Kim So Hyun is Mesmerizing as a Warrior Princess in New Stills from Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises

Two different news articles on K-actress Kim So Hyun to kick off the week on a lazy Monday morning. First are the new drama stills from her upcoming sageuk River Where the Moon Rises, playing a princess who is also a warrior protecting her kingdom herself down in the battle trenches. She’s totally believable, sure she’s beautiful and tiny but she’s got the intensity and pissed off energy that can drive one to bring forth all that inner strength to wield a sword. On the career front, she officially part ways with her agency last week and today confirmed that she will sign with Culture Depot with reps Jeon Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye. Great unni sunbaes for her to work alongside and definitely super exciting to see her career get a different management.


Kim So Hyun is Mesmerizing as a Warrior Princess in New Stills from Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises — 99 Comments

    • You got that right. No one and I mean nobody does historical dramas the way she does. Naturally gifted and versatile she’s legendary.

      • @kayla Never heard of that. I think KYJ’s title is Sageuk Fairy, not Queen of Sageuk lol

      • Saguek fairy is the most popular title but, there are Korean articles which regard as Queen of Sagueks because of her prominent participation in big saguek dramas. I think So Hyun’s title as Queen of Historical Dramas comes from the fact that she always play as queen in saguek dramas.

      • @kayla Oh okay then.
        I think bottom line is they’re both great at sageuks, and that’s why they have their own official titles, Goddess of Historical Drama (So Hyun) and Sageuk Fairy (KYJ). Really amazes me because acting in sageuks isn’t easy, but they were already great at it even as child actresses. They even blow some older actresses out of the water when it comes to acting in sageuks lol
        So Hyun is so young, but has already acted in almost all kind of historical dramas, Goryeo era (Goblin), Joseon era (almost all her early sageuks, RMOTM, Tale of Nokdu), Japanese occupation period (The Last Princess), and now Goguryeo era in this upcoming drama.

      • @kayla

        actually, there are sooooo many actresses that k-ent regarded as queen of sageuk. for instance, jin saeyon, kim tae hee, moon chae won, lee young ae, han jimin etc. there are tons of articles about them in naver. but since these two fandoms most probably always checked on each other, so we knew only these two. actually the 2 articles about sso and yj being queen of saeguk, both articles mentioned like this “.. they’re on their way on becoming the sageuk empress..”, which means that the title isn’t there yet. but probably most of the fans has a trouble in reading comprehension, so only looked on the title.

        but why not right? we’re entitled on our opinion. the sucks thing is if one of the fandom claimed that title as theirs, and then when other ppl using it for their favs, they immediately refute is as theirs…as what had happened in instagram ?

      • @hjw Yes, I think the title Queen of Sageuks is like Nation’s Little Sister, it doesn’t OFFICIALLY belong to only one actress. Really just depends on who a person thinks is the Queen of Sageuks for him/her, and in this case, it’s So Hyun for me. She’s done almost all kinds of historical dramas already, amazingly at that, and at such a young age!
        She has her official title tho, which is Goddess of Historical Drama

  1. She looks fantastic. I find KSH not only an amazing actress but also someone who can adapt to different roles and make it very believable. Sometimes, even good actors always seem a bit like themselves… she’s definitely not like that to me.

    I’m really looking forward to this even though Ji Soo in sageuks is simply abysmal if Scarlet Heart is something to go by.

    • IKR! I’ve been a fan since forever and every single project she continuously surprise me. Like how at such age she can summon all those emotions and really became the character??
      And it really helps that she’s one of the few who have expressive eyes.

      Tho I must admit I’m in doubt for her to take this role bec she’s not the sporty one, but damn the stills and special teasers erased all that!

  2. Damn, covered in blood in a battlefield and still so so so beautiful! ?
    Well what can I say, she looks so breathtakingly badass in these photos!
    It’s super fascinating to me that Kim So Hyun has this really soft, feminine, dainty, doll-like beauty and aura, but when she does action scenes, it’s just so believable! Reminds me of Kim Tae Ri in Mr. Sunshine, very delicately pretty, yet so badass in action!
    Anyway, I’m so happy with all the news about her these days, one can never have enough Kim So Hyun!
    I just wish Culture Depot will take care of her. I expect the agency to make her future brighter than ever, and I hope they won’t let her and us fans down!
    Beautiful Queen Sso and RWTMR, fighting! ???

