Episode 15 tVN Drama Awaken Drops Major Reveals Like Whatevs on the Way to Finale

Okay, I can’t stop watching Awaken (Night and Day) even though I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS and I know most won’t be answered by the end. This drama is so weird, building a conspiracy on perhaps the most horrific power grab ever explored by a K-drama, where rich people (or person) seeks eternal life and in the process uses actual kids (and adults like gangsters and homeless) in clinical trials and basically every test subject dies (like hundreds if not thousands of people) and it’s all like “eh, what’cha goin’ do ’bout it” with people who are trying to stop them in the slowest way possible. In this drama there is actually a character who has stopped aging, another turning back the aging clock using pills, a person with super power strength, another with super intelligence, you name it and it’s there but the drama is so clinical, so antiseptic, so blase about all that wild stuff and presents it like it’s just all about a hero bringing justice by stopping baddies as if this was your garden variety K-drama thriller such as a ganglord having a judge in his pocket or a police chief who is corrupt. It’s like feeling a 7.5 earthquake and buildings are collapsing around me but the person next to me thinks it’s just mere shaking. Anyhoo, not complaining just perplexed, and honestly even this weirdness is still fun to watch because this drama rests solely on Namgong Min and his complex Jung Woo. It really is that a good actor can read a phone book and I’d watch that lol.


Episode 15 tVN Drama Awaken Drops Major Reveals Like Whatevs on the Way to Finale — 6 Comments

  1. I love Koala’s way of describing the drama. It’s exactly all that and same here, I can’t stop watching it. What I’ve stopped doing since early on is asking questions. Just enjoy the ride while it last.

  2. Perfect description of what is “off” about this drama. I love watching this drama for the Nam Goong Min show and just to see how far into crazy town it will go. But dang I just have never seen a drama with such a disconnect before between exactly how evil the baddies are and how blase the good guys and the rest of the world are about it. I am sorry but if literally hundreds of children were dying over decades in experiments in a modern, industrialized nation, someone would have noticed. Sometimes fantasy dramas have this disconnect but you can waive your hand and say “magic” and it is okay. But this feels like a fantasy drama that just has owned it.

    • I feel like in real life the media would be rottweilers in sniffing out the conspiracy to expose it, even more so when the government is involved. But here, only Lee Ji Wook’s Zoom In is investigating the White Night Village incident and the forewarned murders. Aren’t the other media houses at least hungry for the potential scoop to investigate too? And now the show’s been tanked by the evil powers that be. I suppose in their world where the govt can allegedly release fake news about stars to distract from their scandals, it shouldn’t be too surprising.

  3. What drama is replacing Awaken again? Is it Luca: The Beginning? Seen the teasers and I think Lee Da hee and Kim Rae-won have good chemistry so far. I’ll check it out at least when it premieres.

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