KBS Releases Second Teaser and Stills of Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo at Script Reading for Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises

Okay, the two cuties are just wayyyyy too cute, I think I may be able to watch this drama regardless of whether it’s written or directed well. The combo of Kim So Hyun‘s cool perfection and Ji Soo‘s hotheaded earnestness for upcoming sageuk River Where the Moon Rises feels like the ideal opposites attract in both their personas off screen and their onscreen characterization. The first teaser and filming stills were released last week before the new year so it’s a bit backwards to get the script reading stills but better late than never. I also love the bits I see of second male lead Lee Ji Hoon, he’s so compelling as the grey and not totally nice dude who is still seeking acceptance, lol clearly he’s been pigeonholed in prior dramas but delivers with aplomb and from his description here seems on the same track so gimme moar! The second teaser is also out and this looks like such a throwback to action packed sageuks like Jumong and Queen Seondeok.

Second teaser for River Where the Moon Rises:


KBS Releases Second Teaser and Stills of Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo at Script Reading for Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises — 55 Comments

  1. Gotta be the first to comment. Kim So Hyun in that princess outfit with dangling earrings looks so gorgeous. Man, that side profile is overflowing with visuals. This second teaser is so much better than the first one. RWTMR Fighting ❤️

  2. Wow, koala nim you’re fast!
    VC just posted this. Haha
    This teaser is really getting me excited and wish that January run faster so we can witness pyeonggang bad-assery! Lol
    And wow just few seconds scene with LJH is enough for me to look forward to all their scenes. The chemistry!!!!

  3. OMG. After a quiet 2020,So Hyun is back in 2021 to slay my screen again. Girl never disappoint in her roles. She is truly one of the best actresses and top beauty of her generation.

    Hoping she announces her new agency soon because I saw that she uploaded these jaw-dropping profiles in IG yesterday.

      • Yes. The one that I love about So Hyun is her mature aura,which I cannot find in any of her peers. I guess that is the reason why she can play any roles easily and naturally.

  4. She and Yoo Jung consistently book starrer roles, which shows that the industry is hyping them up as the next big hallyu stars. Sooner, we will see them starring in some of the mega writers’works.

  5. Upon seeing the second teaser, my pessimistic thoughts have been wiped for a while. NGL, but the second teaser deeply impressed me! First time seeing KSH in heavy action scenes and she literally just blew me up. I think it has a really great chance of becoming a hit and I think with this drama, Kim So Hyun will receive a lot of big projects. If famous writers and directors see her performance and the challenging character she took, bigger opportunities will come at her. I feel like she even got the potential to be the face of historical dramas. If C-drama land has Zhao Li Ying then K-drama land has Kim So Hyun!

    • This has to be her most challenging role to date since school 2015 when she played two different characters. I love growth! I love when actors and actresses try new things that are way way out of their comfort zone. I absolutely don’t see any similarities in any of the three historical dramas that she is the lead in.

      • Totally yes! And for a 21 year old playing such kind of roles is just wow- young yet versatile and flexible. In Queen Seondeok, the female lead is in her late 20s already when she took on her big role. So I am really in awe with how wise KSH chooses her project.

      • Out of the Kim trio, So Hyun is the one who chooses her projects well. She can play anything. If her new agency will extensively promote her and help her secure big projects from big PDs and writers, she will be the Park Shin Hye or more of her generation.

  6. I’m absolutely floored by how beautiful she is at the meeting and in the teaser. Her curly hair is everything! I don’t remember the last time I watched a female-centric, action-packed Korean drama, maybe just Mystic Pop-up Bar. But it’s so rare and few in between. Next month can’t come by fast enough! Warrior Princess by day, female assassin by night! Wow, I’m so looking forward to this even if I’m wary of the writer 🙂

      • No kidding, she’s like a Pokémon character that evolved. I had to do double takes looking at the new materials she is in and sure it’s actually her haha

      • From adorable cute kid with chubby cheeks to a pretty girly teenager and now a fine young lady. She just gets better everyday.

  7. So Hyun was born to slay these graceful, dignified royal highness roles. Her memorable cameo in Goblin as the queen and here a few seconds in such short teaser as the princess

  8. This is like an extension of her role in Goblin. So Hyun is so versatile. I cannot imagine that she can play a badass role flawlessly, despite being so reserved and girly in real life. She is indeed a thespian.

  9. Oh my goodness, The goosebumps I felt while watching the teasers was indescribable. Kim So Hyun has so many action scenes that exceeds my expectations. She slay all those enemies without batting an eye. So cold blooded and said “You have to fight when you can’t avoid it.” Then she even win against the perfectionist general second male lead in their sword fighting. His pride must’ve been hurt. Also she’s infiltrating a building at night with her assassin outfit. That’s so cool. I never thought that a princess would want to be the greatest king herself and trying to overthrow his father from his position. And Ji Soo his character was a pacifist but his trying his best to kill just to help Pyeonggang to achieve her dream of becoming the king because he loves her. I’m so excited. I wish River Where The Moon Rises team good luck and success. Be safe while filming.