  3. She looks like the younger version of Go Hyun Jung. It’s like watching the young Mishil and Mishil is one of my fave sageuk characters ever – super smart and so badass.

    KSH totally rawking here.

    • i always thought that jin jihee resembles go hyun jung.. but when u said like that, i kind of agree with it.. i can see the aura of mishil in her ?

    • Spot on. Kim So Hyun looks like a young Go Hyun Jung in those stills. Hope she plays an antagonist in the future because we all know that is where she started and she is really good at that kind of role.

  4. Holy fire she looks mesmerizingly stunning but badass at the same time. Pretty like a rose but spiky like the thorns. I have a huge weak spot on female characters who are not just strong mentally but also physically, which is so rare in historical drama. The last one would be empress ki haha Good luck to her in her new agency. She deserves the love.

    • it is rare to see a strong female lead in sageuk, but we can see easily a strong female lead in chinese historical drama. that’s why now my attention shifted to chinese ancient costume drama, coz I’m a huge fan of strong female lead, especially in historical drama. but after knowing thay sso gonna act as a strong warrior princess in sageuk, i only hope that I’m still breathing until the drama is airing.. coz this is like the happiest news ever happened to me.. more happier than i got my highest degree.

      • What’s your top three recommended Chinese historical dramas for strong & smart female lead? The last Chinese historical drama I watched was untamed! I loved it so much!

        I can relate to your reactions! Buy some oxygen tanks just in case you hyperventilate haha

      • @laura

        my top 3 would be

        1) Love and Redemption
        2) Princess Agent
        3) ten miles peach blossom

        actually i would go for goodbye my princess as number 3, but here the fl can’t fight. but she’s mentally strong. while ten miles peach blossom, i think the drama is more into romance, but the fl still do have some power. but if you to watch a fl who really have want full of actions, it’s love and redemption and princess agent. it’s just love and redemption is more on fantasy (xianxia) while princess agent is more on martial arts (wuxia). but bith drama are superb and great

      • @hjw

        OMG, thank you so much for the splendid list and for taking the time to give me some detailed explanations 🙂

      • Since you add TMOPB, you should add Legend of Fu Yao as well. Fuyao was one of the strongest FL I’ve seen

      • @ma

        I’m a new in cdrama, so I’ve only watched that four so far.. hahha.. but i love that fours.. I’m planning to watch listening snow tower after this. i think here the fl is strong too

    • OMG yes! I hope Gong Yoo will make a cameo in this drama. I know that most likely won’t happen, but a girl can dream lol
      They were adorable as siblings in Goblin.

    She’s indeed truly beautiful ❤️
    That high ponytail emphasizes her perfect face. I’m loving her without bangs. ?

    • Absolutely. Love how the high pony especially emphasizes her beautiful high cheekbones! And yes, she’s always been a goddess, but her beauty without bangs is just on another level! ?
      I hope she will always be bangs-free from now on, tho her bangs will always be iconic! lol

  6. OMG! I think it is a good strategy that she chose Culture Depot because her chances of working with the industry’s best is so high now. Further, I think Culture Depot will treat her well and she is not going to compete for projects because most of her labelmates are older than her. I am now excited what will be her 1st project under Culture Depot. Hope it is a romantic comedy.

    On one hand, she is so fierce in those stills. At first glance, I thought she was Song Hye Kyo. Then, at some, she looks like Son Ye Jin and Ha Ga In. Haahha. Her beauty is so universal. Hope for RWTMR big success!

    • @thylane I agree with everything you said! I hope her next project will be a Park Ji Eun drama, and the possibility is exciting me so much!
      And yes about her beauty being universal. Her beauty fits the Korean beauty standards (big eyes, small high-bridged nose, plump lips, small oval face), but at the same time, still unique that it also appeals to international fans, and that’s why she’s the Hallyu princess of her generation!

      Also, I’ve always thought she, Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin all look alike, they could pass as sisters, beautiful sisters ?

      • She is definitely the hallyu princess and future queen of her generation. Recently, she surpassed 10 million Instagram followers and currently, the youngest among K-actresses to achieve that feat. This is in consideration of her zero acting projects and lack of promotions last 2020.

      • Hi, so I’ve heard the two Kim girls being called Hallyu stars. Not trying to be shady. I’m just curious since I’m not familiar with either of them. But what Hallyu drama on the level of MLFTS, CLOY, Goblin, DOTS, etc. have they headlined?

