drama, they turn out to be absolute turds. You’re all Surrounded had me asleep within minutes. Hwayugi was godawful too. I’m not the biggest fan of his drama choices tbh.

    However, this I’m down for. This, I’m SO down for. Please be good. For the sake of bromance across kdramas, please please please be good.

    (Also, I find it ironic that KSH and JCW basically swapped PDs from their previous dramas lol)

    • @Butterfly

      I feel exactly the same way. You’re All Surrounded was an absolute snooze fest in my mind, and Hwayuji had too many hiccups to be truly enjoyable. Fingers crossed that this drama might be the lucky one to be interesting and well made!

  2. So this will be a remake of the BBC drama criminal justice im hype for it as he will act as a law student who got framed for murder after one night stand but still kinda bummer we didnt get han hyo joo and soohyun for finger i kinda like their pairing

  3. WOOO!!!! what a change of characters! So…Kim Soo Hyun would be playing the role similar to Riz Ahmed’s character in The Night Of!! INteresting!! I am excited to see how KSH will portray this character!

    • Will KSH shave his head too? Lol. Probably not, since they mentioned the British original and not the American adaptation.

      • Or it could be a blend of both since The Night Of is based on the first season of Criminal Justice? But whichever version, I doubt KSH will completely shave his head.

      • There are so many layers to the characters Naz from the American version and Ben, UK’s original. I really really hope KSH can pull off his version well. I hope OCN or TVN picks this up. If they wish to stick to the original stories, it can’t possibly be on regular channel. It could be watered down and I’m not looking forward to that!

  4. Im kinda worry as this will be produce by the same pd of Backshit rookie i hope their no racist thing going on to this drama tho but happy as he didnt go for long break before deciding for a new drama

    • BSR was just gross. The drama was racist period. EW. Anyways, let’s hope it veers from racist caricatures going forward. Thanks.

    • Eh. BSR wasn’t ever a bad drama due to its PD. It was always an issue of the source material and thus, the writing (which was absolute trash). On the other hand, this PD did The Fiery Priest – which was one of the best dramas in 2019. He also did Punch and Whisper. I’ve no concerns on that honestly, because this kind of genre is his expertise.

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it’s successful as I haven’t watched the original British or American version. Somehow this news reminds me of when KSH passed on Kill Me Heal Me which Ji Sung later accepted and turned into such an iconic role; and instead chose to star in Producer, which ended up being one of KSH’s more forgettable roles. Still I admire his choices to star in different genres and I’m looking forward to his next performance. It’s always magnetic, and I’m sure this will be no different.

    • I loved Producer! And I loved KSH in this role. He was super cute and so funny! I liked the IU-KSH reunion too. I don’t think he did a bad choice. It was a very different role but he nailed it.

      • 100% freakin percent.

        Even if he were offered KMHM (which he wasn’t), the fact that he did Producers is something I’m so thankful for. Because that drama was not just great, but really showed how amazing an actor he is. Other than winning all those Daesangs, it was a drama that showcased his range and is probably his best performance to date.

  6. That Director is interesting,That Fiery Priest was reaaally good i was surprised with drop of quality with Backstreet rookie, i have a lot of hopes with this,I know KSH about to deliver as always.

  7. I hope Cha Seung Won’s role will not be boring. I will watch this drama because of CSW. I wish PD Shin and Writer Kim will reunite again and make another drama for CSW and KSA

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