  10. Nothing against Ji Soo (I love him so much in Page Turner) but I just wished the male lead was some other actor.

    This much longer teaser looks epic and definitely has that QSD’s feel but Ji Soo’s sageuk diction kind of turning me off. He just does not fit sageuk – in term of appearance and the voice. Putting aside that Scarlet Heart Ryeo was badly executed, his sageuk acting was plain bad.

    There’s nothing to say about KSH cos she’s perfection. I just hope this would be worth a watch cos I so longed for a good sageuk, some more with the pre-Joseon setting.

  11. A big WOW for Kim So Hyun. I felt goosebumps while watching the teasers was indescribable.

    Kim So Hyun coolest scenes on teasers YET:

    She was riding on a horse watching the horizon with her warrior clothes.

    She tries to cover her face with her sword on her hand while Ondal was being persistent to see her.

    She infiltrated a place with her assassin outfit where she unexpectedly got into a fierce fight.

    She defeated the perfectionist general second male lead on a sword fighting and aim her swords on his throat. His pride must’ve been hurt being defeated by a girl.

    Her detailed pondering confused expression while wearing a dignified princess outfit exuding her regal aura.

    She skillfully jumps while pursuing something and was able to blend with the dark even when the Moonlight shone.

    She kills the enemies so cold blooded without batting an eye neither hesitant and say “You have to fight when you can’t avoid it.” Seems like his teaching the pacifist Ondal to kill.

  12. WOW I’m literally speechless! There’s a reason why Kim So Hyun has played a lot of Queen/Princess roles in the past (Goblin, The Last Princess, RMOTM), and now with this drama: she has the regal beauty, bearing and presence! I was shook at that part on the teaser where she’s in the princess garb and dangling earrings, just when I thought she couldn’t get even prettier (because she’s already so so so beautiful), she proved me wrong again! She’s 100% deserving of her “Goddess of Historical Drama” title!

    And can we also talk about her look at the script reading? She’s looking beautiful, angelic and fresh, reminds me of her styling around 2017 (which is my favorite era of her visuals-wise), I just LOVE when she goes with the no-bangs look. Of course she’s always beautiful with or without bangs, but without bangs, her beauty is just on another level!

    And so happy to see Lee Ji Hoon finally in the teaser, damn I hope I won’t get Second Lead Syndrome with this one!

    RWTMR, fighting! ???

  13. KSH looks great! And very beautiful!

    My only concern is Ji Soo. I’m not fond of his acting and the fact is playing the strong but big fool won’t help. I don’t think he has the charisma to make this kind of character shine.

    I’m happy to see LJH in this teaser 🙂

  14. My only concern about this drama is that it feels rush considering this is historical and considers a lot of time to finish and polish.

    Rating-wise, my guess is that this will be below Joseon Exorcist. But I will prefer watching this because of So Hyun.

    • But the teaser looks like a movie teaser, very well executed so far so I don’t feel like it’s rush. And it’s been trending on Naver. I don’t know maybe because they’re just been filming for like 3 months?? I thought it would be airing in March but to my surprise it will be airing in February.

    • How is it rushed? The last filming date is in April and that was already decided even before the channel had been decided. Joseon Exorcist started filming 3 weeks after this one did and is airing 3 weeks after so they basically have the same filming time. In fact this one has the advantage of not being a fantasy drama so no special CGI or makeup is needed unlike Joseon Exorcist. This director is famous for filming on time and high quality his last drama had 21 episodes and took only 5 months to film.

      • Your guessing about the ratings doesn’t help at all. When you can’t find any flaws on the 2nd teaser you went up and compare it to another drama like can you just keep it to yourself coz your literally a kill joy. Mood broker, you know how much people love Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon sibling relationship. Just because their drama would clash doesn’t mean you need to degrade the other by making naive comments. You would support RWTMR because there’s KSH while at the same time your making it look like JE was your preference by bringing ratings stuff. Just be honest coz it’s hard to contradict with yourself. Such a sly comment.

      • @unmyeong

        I think it was just an innocent comment they said. It is true that it is a ratings underdog compared to other competitions. And that they are probably unaware of the length of time it takes to film certain projects. I think it’s just miscommunication between friends 🙂

      • @Laura @Marga A naive comment is different from being innocent. Miscommunication arise because sometimes the comments sounds very judgemental just like “below from JE” thing. You could’ve just said it without comparison. And @Laura I’m aware about a lot of factors in RWTMR but calling “True” ratings underdog where in fact it hasn’t aired yet is very offensive. Just please both of you put a very careful thought when you say something. It’s disheartening to read this coming from a co fan.

      • @unmyeong

        Maybe my English isn’t proficient enough but “underdog” isn’t necessary a negative term. It means it has many factors and obstacles going against it. In fact, when people hear the term, they tend to have a more favorable view, because who doesn’t want to root for an “underdog” to succeed? It doesn’t have to be aired for it to be called underdog. They use the term underdog in an uplifting way in dramas such as itaewon class and other dramas where the individual is going against the powerful rivals or enemies haha

        So that’s what I meant by using the term underdog, it has many factors that would make it a bit difficult to be successful unlike a drama that has better resources such as a strong writer.