      • @Chopin Who Are You: School 2015 was the drama that propelled Kim So Hyun into Hallyu stardom. It may not have the highest ratings domestically, but it was very popular and well-loved internationally, and when it comes to Hallyu popularity, that is what matters more. That drama definitely made Kim So Hyun one of the most recognizable young K-actresses internationally. It even has a Thai remake. She also appeared in Goblin, a special appearance that was memorable to the viewers. Love Alarm is also a hit internationally, it’s one of Netflix’s top releases in 2019, that’s why it’s renewed for a second season.
        And she currently has 10 million followers on Instagram. Like @thylane said, she’s the youngest K-Actress to achieve that, and it’s a big testament to her international popularity.

        As for Kim Yoo Jung, her drama Love in The Moonlight was a hit, but more of a domestic one.
        She’s more known as a domestic star than Hallyu star, I think.

      • @Winterbear

        I think it is not proper to call Yoo Jung as a domestic star only. She has a significat following internationally also but not as high as So Hyun.

        Further, LITM is both a domestic and international hit. Though, Yoo Jung did not capitalize from its popularity as much as PBG, that drama is still credited under her belt.

      • @winterbear
        @chopin just said she dint knew the kim sisters why u getting triggered by it
        should i get triggered when u just called my idol a domestic celebritity i wont becoz u dint mean in a bad way
        Comparing faces and auras dont bring success but hardwork and everyone has theur own destiny irrespective of who they resemble
        Abt her having less followers on ig she is also the least active person on ig if u see her posts so i wont say that is the defining factor for popularity

        @lilyan All the fandoms have jealous fans and sso haters so stop bringing sosukes in it even if lowkeyed
        Nowadays there is less fanwars so plz keep it that way

        Enjoy ur girls success

      • @Ana
        “just said she didn’t know the Kim sisters, so why u getting triggered?”

        Wait what? Who’s getting triggered? Did I just misunderstood your comment? Because there’s no one who’s “triggered” here. Chopin asked what dramas of So Hyun and Yoo Jung made people call them hallyu stars, so I answered her, she thanked me for replying, end of story. No one’s fighting here lol.

        “should I get triggered because you just called my idol a domestic celebrity”

        Of course you shouldn’t get triggered because being called a domestic star is NOT an insult. There’s nothing wrong with only being popular domestically, in fact a lot of top Korean actors who are some of the highest-paid, aren’t even hallyu stars, such as Go Hyun Jung, Kim Nam Gil, Ji Sung, Joo Won, etc., so I don’t understand why you’re taking it as an insult lol

        Okay, I did make a mistake by seeming to imply that KYJ has no international popularity whatsoever, but it wasn’t my intention at all, I just meant that she’s not as popular internationally as she is domestically. I guess I just didn’t worded it properly so it sounded like I was downplaying her popularity, when I certainly wasn’t lol

        But yeah, I assure you no one is triggered here, we’re just discussing opinions. I actually love that we all can have a civil discussion now compared to before when it was all fanwars haha

      • So Hyun is not active in IG as well but, I think why Yoo Jung is not as popular internationally is because she has less dramas being aired outside Korea. As you know, international fans get to know a Korean star through her dramas. So, the less your exposure overseas, the less is your international popularity.

        Nevertheless, I believe that Yoo Jung can still be considered as a hallyu star.

      • @Ana I don’t think @WinterBear is triggered as triggered means that a person showing intense reaction. @WinterBear is just explaining why she/he knows that SoHyun is a hallyu star and he/she is not comparing the girls. If you read again his/her comment, he/she separated her/his explanation “As for” pertaining to the other actress. But I strongly disagree that Yoo Jung is a domestic star. Let us read carefully the comments on this blog to avoid misunderstanding.
        P.S. I kept using he/she and his/her because y’know

      • @Ana

        I don’t think @winterbear is being triggered at all. And What’s wrong with being domestically hit? If anything, it’s to her advantage bec at the end of the day what’s important for a drama is rating and k-netz acknowledgement. I-netz recognition is only a plus.

        As for the IG, I don’t know how long you have been following her. But she deleted her old post that’s why it seemed that she’s not more active. And I don’t think the time of creation of Kim’s sisters IG has a very long interval also.

        It’s just that I have to agree School 2015+ love alarm gave KSH more recognition internationally.

