Queen Cheorin Episode 12 Breaks Out with 13.224% Ratings as the Story Explodes with New Intensity

Just as I thought tvN Sat-Sun sageuk Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) may not break out of the 12% ratings plateaued until closer to the end, it took a big blast free this Sunday as episode 12 brought in a cool new high 13.224% ratings. I feel like the King is really moving beyond his plotting phase and the unexpected twists and turns in interactions with Bong Hwan in So Young’s body as the King has finally made headway in his life quest to bring down the shadow masters Andong Kim Clan and the Great Dowager Queen. It’s unfortunate the drama is a three-headed demon making me also hate the Dowager Queen and Concubine side so it’s like I can’t concentrate my annoyance at one side and I don’t know who will end up being more dangerous to the righteous King and his quest to right wrongs. The ending for episode 12 certainly pulled no punches for how dangerous it is for him, each step is on landmines but thankfully he really has his Queen’s full support even if he doesn’t know why.


Queen Cheorin Episode 12 Breaks Out with 13.224% Ratings as the Story Explodes with New Intensity — 14 Comments

  1. It seems Mr. Queen’s ratings usually spike on Sundays more than Saturdays. I wonder what dramas, if any, are competing with it.

    Yet to watch this one. But did you say the Queen has made headway in his life quest to bring down the Andong Kim clan and the Grand Dowager Queen? Or did you mean the King?

    • maybe im biased cause I’m SHS fan, but I do think she sometimes (not all the time ofc!!) “swallows” her co-leads onscreen, especially when it comes to intense scenes (man, that one scene with the ML in Golden Life!!). but with KJH, they just complement each other. like I found myself focusing on them both when they’re both on the screen (unlike in some other where my eyes are just on SHS). I just want them both on-screen at the same time – their chemistry is sizzling.

      • Agreed with you. SHS is very charismatic when she acts and tends to upstages her partner but KJH can really goes up to her level. Most of their confrontation scenes (the lake no touching scene, the Jasmine Tea scene, etc) showed how compatible are their acting. Love how the director chose to used a tight close up frames during those scenes so we can really see their superb eye acting.

  2. This drama keeps on amazed me, I can’t wait for the next episodes. Ep 12 ending really surprised me, the plot is becoming dark and heavy. I love KJH and SHS, they’re doing such great job.

  3. How I wish this is also being streamed in Netflix because this drama is so underrated internationally. The leads deserve a big Hallyu recognition.

    • In life, you can’t always have everything. They’re getting smash ratings other dramas would kill for. That should be enough. But just because the drama is not on Netflix doesn’t mean it’s underrated internationally. I-fans rave about this drama to the moon and back.

  4. Still loving this drama and I’m so looking forward to weekends because of this. True, the storyline may not be the strongest but the comedic scenes and the superb acting of the 2 leads keeps me glued, especially SHS. She can steal a scene with just her eyebrows acting lol. SHS is shaping up to be one of my favorite actresses, she’s like the female version of Cho Seung-woo to me, where I can always count on their solid, excellent performance.

  5. I should not be watching this while it’s airing. So hard to wait a whole week. I agree with all those who say that SHS and KJH are really compatible together acting wise. My favorite scene is the one after the queen saves the king and HJ. I loved what BH/queen said to him – everything made sense – he should have tried to understand her before attempting to kill her. Pretty much every fight scene between them is great because it’s packed with so much emotion.

    I miss that the leads did not have too many scenes together in the last two episodes.

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