  15. Im so worried about jisoo. I saw a lot of comments from knetizens asking what is jisoo’s saying in the teaser. They feel like he’s mumbling. I hope he really work hard for this :(( many wished the ML is khn though

  16. How I wish its Lee Ji Hoon as a first lead. Last time he was in sageuk, he also a second lead to first lead that cannot act in sageuk

  17. @Laura Underdog means a group in a particular competition that is popularly expected to lose. It doesn’t have a favorable view. Does cheering need to be sympathetic. It’s just like we’re rooting for them to succeed because we just feel pity for them being an underdog. Support the drama for the actors, not because you just feel sorry for them having a disadvantage. I do encourage you not to use “underdog” term again. You may have your own understanding about the word ‘underdog’ but for those who read your comments that knew the appropriate meaning might misunderstood you completely.

    • @marga @Laura I don’t have anything against you two. Sorry if I sounded angry. Just please think a lot about your comments first because there’s always a room for misunderstanding. I’m just making you guys aware of what others people perceive. Just like what @Kiki @Trei try to defend the drama because we think that the comment was something not good. We wouldn’t become defensive if there’s no slander in the first place.

  18. These people would write positive comments but always put “even” , “even if” in betweens. I don’t think majority of the people commenting here are actual fans but they are rather random netizens or probably belonging to other fandom who leaves their opinion on the topic. Nevertheless, the success of the drama doesn’t depend on someone else’s prejudice. Whether it is called an “underdog”, we will only know its true capability once it starts airing.

    • That’s what I noticed too. There’s nothing wrong in expressing one’s opinion so I try my best not to sound rude and respect theirs as we are entitled to it. But sometimes, we genuine fans cannot help but feel offended. This comment is not addressed to anyone but my very own thoughts only. Peace out ✌️

  19. @unmyeong

    I see your although I don’t necessary agree, it’s tough to try to please everyone and be careful with our words all the time. Some words can seem offensive but some words can sound pleasing to other and Vice verse. It’s difficult to make everyone happy hahaha it’s best to give people the benefit of the doubt 🙂 I honestly don’t see slander in my words or @marga words. slander means when you intentionally tell wrong information and there are evidence that you are intentionally doing it.

    If some people are feeling not as upbeat or optimistic, let them share their opinion and their feelings. It’s honestly not hurting anyone. We can’t be positive all the time.


    I personally think it’s unfair to question someone’s loyalty or if they are an actual fan or not based on some wording choices.

    I hope I’m wrong and that you’re not personally questioning me if I’m a fan or not even when I express skepticism of a drama success. I’ve been a fan of hers since time immemorial haha

    I’ve actually looked up online and read articles and many of them use the term “underdog” in an encouraging and motivating way.


    That’s a good way to look at it, we are all entitled our own opinions as long as we don’t cross the line and insult people in a defamatory manner. If we don’t agree, we just keep living our own lives and try not to jump into conclusions 🙂

    • Sorry if you feel offended but my comment is generalized and not intended for a specific person that is why i used the term “majority”. I am not replying to any comments either nor mentioning someone in my comment so I don’t think that I wrote it for you. I just said my own perception based on my previous readings in this website because I can see that comments on articles found in here are sometimes toxic. So i guess that this is not only a ground for fans but also for different people with a different opinion, different fandom or whatever different it is. But my comment doesn’t exactly mean that I am pertaining to you. Again, this is general 🙂

      • @mizz

        I apologize for making that conclusion because I was the person to use the word “underdog” and you were addressing the usage of that word. Also “majority” means most of the commentators here, which I think it’s unfair to jump into that conclusion. I honestly don’t see anything wrong when people compare things to other dramas and actors and etc unless it’s “100 percent” apparent that they are being hateful by using comparisons and not 99.99 percent. Innocent until proven guilty haha I know what’s like to be accused of something and it’s not true therefore I try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt unless it’s crystal clear, beyond a shadow of doubt haha

  20. Why so serious??
    Is this drama going to go head to head with Joseon exorcist?
    I bet we are gonna have so much fun comparing ratings if they do.

    • I hope by comparing you don’t mean fanwars. Such things attract crazies which results to a toxic comment section. I really hope you don’t mean that way.

      • Rating creates buzz and can even promote the dramas. So why not?
        Fanwars happen when you reply to trolls or get too sensitive to things not even worth to be sensitive about, like the above comments. Even ‘underdog’ becomes a nasty word smh.

  21. Josean exorcist is more of my kind drama but i hope that both the dramas do well so there wont b any need and chance of comparison and all fandoms happy

  22. Yes hope that will b the case also when HCG will air

    We should appreciate the efforts of all actors rather then comparing them this way we fans can enjoy all the dramas without any worries

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