      • @ana your favorite had IG for many years too and she was very active but sometime last year or two years ago, she deleted most of her posts. No one knows why. So don’t try to justify and put someone else down because you don’t know the facts of your own idol. It is one of the defining examples of popularity for actors

      • i hate it when I’ve already dropped comments but it didn’t appear in comment section at all.. it pissed me off… but here i go again

        @ana why did see @winterbear as being triggered? from my pov, she’s just explained about why sso is hallyu star comprehensively coz she as sso’s fan knows her the best. so why don’t u also explain why yj is a hallyu star too? coz u know her the best right as a fan..there’s no wrong to explain comprehensively on why our favs is hallyu star. or were u felling uncomfortable reading her comments?

      • @Chopin

        Technically, KSH doesn’t yet have a drama on the Hallyu monster hit-level of CLOY, MLFTS, Goblin, DOTS but she has achieved so much internationally to earn the Hallyu star title. For KYJ, I’m not really sure so I’ll leave that up to her fans to respond.

      • LOL That Ana is always overdramatic as hell. In what sense is @Winterbear triggered? Drama queen much? If that’s how you react to a person answering a simple question in a neutral way, then YOU are the triggered one ?

  7. for sure this will attract hate and jealousy to u know whom fandom…especially the junjihyun part coz they always said that u know who to have similar face with JJH and will be the next JJH. and I know many fans in u know who fandom are sso’s haters. well.. i hope the can cope well with all of the news

    • I’m not sure why you have to bring it up. Obviously it will happen, jealousy will happen in ever fandom, humans are humans but I think it’s for the best we don’t even leave this kind of comment so that we can avoid triggering more sensitive people. I’m a fan of both girls so in my opinion these kind of comments are worrisome. Not trying to be strict or prevent you from posting this kind of comments but just letting you know my perspective and you can do what you will haha

      • @Laura I agree. I know a certain fandom will be jealous, but best not to summon the devil, which in this case, are toxic fans lol

    • Agree. Yoo Jung resembles Ji Hyun while So Hyun resembles Ye Jin (in face) and Hye Kyo (in aura).

      Their rivalry is something I am not bothered because the fact is, it helps them become always relevant and book jobs regularly. Moreover, they are friends in real life who support each other. I remember So Hyun considers and looks up to Yoo Jung as her sunbae and acting inspiration.

      • Alright. Not to police anyone’s opinion, but can we end the comparison thing here? Before this comment section turned into world war 3 lmao ?
        They’re both talented, they’re friends in real life, end of story.

  8. Great fierce shots of her. I think she can easily pull of female warrior roles such as this, looks like there is no awkwardness in her face and entire body above in these action shots (especially picture #3), either she trained well for her action scenes or she is naturally athletic. She can convincingly play both damsel in distress and female warrior, such a talented girl.

    • I think she is naturally athletic because I watched a video of her practicing some stunts for Let’s Fight Ghost. And I can say that she is so natural and very believable in those stunts. The only thing I am not impressed is the way she runs. It looks so awkward and weak. Haha.

      • I only watched in Youtube. I am amazed that she do not look awkward during that stunt practice. She may become an action queen if she will pursue it.

  9. Fans of So Hyun, you have to lower your expectations because the hype around RWTMR does not gurantee high ratings (and considering it will be aired in KBS).

    Further, her signing with Culture Depot does not mean that she will be pushed as next JJH and will be working with Park Ji Eun.

    In this case, you will not be disappointed.

    • @marga
      What you stated is wise and logical. Hype doesn’t guarantee success. And signing with culture depot doesn’t guarantee she will be the next hallyu queen nor does it guarantees she will work with Park Ji Eun. Lowering expectations is the best way to tamper disappointments. Just hope for the best and cheer for her efforts ?

      • @winterbear

        we never said anything that she is the next junjihyun or her next would be park ji eun writer.. i think probably almost of the fans saying that WE ARE HOPING THAT… which I think isn’t even an issue. coz they’re already the same agency. so why not hoping like that?

      • No one even mentioned that this drama will surely hit high ratings, we fans actually keep our expectations low. The hype from fans is because KBS is not promoting the drama well just like @WinterBear said. Her signing with Culture Depot is really a great news for us. It’s natural for fans to joyed over this and no one mentioned she will be the next JJH. If anything, she will be Kim So Hyun. She has her own style and charisma so she will be her.

    • @marga Hype? lmao I wish it has more hype, actually. KBS barely promotes it, it’s Victory Contents who does all the promotion. It’s mostly us fans of the actors who hype the drama up. And even if it has more hype, most of us KSH are realistic enough to not expect any DOTS-level ratings, as we know achieving high ratings is super hard these days. But we can still hope for the best and cheer our faves, right? I just don’t see the point in being all pessimistic.

