OCN Drama The Uncanny Counter the First to Break 10% Ratings, Gets 2nd Season, and Cast Featured in Cine21 Pictorial

There is so much to celebrate and be proud of and it the biggest surprise of the last month has got to be OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. It airs on the smallest of the three notable cable networks and features a main cast without any big name stars. But it’s been a hit for the network since the premiere and the ratings has only gone up. This Sunday the drama broke 10% ratings, the first time for ANY drama airing on OCN, hitting 10.581% for episode 12. The series is schedule for 16 episodes but due to the supernatural fighting crew genre and because it’s based on a webtoon, there is still more story to tell and the network has confirmed the series will get a second season. This week leads Jo Byung Kyu, Kim Se Jung, Yoo Joon Sang, and Yeom Hye Ran also got a glossy pictorial on movie magazine Cine21, nicely done underdogs!

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jTBC Presents Another Mature Suspense Drama with July 2020 Premiere of Graceful Friends with Song Yoon Ah and Yoo Joon Sang

If tvN is the most mainstream of the cable networks, OCN has carved out procedurals/thrillers, Chosun TV has one hit a year with sageuks, then jTBC is the indie that’s riding the dark horse all the way to the deepest … Continue reading

PD Ahn Pan Seok’s Upcoming Heard it Through the Grapevine Drops First Interesting Teaser

Wahhhhh, I’m already salivating for Heard it Through the Grapevine and the drama doesn’t disappoint with the first intriguing teaser. Normally I get excited over the casting of a drama but this one has me roped in to watch PD … Continue reading

Twelve Critically Acclaimed Actors in the Anniversary Edition of Vogue Korea

Woah, Mamma Mia! To celebrate its 16th anniversary in publication, Vogue Korea rounded up a who’s who of Korean male actors ranging from the esteemed veteran (Ahn Sung Ki) to the youngest little wunderkind (that would be Yoo Seung Ho). … Continue reading