OCN Drama The Uncanny Counter the First to Break 10% Ratings, Gets 2nd Season, and Cast Featured in Cine21 Pictorial

There is so much to celebrate and be proud of and it the biggest surprise of the last month has got to be OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. It airs on the smallest of the three notable cable networks and features a main cast without any big name stars. But it’s been a hit for the network since the premiere and the ratings has only gone up. This Sunday the drama broke 10% ratings, the first time for ANY drama airing on OCN, hitting 10.581% for episode 12. The series is schedule for 16 episodes but due to the supernatural fighting crew genre and because it’s based on a webtoon, there is still more story to tell and the network has confirmed the series will get a second season. This week leads Jo Byung Kyu, Kim Se Jung, Yoo Joon Sang, and Yeom Hye Ran also got a glossy pictorial on movie magazine Cine21, nicely done underdogs!


OCN Drama The Uncanny Counter the First to Break 10% Ratings, Gets 2nd Season, and Cast Featured in Cine21 Pictorial — 20 Comments

  1. Congrats uncanny counter team!

    I’m curious now, since audience base has been expanding exponentially in cable tv, tvn and jtbc has been generally doing better than public channels for years, do we still use the same formula for audience viewership in regards of if it’s considered a success or not because it seems many if not most domestic Koreans have access to both public and cable tv in their homes? Personally I don’t see cable tv having a disadvantage anymore unlike in its earlier years in dramaland. Generally from what I noticed is that if a drama is good quality, the audience will follow for the most part, not always but you know what I mean haha

  2. So UC had to hit double digits to finally catch Koala’s eye.
    More story to tell? More like they’re capitalizing on the high ratings with another season. Just like Penthouse. Not a bad thing but the single season format of K-dramas is part of its appeal. Some say dramas are losing their unique flavor and this might be one more thing to be lost. Anyhoo… Congrats to the cast and crew!

    • Yeah more story to tell (webtoon still ongoing) and popular also a plus , its ocn duh they pioneer in korea for succesfull multy season drama
      They have 10 seasons of god quiz , 3 season of vampire prosecutor, 3 season of voice

      • Still capitalizing on the high ratings, duh. Didn’t say it was a bad thing. And I certainly didn’t ask for your opinion, lazy ass.

  3. Already hooked since the first episode without checking the rating, thanks to Netflix. Love the chemistry of the Counters family! Anyway the leads are quite popular in dramaland

  4. Loved the first 10 episodes but the story is beginning to drag. I hope it ends well (fingers crossed). Does the Uncanny Counter need another season? Not really. And the trouble with multiple seasons is that the arc of the original season will now be incomplete instead of tying up all the loose ends and giving closure to the characters. Looks like any hit kdrama nowadays should automatically be signed up for sequels in today’s environment. Not complaining though, we’ll take what we can get.

    • Between the demons doing study abroad and the weird cop-out reinstatement scene in “Yung”, this drama kind of jumped the shark for me.

      I agree, its been dragging. Unless Season 2 is about a different Counter team, I’m not that enthused, and think we spent enough time with these characters.

  5. I knew it was going to be a hit the moment I saw the trailer before the scheduled premiere.

    The ratings are truly deseved.

    Just hope they they finish the story arc and not leave us hanging. Since it is a webtoon they could give us a new arc and a new villain for the second season.

    Don’t be like Penthouse which is only getting a second or even a third season just for the ratings.

    Some Kdramas in the past which did well made a second season which I didn’t like. Main examples Neighborhood lawyer and Romantic Doctor season 2.

  6. If there is a second season on Kdrama I’d trust OCN with it more than other channels.
    They were able to do Gods Quiz, Vampire Prosecutor, Special Affairs Team TEN and Voice. Though i guess these are more procedural dramas rather than supernatural superhero drama like Uncanny Counter.

    …also I am still crossing my fingers for Season 3 of Vampire Prosecutor.

  7. I like this drama but I prefered the beginning when the hero was just a student and not when it became politics. But it’s really an original story and the casting is good.

    • i thought so too. it was more interesting when the lead was fighting against the school bullies and the story is more about hunting evil spirit. now it gets pretty boring when they involved too much on the political things. i am still hanging onto this drama for the counter family and the evil spirit gangs.i hope the next season there will be no more about the politics

      • Agreed. The emphasis on politics and police corruption is ruining the drama for me. I’d rather they just stuck to getting rid of evil spirits and fighting bullies.

  8. Yeah!!! I am so happy! What well-deserved recognition for this cast and crew! I almost didn’t watch this show as the premise didn’t seem that interesting, but did since it was on Netflix and easy to access. I am so happy I did. I have loved it since the first episode. I liked Jo Byung Kyu in Stove League (first time I ever saw him) and after watching him in UC I have to say that kid is a super star in the making if acting skills have anything at all to do with hitting it big anymore. Because that kid can SERIOUSLY ACT!!!! But really, that whole cast is fantastic! Great job, everybody!

  9. Finally a post about this drama . I recommended it since the start when people only were speaking about My queen wich i like too . But The uncanny counter came from nowhere with a less popular cast so i’m happy that so many viewers are enjoying the show as i am . Congrats !

  10. I watched 3 episodes of this show and decided to hold of offuntill it was over, its definitely one to binge. So excited it’s getting a second season

  11. One of the BEST dramas. I look forward to it every weekend. It’s so hard to wait for new episodes. Im super excited about a second season I can hardly wait for that. Once the drama is finished I will definitely watch again!! Love the cast the plot everything about it would recommend to all. If Netflix had a section to review on this it would definitely be getting a great review from me.

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