      And no one even mentioned about KSH being pushed as the next JJH. We’re just happy that our Queen is now in the same agency as another Queen (JJH). Nobody said it’s a guarantee that she’ll work with Park Ji Eun either, it’s just a possibility, and one that makes sense since they’re in the same company now and So Hyun is one of the most in demand young actresses. No harm in hoping, surely?

      • RWMTR and So Hyun has been trending even though it is not yet aired. So, there is a hype and anticipation about this drama. We cannot anymore say that is is underrated. In fact, intetnational fans are more excited for this than the currently airing dramas.

    • Oris are already aware of this considering the lack of promotion from KBS.

      As for CD, I also have reservations about their actors’ promotions or lack of too, like not everyone is Hallyu Goddess JJH who heightens the anticipation for every project even if it takes years. But maybe they put some stipulations that will be greatly beneficial for sso? As we all know she’s a wise person, so as a fan I’ll support her decision about this one.

      Sso, fighting!??

    • I think it will go well, both in Korea and abroad, in naver the teaser has more visits than other dramas that will also premiere in February and every time I enter an image, preview or video of this drama on Twitter, it appears to me, I think In advertising he is doing well and also in expectations, I am not a fan but from me all the luck in the world to this drama.

      • @Isaa

        I agree. I’m surprised people say this drama is not getting promoted enough when I see it getting hyped everywhere.

      • @chopin
        Being promoted is different from getting hype.

        This drama is mostly promoted by the production company and not from KBS which they should if it’s really airing next month.

        “Getting hyped” are mostly from fans, because like I’ve said, not enough promotion from the network.

      • @Chopin
        I do not mean that, that is, I have no idea if the drama is being promoted or not, but it is their fans or the production who are expanding the marketing they are doing well, I by mistake saw the teaser in naver looking for a preview of another drama and had a lot of views, check this blog how many comments, really the drama is being expected and that makes me happy.
        It’s not a bad wave on my part, on the contrary, I think it’s super nice that expectations are high and the whole team is reaping the fruits of their hard work.

      • @Isaa

        I agreed with the part about “advertising and expectations“. And I also wish the drama well.

    • LOL I can’t believe someone is ordering us what to feel about the upcoming drama. We know everything about RWTMR. But that won’t change the fact that we’re very excited about it not just So Hyun’s fandom but almost kdrama enthusiast. And as you have said there’s no guarantee of high ratings because even some well known directors got low ratings on their last project despite the promotions of broadcasting channel themselves.

      Also there’s a high possibility of So Hyun to work with PJE. Fans are hoping that those possibility could be achieve. JJH isn’t some kind of trophy either. So Hyun is making her own name and everyone is recognizing her with it. Just focus on your fave rather than limiting others of what they should feel as if you even care.

      • @Epoch
        I know right, that comment probably didn’t mean to be rude, but it still really weirded me out lol.
        I’m realistic in my expectations writing-wise and ratings-wise, but the cast is a different story, and we’re allowed to get excited and hype the drama up. Of course it’s nice to see the drama succeed and achieve high ratings, but we’re not obsessing over ratings, we’re just genuinely excited for the story and the cast, especially KSH. Also, yeah the writer had some duds among his works, but people seem to forget that he’s also one of the writers for the film Taegukgi, so this could go either way, and this still has potential to be a good drama, and us fans are allowed to have that sliver of hope. Keyword is possibility lol

        Bottom line is, nothing wrong with hyping up your fave’s upcoming project as long as you’re not putting down other actors or dramas

  10. All fans have the tendency to have expectations for their idols. So for Kim So Hyun fans, your feelings are valid. Whether your level of hype is low or high, it is valid. Hoping is normal and do not let others be restrictive of what you feel for your faves. We are all bound to either disappointment or fulfillment, so keep those hopes alive. I believe KSH will one day get her hit drama. Regardless of how others invalidate your thoughts and ideas, her right timing will still come. It can be later but it can also be sooner than we thought.

    • I love this comment. Thank you!
      lmao we’re not even being arrogant about it, we’re not claiming this will be 100% a big hit, we’re just beyond excited to see our Queen playing a badass warrior-princess role because not all actresses will be given this kind of opportunity. And we know that low or high ratings, our Sso will give her 100% best, as always, and her and her performance is what we’re excited to see, not the ratings lol (although of course it would still be nice if this gets high ratings…)

      • @Marga is always overly concerned about KSH. I always see her comments restricting the excitement of KSH fandom. Right now, KSH fandom has all the reason to celebrate. Kim So Hyun a 99 liner at that joins a power house agency Culture Depot which has a renowned writer, the most highest paid celebrity in Korea, a Hollywood actress, Subsidiary of Studio Dragons and produced 2 big hit dramas under their belt (CLOY & LOTBS). It’s very natural to overjoy about this. Because it’s the truth there is a very high possibility of KSH to work with them. Coz why not? KSH was even invited for cameo appearance in Goblin where Kim Eun Sook is the writer.

        Anyways, if you Marga’s comment or her avatar just pass by because she won’t stop doing so. She didn’t even explain herself that it was all a misunderstanding and just let again someone defend on her stead. Just like on previous KSH article where she drops a comment and left others hanging. It’s not a nice gesture to keep REPEATEDLY limit the hype of a certain fandom.

      • @Whereismycomment You are right that girl always makes that type of comment. How would we know if she is being misunderstood? The explanation should come from her not others. Because she’s the only one who could tell no matter how much comprehension we do. This isn’t normal it reminds of the past trolls strategy who drops one comment at a time and induce fan wars but this girl can construct her words good. It isn’t harmful however it makes you feel suffocated. If I see that girl again making such type of comments I will officially consider her as a troll and leave her alone. It’s too late to give her chance to explain now after all what happened in this comment section where she just stay silent all the time just like before.

  11. @epoch

    Is my English comprehension this bad? I think @marga was just telling us all not to jump into conclusion just incase some of us are doing that. I think they’re just trying to share to us a realistic viewpoint but @marga doesn’t realize most people are probably aware of that and they’re just being optimistic.

    “You have to lower your expectations…”
    It sounds like a suggestion or kind advice because if @marga was ordering people, wouldn’t she sound more aggressive and say, “Stop, go lower your expectations now!!!”

    And then marga said,”in this case, you will not be disappointed.”

    Does that not sound like she doesn’t want people to be disappointed? It sounds like a nice gesture to me. Maybe it’s just me and my poor English comprehension.

    • @Laura Yeah, I don’t think marga has bad intentions, it’s just a bit weird to me seeing that kind of comment when almost no one is expecting this to have high ratings lol

      • @winterbear
        I see what you mean, I don’t expect high ratings either haha English can be such a challenging language especially when we are communicating online where we cannot see facials expressions or emotions expressed vocally.

      • @Laura Yes, it really is. I even got called “triggered” above when I just answered a question calmly and objectively lmao ?

      • @winterbear

        I had to look up the word “trigger” to make sure I understood the meaning haha. I only saw you presenting and sharing information so I think @ana made a mistake because that’s not what triggered mean. You only responded back. With my English comprehension, I didn’t detect anger or hostility. So yes, internet is a ripe area for misunderstanding and miscommunication unfortunately:(

  12. In case of expectation I was not expecting anything much since the casting news to the 1st teaser. I was excited but other than So Hyun this drama has very little buzz worthy elements, from the casts to the script to the Pd and writer. And don’t forget how it was tossed around trying to find a network. We all thought it would be MBC didn’t we? But last week when 2nd teaser was released and all of sudden the hashtag #RiverwheretheMoonrises topped Naver real time hotsearch that afternoon. It’s a rare case for a lackluster promoting drama to have such feat. Now I have some hope for myself. Not exactly expectation, but hope. That this drama will do well despise KBS pr team being useless. That Sso will get her deserved breakthrough role after so many trials. Let’s hope and see.

    • Thanks to fans and Victory Content. Now, RWTMR has the sufficient hype from both domestic and international viewers. I am hoping for both ratings and critical acclaims but, it is something we cannot control. So, let’s just settle to positive thinking that stars will align to make RWTMR a good drama.

  13. It has been a long time since So Hyun got her 1st break through School 2015. That drama made So Hyun an in-demand leading lady of today and provided her lot of opportunities in terms of leading roles in acting projects, enforsements, magazine shoots, fan meetings, etc.

    Hence, I feel like her 2nd break will come sooner. It can be through RWTMR or in the dramas that Culture Depot will secure for her. It is a strange feeling but, my guts say that So Hyun will blow up as superstar sooner.

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